TPO Repair

tpo roof repairFor many reasons, TPO roofing (“thermoplastic polyolefin membranes”) is a desirable option for building protection. It offers strong seam integrity and overall durability. This single-ply roofing also exhibits strong resistance to punctures, tears, impacts, and other damage.

Given these reasons, it’s not surprising TPO roofing represents a big portion of the single-ply roofing market today. But like all commercial roofing materials, TPO membranes are not immune to problems. When any issues do arise, TPO roof repair needs to be completed as soon as possible. Otherwise that initial damage can turn into more costly needs for repair or recovery work.

Read on to learn more about different causes of TPO repair needs.

TPO Flat Roof Repair: Different Causes

tpo seam repairHere’s a few culprits which can give rise to different repair needs:

Roof Seams

A TPO roof’s seams are crafted to ensure water-tightness; however, stress on the seams can weaken the welds. As time passes, this undermining of the seams can create entry points for water to get in. Points of intersection and angle changes are particularly susceptible.

When your flat roof is inspected, cavities and bubbling are two things that should be carefully searched for. If there is bubbling along the edge of a seam, that can indicate the accumulation of moisture inside the seam. Similarly, if the leading edge of a seam is exposed, cavities can form in which dirt buildup can occur. You should always have inspections performed by a knowledgeable roofing contractor who will meticulously check seams and implement appropriate TPO seam repair techniques.

Roof Punctures

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Another common cause of damage is puncturing, which can occur due to various circumstances. Severe storms, for instance, can be a catalyst, and hail is particularly hazardous to single-ply membranes. Another cause of punctures can be workers walking on your roof, whether they are installing or servicing HVAC equipment, solars panels, etc.

As TPO roofs are heat-welded, one effective TPO repair solution is patching. Prior to patching, it is imperative that the surface of the roof is properly prepared. First, the surface of the TPO membrane must be cleaned thoroughly, removing all dirt and contaminants. This should be attended to by a knowledgeable roofing contractor, who can access the correct supplies, such as proper patching material, special cleaners and hot-air welding tools.

Roof Weathering

Any flat roof is susceptible to the influence of Mother Nature’s elements. As time passes, this exposure can result in significant roof weathering, which is caused by factors like aging, buildup of dirt, accumulating contaminants on the membrane, etc. The more severe roof weathering becomes, the more your roof’s appearance and integrity can be compromised.

Routine roof maintenance is the best prevention for these types of problems. However, if damage to your roof has become severe, you may need more advanced repair solutions. Restorative roof applications are the most effective among TPO repair solutions.

Roof Coatings: An Effective TPO Repair Roof Solution

tpo coating repairRoof coatings are an advanced repair technology which immediately addresses existing problems. They also present a cost-efficient, long-term solution for mitigating future trouble and for roof waterproofing.

Here’s an overview of the benefits of our coating restoration systems:

  • Form seam-free, waterproof barrier over existing TPO roof
  • No more exposed areas for water entry
  • Can extend old roof’s life for many years
  • High-grade resistance to UV degradation, hail, severe winds & more
  • Avoid costly, intensive roof tear-off & disposal
  • Delay flat roof aging from UV ray exposure
  • Expands & contracts with temperature changes
  • Exceptional durability & strength
  • Up to 85% reflectivity can give 30% A/C cost savings
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Reduce facility’s energy consumption & carbon footprint
  • Non-prorated warranty options

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