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metal roof repair company exampleSpring is upon us and this is the season when many businesses are beginning to think about repairing and upgrading their buildings.  A building’s roof is the most important aspect of its construction and keeping it in good shape is a high priority.  Metal roofing is often found on commercial buildings because of its low cost and reliability.  For building owners looking to repair their metal roofs, finding a reliable contractor can be difficult.

Contractors can vary widely in their skill and reliability.  Many are reliable, with good quality workmanship, but there are also many that make things harder for everyone.  For a building owner with a metal roof that needs repair, it is essential to find not only a reliable, skilled contractor, but one who has the unique skills needed for metal roofs.

Things to Look for in a Commercial Metal Roof Repair Contractor

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  • Reliability – The need to find a reliable contractor is paramount in completing a successful metal roof repair. A contractor that can be depended on to show up on a timely basis and follow safe working techniques is essential to a satisfactory job experience.
  • Local vs. National – The question of whether to go with a local contractor or with a national metal roof contractor is an important one. The answer is not necessarily easy.  Local firms often have more at stake as far as reputation is concerned, because they work and live in the same area.  They are able to maintain personal relationships with their customers and experience all the trust benefits that come with those relationships.  On the other hand, a national firm has access to materials at a steep discount and benefits from other economies of scale to drive cost down.
  • Accountability – Everyone wants their job to go perfectly, but in the real-world issues can arise. Who the roof repair contractor is accountable to, and deciding how potential conflicts will be resolved, is very important to ensuring that things go smoothly on the job-site.
  • Quality of materials – Not all metal roof repair supplies are of the same quality. It is essential that the contractor’s suppliers are reliable sources and that the materials that they use are of high quality.

Finding a Good Contractor

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Sometimes a commercial metal roof repair contractor can be hard to find.  National firms are well known, but their references can vary greatly in positive/negative experiences since the technicians performing the work are often not the same, making it difficult for an individual to do more than take the local salesman at his/her word.  Local contractors often do not advertise, getting their customers from word of mouth sources. Sorting through advertisements in the local paper or scrolling through an internet search can be very intimidating for a building owner who simply needs his roof fixed.

At the Choice Roof Contractor Group, we have tried to clear some of these hurdles.  By putting together a national network of local contractors, we offer the best of both worlds.  Local contractors, who personally know their customers, combined with a national network of experience, accountability and product support.  The Group is essentially a network of roofing contractors with diverse backgrounds and skills that come together to provide a knowledge base and product support, as well as holding each other accountable to high standards of quality and business practices.

Benefits of the Choice Roof Contractor Group

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  • National Knowledge Base – The variety of members in the network gives each individual member access to a large knowledge base. If one member is having difficulties with an installation or repair issue, other members with more experience in that area can be called in to help.  Also, if an improvement or a better technique is discovered, it can quickly spread throughout the group to benefit customers of the members nationwide.
  • Group-wide Accountability – Each contractor in the group helps to hold the other members accountable, ensuring that the quality standards of the entire group are maintained in each individual contractor’s work.
  • Access to Quality Materials – The nationally recognized Conklin® brand of roofing products is the preferred manufacturer for the Choice Roof Contractor Group. Conklin® is one of the leading innovators in the field with a 40-year track record.  Their products are installed on over 2 billion square feet of roof and are suited to all U.S. Climates. 
  • Up-To-Date Training – Choice Roof Contractor Group sponsors hands-on training seminars for all its member contractors, giving them the latest information and techniques.

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Written by: Cami Cox
Cami Cox
Cami is one of the main writers at Choice Roof Contractor Group. Leveraging her unique background in the space and more than a decade of professional writing experience, she has written countless articles on the various aspects of commercial roofs and has gained the respect of building owners and contractors across the country.