Commercial Roofing Proposal

There are many factors behind a successful roofing project bid. Gaining the customer’s confidence, offering a good solution, and having a good record are just a few. But one of the biggest drivers of success is in the presentation.

This applies especially to your commercial roofing proposal. It should be clear, detailed, precise, and easy to understand. Keep this in mind about the commercial roofing market:

• The target audience is people with a busy schedule
• Customers have many concerns to juggle besides their roof
• It’s difficult for them to understand everything
• There’s a learning curve as they’re making a decision

In short, the commercial roofing proposal should be viewed as a learning tool. When done right, it educates building owners about what they’re getting.

Commercial Roofing Proposal Example

How to Get Commercial Roofing Jobs

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At a Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum, a veteran roofer shared what a quality proposal for a commercial roofing job looks like. Here’s a simple breakdown:

• Cover page should have an image of the building (can get from Google Earth)
• Include the customer’s company name and other relevant information
• Provide details about the type of existing roof the customer has
• Discuss how many square feet the project will involve
• Cover project-specific details including gutters, snow breaks, or other features
• All information should be in easy, digestible format

A detailed presentation will help build a prospective customer’s confidence. They’ll appreciate the effort put in to aid them in understanding what’s involved.

Quality Enhancements

Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum

  • Cross-sharing of best marketing strategies
  • Breakthrough barriers holding back growth
  • See how to benefit from helping others
  • Gain tips for more efficient installation

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There are some “add-ons” which can strengthen a commercial roofing proposal. Some features include:

• Personalized company letter stating value proposition
• Documents appealing to your local market
• For example, a “tailored” document could say how “green” your roofing systems are

Showing how to put together a solid commercial roofing proposal is just one of many things we cover at the Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum. We cover an entire slew of topics relating to commercial roofing techniques, marketing & sales, networking, and business growth.

It’s an event series hosted by individuals with 120+ years of combined construction & marketing experience! If you’re interested in learning more about how you can benefit from this program, give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
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