The Benefits of our Contractor Network Referral Program

Today, we discuss the benefits of a roof contractor network referral program and how it helps those in construction acquire more leads in their local roofing markets.

network memberOn the whole, today’s tight economic conditions are making commercial roof installation, repair, and restoration service opportunities even more competitive for local roofing contractors. The slowly recovering U.S. economy and its uncertain implications for the future are motivating business owners to tighten down on their budgets. As a result, many business owners are avoiding expenditures on things that do not appear to immediately need to be addressed.

One of those things on which many are diverting their attention and spending is their commercial roofs. Because many local business owners do not consider their roof to be the top priority, they might be opting to have it taken care of at a later date.

In the face of increasingly competitive job bidding, roofing contractors can derive great value from a contractor network referral program. Simply put, a contractor network referral program is a lead generation service that is usually created and managed by a roofing contractor network at a local, state, or national level. When a lead is pulled in, he or she is referred to the roofing contracting member who is closest to his or her building location.

At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we offer a nationwide lead generation service and commercial roof systems training exclusive to our membership. Below is a discussion of the benefits we offer with this program.

The Benefits of Our Lead Generation and More

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    1) You get access to quality leads.

    Choice Roof Contractor Group’s marketing team is constantly publishing content that is relevant to the interests of commercial building owners and managers. As a result, the traffic we bring to our website has greater chances for sales conversion, as they are likely looking for content or information related to a roofing problem they are facing.

    2) Qualified members are given leads that are located in their areas.

    When we capture information from a lead over the phone or on our online, interactive map, we refer that lead to the closest network member nearby. Because we are completely committed to our members’ success and strict quality standards, this is a standard that we stand by strongly.

    3) You are associated with a highly credible professional roofing association by the prospective customer.

    When you are given the name and information of a lead that we have gathered, you are being connected with a prospective customer who is likely to engage your roofing services. Upon contacting him or her, since you have been identified with our organization, the lead will automatically associate you with our network’s professionalism and commitment to excellence, thereby increasing your chances for locking in the sale.

    4) You are offered complementary extensive sales coaching by our top contractors for helping you close more sales.

    While identifying and pulling in a lead is only half of the sales process, the other half is actually convincing a business owner that you are the right fit for his or her needs. To ensure that you are able to fully explain the benefits of the Conklin products we use and our network’s value proposition, you gain access to our top roof contractors, who are highly successful roofing professionals. They will give you great insights and techniques for closing a sale each time.

    Should you ever have a question or concern, our top contractors are committed to making themselves available for your benefit.

    5) Our roofing contractor network makes sure you are well-represented with first-rate sales materials and marketing and sales services.

    Every successful roofing contractor can speak of the importance of professional sales materials as well as comprehensive, effective marketing and sales operations. At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we make sure our members enjoy access to both, so that they do not have to worry about them and can focus on growing on their businesses.

    Professional, engaging sales materials will grab the attention of a prospective customer the moment you put the material into his or her hands. Plus, our marketing and sales team will ensure that you stand out, drawing upon their years of successful marketing and branding efforts. With all of these network benefits and resources in hand, you will truly stand out and be marked for greater success.

    Our Group’s Commitment to Excellence

    In addition to the tremendous benefits listed above, we strengthen and maintain the professionalism and integrity of our organization by our members’ use of Conklin roofing products.

    Contractors join our group for:

    • Network-backed Guarantees
    • Support from Fellow Roofers
    • Group Discount Purchasing
    • Shared Marketing Strategies
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    Having been applied billions of square feet of commercial roofs across the United States since 1977, Conklin is highly respected and has an unbeatable track record. Plus, since the company’s roofing products extend so many benefits to commercial building owners the moment they are applied, Conklin roofing products now stand out for their quality, high performance ability, and overall appeal.

    To correctly use these products and provide warranties, all of our group members go through Conklin roof systems training. At this advanced training program, contractors are comprehensively schooled in how to use each of Conklin’s industry-leading roofing systems and given tips for selling their benefits to prospects. This training enables all of our members to become highly trained in commercial roofing in a short time, and to perform according to the same standards of excellence.

    Ultimately, that ensures that our members’ customers, no matter where they are located, can be assured that they are getting the same across-the-board, top-quality service that we are known for.

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    Written by: Ian Myers
    Ian Myers
    Ian was the very first team member brought on by the original co-founders of the Choice Roof Contractor Group to assist with nationwide growth. Since then he has written 120+ blog posts and provided excellent support to the roofing contractors in the group. Through his multiple roles in the commercial roofing industry, he has gained tremendous knowledge in the sector.