The Benefits of White Roofing Systems

White roofs are becoming quite popular these days as they come with a number of benefits. As we all know, energy conservation is a serious issue and it is important to find eco-friendly ways to build homes, commercial buildings, etc. White roofs keep roof temperatures low and can help you save money and energy. The best part is that you would not need to spend more than you would for a conventional roof. In fact, with Conklin roofing systems, the cost could be drastically lower.

Top white roof benefits

Add Decades of New Life
Cut A/C Costs up to 50%
Free On-Site Inspections
Leak-Proof Your Roof
Warrantied Up to 20 Years

Reduced energy costs: When a white roof is used, you can actually lower energy costs by approximately 20 percent during the hot seasons. You can keep heat better insulated in your commercial building during those cold winter months as well. This is an impressive feat as saving energy is one of the most effective ways to protect our environment and lower utility expenditures.

Lower air-conditioner use: A white roofing system that measures just 1,000 sq. ft. significantly minimizes the use of air-conditioners, extending their life and reducing your carbon footprint. Without a white roof, your air-conditioner would emit approximately half a ton of carbon dioxide on an annual basis based on this 1,000 sq. ft. commercial roof example.

Lower levels of smog: White roofs in urban areas actually help in minimizing the levels of smog. Local temperatures are often high due to the large number of paved surfaces. When the temperatures are lowered, the smog levels are affected in the same way.

Extended roof life: Many white roofs easily last for 40+ years or more without any real problems. One advantage they offer is their energy-saving properties. They reduce your roof surface temperature by up to 80°, leading to lower temperature swings and thus minimized commercial rooftop deterioration in the long term.

Little upkeep and maintenance costs: Unlike traditional roofing, white roofs require little maintenance and upkeep to maintain their top performance levels. Cleaning efforts may be needed on a white roof just once or twice a year to protect against dirt build-up or discoloring. Alternatively, a traditional roof such as a flat roof will require more involved, specific, and frequent maintenance efforts for best results.

Tax benefits from energy certification: A white roofing system’s energy-saving properties are recognized by efficiency certification programs such as the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program. That means that you might qualify for tax cuts, benefits, and rebates, letting you help the environment and save money at the same time.


Additional benefits of a Conklin roofing system

It is clear that a white roof brings many benefits. A Conklin roofing system, however, brings even further value, offering long-term quality protection and being easy to maintain. Below are even more reasons that illustrate why having a Conklin roofing system will benefit you in the short and long terms.

Proven reliability: Independent studies have shown that Conklin roofing systems meet the highest industry standards. Conklin has been setting customer expectations for cost savings, performance ability, roof long-lastingness, and overall roof reliability for 40+ years and counting.

Extensive implementation: Since 1977, Conklin roofing systems have been applied to 2+ billion square feet of commercial, agricultural, and industrial rooftops across America. Many contractors continue to endorse these products for their cost-effectiveness, performance standards, and many other benefits.

Demonstrable effectiveness: Many of the initial Conklin roof systems that were applied in the 1970s are still on the job today. Even more impressively, they are still performing at or near the same levels as when they did when they were first installed.

Excellent functionality: Conklin roofs function as a turtle shell, shielding the underlying commercial building from all types of weather. Their seamless design means no leaks and consequently big savings on expensive leak repairs.

Savings in roof replacement: With a Conklin roof restoration solution, you save huge costs by eliminating the need to tear off the existing roof and install a new one. Should your new roof protection need any maintenance or repairs, it is easily fixed. Alternatively, a new traditional roof can cost much more to repair, maintain, or even replace, and it does not even enjoy the same performance standards.

Lightweight application: Conklin roofing systems offer a lightweight solution with no seams, no leaks, and no trouble of any kind. They add little to the deadweight of a commercial building’s existing structure, cutting back on opportunities for future needed repairs and maintenance.

High-quality protection: Our roofing systems provide excellent protection and can withstand hail and hurricane-force winds with ease. Conklin roofing products are proven to persist in the harshest outdoor conditions, and many can be applied to an existing roof year-round so you enjoy the benefits immediately.

Quality assured: Conklin roofing systems meet or exceed the strictest standards for fire rating and code approvals. Certification from leading organization such as Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual only confirm Conklin roofing products’ efficacy, reputations for safety, and overall quality.

Customer-tested for decades: Our Conklin roofing solutions boast of lab-tested durability and customer-verified reliability. Conklin has emerged as a trusted name in quality roof restoration solutions for thousands of customers nationwide for its product ingenuity, product permanency, and product quality.

Re-appliable benefits: A Conklin roofing system is a renewable roof system, allowing further extension of an existing commercial roof’s life through application of a new roof coating. All of the benefits that come with the Conklin brand are reapplied as well, for even longer periods of benefits and cost savings-reaping.

With so many benefits to using white roofing systems, it is no wonder that more people are turning to them for commercial properties. It is a great way to do your small bit for the environment especially when all it takes is a small investment that is often equal to what you would spend for any other type of roofing system.

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Written by: Ian Myers
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