Demand for Commercial Roofing Today and in the Future

Today, we take a short look at the state of commercial roofing in 2014, as well as what is expected for the next three years.

Recent industry reports indicate that U.S. demand for commercial roofing is projected to grow over the next few years. That is certainly positive news for commercial roof contractors, as much of that demand is expected to be driven by new building construction across the United States.

2014 Commercial Roofing Stats

callFor 2014, domestic market estimates are positive. According to the building products research firm Principia, U.S. commercial roofing sales will top off at approximately $5.3 billion this year. Around 6.6 million square feet of roofing products estimated to be installed in 2014 will account for those roofing sales.

Notably, domestic commercial roofing is projected to grow in the face of several challenges: stricter, more demanding building codes at local levels and new or existing binding energy conservation demands. The leader of Principia notes that “[roofing] products and systems are being developed for high performance, reflectivity, and increased insulation in order to provide opportunities for systematic energy efficiency gains.”

Our network’s Conklin roofing systems have been proven to generate thousands of dollars in energy savings the moment they are installed on an existing roof. In fact, business owners and commercial building owners get multiple benefits with the commercial roofing systems our commercial roofing contractor group installs:

  • Up to 30% in cooling cost savings depending on the roofing system
  • Huge savings on heating costs in cold climates with our specialized heat-insulating Spray-in-place Polyurethane Foam and TPO roofing systems
  • Greater energy efficiency year-round
  • Substantial savings on all utility costs throughout all seasons
  • Up to a 40% reduction in an indoor commercial building’s temperature with our cool roof systems
  • Cooling and heating machine maintenance and repair cost savings

Contractors join our group for:

  • Network-backed Guarantees
  • Support from Fellow Roofers
  • Group Discount Purchasing
  • Shared Marketing Strategies
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There are a couple of practical aspects to Choice Roof Contractor Group’s roofing system options as well. Commercial building owners and business owners also enjoy:

  • Access to roofing system options that meet or exceed recommended governmental energy efficiency guidelines
  • Many tax credits and advantages associated with Conklin roof systems’ ENERGY Star® certification
  • Optional non-prorated warranties on labor and material input costs

Another huge selling factor for Conklin: while Principia says new building products and systems are being developed for new energy efficiency demands, Conklin roofing products have been installed and saving people energy for over 40+ years. Conklin’s energy-saving roofing products have not changed much in that time, either, showing that they stand the test of time in leading the energy efficiency charge and exhibiting their first-rate quality.

Commercial Roofing in the Future

There is encouraging news in the industry projections for commercial roofing in the near future, too. According to the Freedonia Group, demand for residential and commercial roofing services in the United States will result in roofing sales climbing to a value of $27.2 billion in 2017. The firm gives this as a value for an expected 268 million squares of roofing products that it estimates will be installed in that year.

This jump in roofing sales might be a market rebound from the industry declines from 2007 to 2012. In that period, domestic demand for roofing services fell as less building construction took place.

In commercial roofing markets, it is expected that an explosion in office and commercial construction spending and increases in institutional and industrial construction spending will lead to increased demand for low slope roofing.

Choice Roof Contractors will also have increased market opportunities in 2017 if domestic demand does sail up to these projections: re-roofing will account for a large portion of U.S. roofing demand, meaning that roofing restoration solutions could be presented as viable, far more cost-effective alternatives.

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