Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: How to do Marketing

Today, we cover the fourth component of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” blog series: enlisting effective marketing techniques and strategies to get your name out there.

Once you have decided on a name, selected the roofing products you will use for servicing, and learned how to install all roofing systems correctly, the next part is one of the biggest steps forward. This is where you begin generating leads and converting them into signed contracts. To attract leads, you must generate public awareness of your new roofing business and what you bring to the table. There are many marketing strategies which you can employ for raising awareness of your brand, but not all strategies are equal in their effectiveness.

The Dynamics of Marketing Today

hands-on trainingNaturally, the most powerful way to generate leads and obtain jobs is to get in front of building owners yourself and demonstrate how you offer them value. Nothing beats in-person contact as the best form of marketing, but thanks to new technology, there are now many other techniques available that let you interact with many people at one time.

The biggest opportunity for these interactions is the Internet. A recent survey found that 9 out of 10 consumers are looking for local businesses on the web, and that means if a local business does not have an online presence, it is missing out on numerous opportunities to attract new prospects for sales.

In the commercial roofing industry, there is another added element as well: building owners expect swift, professional servicing for their needs and look for indicators of such professionalism on potential roofing service providers’ websites. Should they receive print sales materials for roofing services as well, they will determine a roofer’s value by scrutinizing what is handed to them. With these dynamics at play, it is clear that having a strong, professional image online and in the physical world is absolutely essential for attracting this level of clientele.

The other dimension of online marketing is “SEO”, or search engine optimization. Because building owners may not be immediately aware of a roofing business’ existence, they will turn to search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo! to find contractors in their area. Contractor websites that are “optimized” for these search engines will draw in more leads and greater chances for sales conversions. Aside from the content published on one’s website, information published on platforms such as social media factor into the ranking of search results. Thus, a roof contractor who actively publishes content on those platforms will also increase his search rank ability in the process.

The Choice Roof Contractor Group Advantage

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    With our group’s special relationship with Top Roof Marketing, our members and supported contractors receive low-cost access to professional marketing services from a marketing firm that specializes in serving commercial roof contractors. These services include polished marketing materials, professional websites, direct mail and email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and public relations services.

    Choice Roof Contractors also obtain leads from our network’s online presence, generated by our in-house marketing team’s constant targeting of keywords used for online searches. Bringing to our website leads with strong prospects of becoming customers, we are able to give our contractor members access to even more marketing opportunities on top of what their own efforts produce.

    Because our nationwide contractor network adheres to extremely high-quality standards, as a whole we enjoy strong nationwide credibility and consumer perceptiveness of a strong commitment to excellence. Our use of Conklin roofing systems enhances our professional reputation even more, as they have been installed on billions of square feet of commercial roofs since 1977.

    Other Advantages of Our Nationwide Platform

    In addition to the benefits listed above, Choice Roof Contractors enjoy:

    • Lifetime mentorship for business development, product usage, business growth, or any other questions
    • Expert sales coaching for closing sales consistently
    • Discounted pricing on Conklin roofing products, the industry-leading choice for commercial roofing products for 40+ years
    • Credibility and peace of mind to offer to commercial building owners
    • Access to our media and pictures for your use in marketing materials and landing new jobs

    Choice Roof Contractor Group is a full-service platform that is ultimately committed to ensuring its members are fully empowered for strong market gains. Our benefits represent a unique opportunity for enterprising contractors, whether they are new to roofing or seasoned contractors, to fast-track their businesses to success.

    Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your long-term objectives, one step at a time.

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    Written by: Ian Myers
    Ian Myers
    Ian was the very first team member brought on by the original co-founders of the Choice Roof Contractor Group to assist with nationwide growth. Since then he has written 120+ blog posts and provided excellent support to the roofing contractors in the group. Through his multiple roles in the commercial roofing industry, he has gained tremendous knowledge in the sector.