The Importance of Roofing Associations

roofing association supportIn today’s blog post, we will take a look at why roofing industry associations are important. For commercial roofing contractors, these groups offer chances to establish further credibility and stronger networking. And for building owners, it is a matter of trust. Roofing projects are a steep investment, so being careful about whom goes up on the roof is important.

Roofing associations open up doors for business networking, industry education, partner and supplier deals, and far more. Let’s review a few of these benefits and advantages below.

The Strongest Benefits of Roofing Associations

There are several benefits to membership in a roofing industry organization:

Increased professional credibility

contractor association memberWhether a roofing company is part of a not-for-profit trade association or a nationwide roofing contractor network, it is part of something bigger than itself. To maintain their reputation for excellence, these groups have high standards for their membership. These standards can be binding while a roofing company is part of a roofing association. And the roofing association may even have high benchmark standards to be met before a company is accepted for membership.

In turn, the roofing company benefits from the roofing association’s strong, widespread reputation. And as it adheres to this organization’s professional standards, its own professional credibility is strengthened. As a result, these credentials strengthen the roofing company’s competitive edge. Building owners can trust these companies that have dedicated themselves to enhancing roofing industry standards for excellence, in the end.

Strong networking and support

roofing contractor supportThe backbone of any successful commercial roofing company is a thriving business referral network. Roofing associations offer a powerful opportunity for enterprising contractors to network with other contractors, manufacturers and distributors, education and technology leaders, and industry movers and shakers. In turn, these can open up doors for partnerships, supplier deals, introductions to new products or technology solutions, or even new commercial job opportunities.

Aside from networking potential, roofing contractors connect with real opportunities for educational, technical, and business support. After all, aside from enhancing the standards of the roofing industry, roofing associations aim at strengthening their members’ competitiveness. Contractors can gain access to classes, training sessions, resources, and other helpful industry-specific information that is member-exclusive. And with all this support and expertise at the contractors’ back, building owners will benefit from contractors’ increased credentials and support.

Enhanced resources and knowledge for serving building owners.

commercial roofing helpCommercial roof projects can run into the tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if a project is large-scale and requires a roof installation or replacement, it can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars. In other words, since commercial roofing work is so cost-intensive, building owners and facility managers must careful about whom they let up on their roofs. This premium need for roofing expertise becomes even more important given the growing need for trained, capable roofers in commercial work.

From that standpoint, roofing associations give contractors access to helpful resources. They are also connected with roofing veterans who have years of experience under their belt. In turn, these resources will strengthen a roofing contractor’s capabilities, industry knowledge, and skill set. And contractors will be equipped to better serve building owners, as a result.

Roofing Contractor Support with Nationwide Network

Contractors join our network to receive:

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At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we are committed to two ends. Our team is passionate about taking professional standards in the roofing industry to a new level, and helping roof contractors reach new business heights. We have worked with nationwide franchises and brands on their roof projects.

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Contractors who are newer to commercial roofing, and veterans who have been in roofing for 50+ years are benefiting. Here are other ways you can be benefited:

• Commercial roofing lead generation
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• So much more!

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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
Ian was the very first team member brought on by the original co-founders of the Choice Roof Contractor Group to assist with nationwide growth. Since then he has written 120+ blog posts and provided excellent support to the roofing contractors in the group. Through his multiple roles in the commercial roofing industry, he has gained tremendous knowledge in the sector.