How Long Do Roof Coatings Last?

Today’s blog post covers the life expectancy of commercial roof coatings.

metal roof restorationWhen the first acrylic roof coating was introduced in the 1970s, the commercial roofing industry had some dramatic changes. Public interest in energy-efficient roofing began strengthening. Roof coatings brought about the launch of the cool roof system and helped paved the way for organizations such as ENERGY STAR®, the Cool Roofs Rating Council®, and others to gain traction as recognized accreditation parties of energy-efficient roofing.

Despite roof coatings’ established track record and mainstream acceptance, though, some negative perceptions of coatings still linger. One of these perceptions is that roof coatings are not built to last over time. That perception is reinforced by the incorrect belief that commercial roofs can go on for decades without any trouble at all.

Roof Coatings and Their Life Expectancy

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Like other roofing systems, coatings have a defined life expectancy. As has been demonstrated to be the case on commercial roofs made of other roofing materials, they will require attention over time.

Life expectancy for roof coatings will vary from coating to coating due to each coating’s specified thickness and product quality. Many coatings, though, have manufacturing warranties for 5-10 years depending on the roof system for which they are intended. It is not a stretch to say that the average roof coating can go for an entire decade without major trouble.

However, roof coatings have some features that make them stand out from other roofing materials. These features are the following:

  • Roof coatings are fully adhered to a roof substrate instead of fastened down to the substrate in specific areas
  • Roof coatings are monolithic or without seams, unlike other roofing products (e.g., metal roof paneling, roofing sheet product)
  • Roof coatings often have superior waterproofing capabilities than other roofing materials and do not require roof tear-off and disposal

old lester roofBecause they are fully adhered and seamless, roof coatings are an ideal solution for “upgrading” an old commercial roof to withstand ponding water, powerful winds or heavy hailstorms, and other weathering effects. Best of all, generally speaking coatings have strong elastomeric properties, which mean they expand and contract with the sun’s heat over the course of a day.

Even though they generally do not last for extensive time periods, roof coatings are easily maintenanced and reapplied when needed. In fact, a properly maintained coating system can keep on going for decades with just one or two quick, simple coating reapplications.

Among roof coating products, Conklin roof coatings stand out. Conklin was the creative force behind the first acrylic roof coating for commercial roofing back in the 1970s. Since then, Conklin roofing products have been installed on over 2 billion square of commercial roofing. Some Conklin roof coatings are reportedly still going strong on buildings, even though they were installed over 40+ years ago. These coatings are the only ones to be backed by non-prorated warranties on all labor and material costs for up to 18 years. They also have a low warranty claims rate of less than 0.5%.

The Takeaway

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Therefore, roof coatings should not be evaluated only in terms of their life expectancy. Roof coatings are valuable because they extend an old roof’s life for a couple decades, or even more in some cases, at relatively little cost while also providing other benefits. They are easy to maintenance and can easily be reapplied. Their functionality is tremendous.

Another reason that Conklin roof coatings also stand out is their warranty renewal capability. Every time you have a Conklin-treated roof recovered with another Conklin roof coating, you can renew your non-prorated warranty coverage and enjoy the great benefits that Conklin roofing products have to offer. These benefits include:

  • Up to 30% reduction in annual cooling costs
  • Greatly strengthened building structure support
  • Certified roofing protection against hurricane-force winds
  • Thicker and stronger coating product than other roof coatings on market
  • More tensile strength than other roof coating products
  • Well-established reputation for long-term effectiveness

Should you want more reasons as to why Conklin roof coatings are an ideal solution for your commercial roofing needs, call us today at 800-670-5583. 

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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
Ian was the very first team member brought on by the original co-founders of the Choice Roof Contractor Group to assist with nationwide growth. Since then he has written 120+ blog posts and provided excellent support to the roofing contractors in the group. Through his multiple roles in the commercial roofing industry, he has gained tremendous knowledge in the sector.