The Importance of Professional Commercial Roofing Training

Today’s blog post examines why creditable training for commercial roofing is vital, especially in the face of growing trends within the construction industry as a whole.

Today’s content will be of interest to roofing contractors, as it relates directly to their services and even their roofing companies’ performance. Building owners and facility managers may also be interested in learning how these industry trends can affect how their commercial roofing needs are handled.

Growing Trends in Construction

commercial trainingIn terms of labor, the construction industry is expected to grow over the next decade or so. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that 1.6 million new jobs will be added to the construction industry between 2012 and 2022. On top of this 10-year projection, the Department of Labor forecasts the construction labor market will grow by 2.6% each year.

There are other things to consider on top of this good news, though. Two big factors are the rising demand for skilled construction laborers and how the construction industry may be facing a skilled worker shortage in due time.

During the Great Recession, the construction industry took a hit, and many skilled workers left and found jobs in other industries. A good percentage of these capable professionals did not return to construction after it began recovering. As a result, it set the stage for a gap between demand for workers with construction expertise and the amount of skilled construction workers who were available to satisfy the heightened demand for labor.

Another contributor to the growing gap between construction labor supply and demand is the simple fact that many skilled workers have retired. These decreases in the construction workforce are not being filled quickly with younger workers, either. Many young people, feeling the social pressure of going to college, have not been shown the satisfaction, financial benefits, and many other merits of a career in construction.

How Does All This Affect Commercial Roofing?

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    While these dynamics are emerging in the entire construction industry, they are definitely growing factors in the commercial roofing industry as well. There are many reasons for why this is the case.

    • Many companies provide other construction services on top of commercial roofing services for increasing the scope of their customer base.
    • Many roofing companies also have strategic relationships with larger construction companies, as these construction firms sub-contract their roofing work out to their local roofing partners.
    • Changing dynamics in the whole construction industry also have big implications for commercial roofing contractors when new construction projects roll around.

    Because of these trends, the need for professional training in best commercial roofing practices has become even greater. In the commercial space, the need for creditable, professional roofing training and instruction is even more pronounced. Commercial projects can involve tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, and there is intensive demand for precise workmanship and expert servicing as a result.

    For roofing contractors who are driven and committed to offering building owners the best workmanship and service possible, these trends provide some great opportunities for business growth.

    Great Roofing Training Opportunities Available with Nationwide Contractor Network

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    • Cross-sharing of best marketing strategies
    • Breakthrough barriers holding back growth
    • See how to benefit from helping others
    • Gain tips for more efficient installation

    Learn More

    For quality-minded contractors, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers a powerful solution for this growing need. We connect our members with a proven, hands-on commercial roof systems training so they are ready to handle the gamut of commercial roof repair, maintenance, restoration, and replacement needs.

    We work closely with a trusted roofing products manufacturer, Conklin, which has been in the business of innovating cutting-edge roofing products for 40+ years. Conklin was the engineering force behind the first acrylic roof coating for the commercial roofing industry, and it has continued in its record of product innovation ever since with 2 billion sq. ft. applied nationwide.

    With this close partnership, enterprising contractors receive not only endorsed professional training and complete, hands-on experience in Conklin’s commercial roofing systems, but also marketing and sales strategies to land more commercial jobs. At the training program, veteran contractors also share trade secrets and key insights on how they built up successful roofing companies in their own right.

    Afterward, training attendees are given complete commercial roofing reference materials and official status as a recognized Conklin roofing product applicators.

    What Else Does Choice Roof Contractor Group Offer?

    Among the many training and support groups out there, Choice Roof Contractor Group stands out for its exclusive lifetime mentorship program from highly-successful, veteran roofing contractors. No matter what stage of development your roofing company stands at, our experienced mentors will give you:

    • Answers to any question related to roofing work, product benefits, roof condition, or anything you need expert feedback on
    • Easily accessible support where you can communicate with them via phone, text, email, pictures, or more
    • A complete resource of expert knowledge, capability, and advice for when you need it most
    • In-depth coaching on how to land commercial roofing jobs and close them
    • Ongoing support and mentorship to help you build up your roofing business for the lifetime of its development

    Interested in learning about how our network’s support can help you get the professional training you need? Then give us a call at 800-670-5583.

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    Written by: Ian Myers
    Ian Myers
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