Roofing Sales Opportunity with Unbeatable Benefits

Given today’s economy, all salespeople can speak of the difficulty and focus that their jobs require. Whether you are new to the field and slowing building up your client base, or are a seasoned sales professional who knows all the tricks of the trade, it is clear that it really takes energy, determination, and doggedness to get ahead.

callBut for those sales professionals who have spent years busting their backs and growing their companies of employment to new heights, today’s economic standards can throw a whole other curveball. Many salespeople are losing their jobs just before they reach retirement—and that means they do not get the retirement benefits they have worked so hard for.

Because job security is largely a thing of the past, many sales professionals are looking for something greater; opportunities to build up companies with a good reputation, a superb value proposition, trustworthiness, and real opportunities for hefty paychecks.

For those who wish to earn high-dollar incomes while supporting an ages-old profession that has emerged as one of the backbones of America—roofing— Choice Roof Contractor Group offers unique sales opportunities.

What is Choice Roof Contractor Group?

callWe are a nationwide group of commercial roofing professionals committed to high-quality standards and work output. Our members are well-known for using Conklin roofing products, a brand which enjoys a 45-year reputation for excellence and has been installed on billions of square feet of commercial roofs across the United States.

Because Conklin offers customers so many benefits—thousands of dollars in energy cost savings, complete and reliable protection against leaks and roof damage for the long-term, tax benefits and advantages from the roofing products’ ENERGY STAR™ certification, and more—they are easy to sell.

Our nationwide scale enables us to connect our members with commercial building owners and commercial real estate managers who are more than ready to use our members’ services. All qualified contractors who join our organization receive lead opportunities, lifetime mentorship and sales coaching from veteran roofers, full-out marketing support, additional credibility with our nationwide reputation, and so much more.

In short, because of our organization’s membership benefits and top-quality product commitment, the opportunities for committed sales professionals have never been greater.

What Roofing Sales Opportunities Are Available?

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    Because we are fiercely committed to making sure our roofing contractors are successful in many ways, you have multiple sales channels in which you can become active. These opportunities include:

    • Sizable commissions for bringing on more roofing contractors as members
    • Lifelong commissions on high-dollar, residual product sales
    • Additional commission opportunities from engaging business owners

    It is not unusual for the typical full-time commercial roof contractor to purchase upwards of $100,000-200,000 worth of roofing products per year. With 5-8% base commissions coming from these ongoing product sales, the numbers can add up real fast for some hefty incomes.

    For more information, visit the following link: Commercial Roofing Sales Position.

    The Scope of the Opportunity

    sales-opportunityAs of now, there are over 700,000 contractors in the United States. Those are more prospects than one could ever approach in a lifetime. These benefits, together with the unique but effective full-service platform Choice Roof Contractor Group, offer a true win-win situation for everyone who is willing to take the plunge.

    Have any more questions about the opportunities we offer? Contact us today and get started on the road to serious income-earning potential.


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    Written by: Ian Myers
    Ian Myers
    Ian was the very first team member brought on by the original co-founders of the Choice Roof Contractor Group to assist with nationwide growth. Since then he has written 120+ blog posts and provided excellent support to the roofing contractors in the group. Through his multiple roles in the commercial roofing industry, he has gained tremendous knowledge in the sector.