Conklin Advanced Roof Systems Training Recap

Conklin advanced roof systems trainingRecently, Conklin unveiled a new, two-tier roof systems training. The first program, the Regional MR training, is for newer commercial contractors. It provides a complete, one-day intro to Conklin’s Metal Restoration system for waterproofing and extending the life of metal roofs.

The first-ever Advanced Roof Systems Training – which is the second-tier program – was held in Kansas City, Missouri. This session gave participants hands-on experience with all of Conklin’s roofing systems, including:

  • Coating systems for roof membranes such as TPO, PVC, and EPDM
  • Fluid-applied roof systems reinforced with a military-grade fabric product
  • Single-ply roofing for new and re-roofing applications
  • Spray foam applications for superior insulation and facility sealing

Benefits of Advanced Roof Systems Training from Conklin

Conklin Roof TrainingConklin’s Advanced Roof Systems Training provides many benefits:

  • Recognition as full, warranty trained Conklin roofing applicator
  • Ability to offer non-prorated, no-dollar-limit manufacturer warranties
  • Complete instruction on each roof system’s ins-and-outs
  • Personalized, construction experience with all systems
  • Volume discounts on different Conklin products
  • 3% discount on all products aside from spray foam & board stock

With an upgraded facility, the Advanced Training extended opportunities for complete instruction and interactive experiences with all of the Conklin roofing supplies.

Alternate Opportunity to Increase Competitive Edge

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  • Cross-sharing of best marketing strategies
  • Breakthrough barriers holding back growth
  • See how to benefit from helping others
  • Gain tips for more efficient installation

Learn More

Via Conklin, contractors are given access to quality building products for meeting commercial roofing needs. There’s another program offered by our group of contractors, which is separate from but builds on Conklin’s training programs.

Choice Roof Contractor Group offers a Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum, hosted by professionals with 120+ years of combined experience in roofing, construction, and marketing. Open to all roofing contractors everywhere, it offers many exclusive, business-building benefits in a collaborative, non-competitive environment.

  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Why providing building owners with quality service is best market approach
  • Open discussion sessions & feedback
  • Tried-and-true sales & business development insights
  • More efficient roofing techniques
  • Valuable industry networking opportunities
  • Opportunities for building lifetime residual income

Contractors ranging in experience from 5 years to 50+ years have attended. At the last Workshop & Forum, there were more than 35 attendees from 9 states across the country. There’s truly something of value for everyone!

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Jonathan Keim
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