Conklin Roofing Business Startup vs. Typical Business Startup

Today’s economic conditions are making the job market tight nowadays, and many people are deciding to start their own business as an alternative. One of the industries in which many are finding great business opportunities is the roofing industry, as there is always demand for roof contractors.

Commercial roofing sales in 2014 alone are expected to reach $5.3 billion, and combined residential and commercial roofing sales are expected to reach over $27 billion by 2017. There are clearly lots of opportunities for establishing a strong bottom line in this industry, but the competition is high.

The Conklin Roofing Business Opportunity

callDespite the roofing industry’s high competition, there are a number of ways to be very successful. One of the most popular business models in the commercial roofing industry is the Conklin business opportunity. In this business model, a contractor becomes a Conklin applicator with the ability to issue warranties by going to Conklin roof systems training. Afterward, he or she is able to build a strong commercial roofing business while also gaining the opportunity to build up a Conklin sales network for additional income.

Business Opportunities in Other Industries

Of course, there are opportunities for entrepreneurism in other industries as well. Some popular industries nowadays include information technology, consumer products, healthcare, mobile accessories, and other areas of strong focus.

The catch is that with these other markets, additional resources may be required for you to break into them. For one, many entrepreneurs find that entering into some markets requires specialized knowledge, unique skill sets, or strong thinking abilities, which may obtained from a good college education. While this road is certainly great for many reasons, is it for everyone?

We take a look at the startup costs and risks associated with each below.

Conklin Roofing Business vs. “Traditional” Business Opportunities

callI. Startup costs. To become a Conklin independent business owner and attain discounted pricing, you have to go to roof systems training, for a fee of $799. At the training classes, you get the complete training you need to service commercial roofs. On the other hand, for just getting the educational resources that will benefit one in more technical industries, a college degree leaves college graduates with an average debt of around $30,000. Plus, a college graduate who is looking to start a business in a technical field may require additional certifications, which can cost hundreds of extra dollars. That does not even give certainty that he or she will be able to start his or her business in that field, either.

II. Rate of equipment costs paid off. A Conklin roofing business owner can potentially pay off all of his or her equipment costs with his or her first 10,000+ square-foot roof. Because the contractor learns a great deal in roof systems training, he or she can start from the get-go. Other fields requiring more technical or specialized knowledge may require an entrepreneur to invest more time or energy in learning or perfecting his or her craft. And as the old saying goes, “time lost is money spent.” Equipment costs are also variable from industry to industry in the more specialized sectors of private businesses.

callIII. Resources and advantages when starting out. A Conklin business owner has many advantages when starting out: Conklin’s 45-year reputation for excellence backing his or her services, available marketing materials that have been put together and market-tested, senior mentors for guidance, and much more. An entrepreneur in another industry may have to develop all of these resources or their equivalents from the ground up, using up time that he or she could be using to get his or her sales operations up-and-running.

IV. Established business value. While a Conklin roofing contractor already has the established Conklin brand behind him or her, the entrepreneur in the other field may struggle in proving his or her product or service’s value. In the business world, this step is known as establishing “proof of concept”. That is usually measured and determined by sales revenues one brings in, among other measures.  Plus, Conklin roofing systems feature non-prorated warranties that cover 100% of material costs for up to 20 years. That makes Conklin products easier to sell, making it easier for you to establish your business’ bottom line.

There are many other ways in which we could compare these two roads. But the Conklin business opportunity does require less capital, and perhaps less spending of energy and time, in getting started.

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