The Reasons Contractors Don’t Follow Their Passions, and How to Overcome the Obstacles

overcome obstaclesThe life of a roofing contractor is a busy one. It is also hard work resulting in plenty of headaches and sore muscles. Anyone in this industry is usually characterized as a breed onto himself or herself because they find the work rewarding despite the long hours and physical aches. They enjoy working with their hands and creating functional structures that stand the hardships of time and weather.

Following a passion to be a successful commercial roofer requires building a business that can withstand general business obstacles and those specific to the building trade.

There are three reasons roofing contractors don’t follow their passions:

• Change
• Disorganization
• Lack of knowledge or experience

Reason #1 – Change

Metal Roof HelpChange is inevitable in most things encountered in life, but more so when it comes to business because we are such creatures of habit and there is usually a price tag associated with changes in the workplace. We find it difficult to change the way we do things, especially when how we have done it in the past yields results that are acceptable. New technologies, and new expectations from owners can lead to a necessary change in regards to materials used, tools or labor.

When it comes to making changes, the biggest obstacle tends to be our attitude. Just the thought of having to learn new things or add a new task can seem overwhelming to a roofing contractor. This is especially true when the change involves new technology.

Roofers need to envision how the change will increase productivity or result in bigger profits before the thought of change becomes appealing to them. Seeing the demonstrations of how much faster a task can be accomplished when a new tool is implemented is a good example of overcoming the obstacle of change.

Reason #2 – Being Disorganized

Commercial Metal RoofCommon requirements of running a successful business can become a mental drain, especially for someone who would rather be outside working instead of pushing pen and paper. A successful business has to involve a high level of organization to run smoothly. Being disorganized is a common reason for business failure and can dismantle the passion a person experiences for being an entrepreneur.

Overcoming disorganization requires outsourcing, planning and organizational tools. The best way to cope with a task that you are not good at is to hire someone with the talents you lack. Delegate organizational tasks to office staff members who are paid well to perform them well. Invest in planning and financial software designed to keep a business better organized. Networking with other business owners in the community is a good resource for solving many of the obstacles that exist in the everyday running of a business.

Reason #3 – Lack of knowledge or Experience

Roof Contractor SupportMany roofing contractors, especially when they are new in business, lack the knowledge or experience to bid successfully on bigger jobs. They have the passion for growing a business and this requires successfully pulling in larger roofing contracts. In order to be the successful bidder, they have to have the proper combination of price, materials and labor. We all dream big and want to see our dreams come true quickly, but the truth is it takes a lot of support to win the first round of large roofing contracts.

One way to overcome the obstacles faced because of lack of knowledge or experience is to work with a group of individuals who have the expertise needed. Knowing the ropes when it comes to better materials, proper tools and ways to get more productivity out of a crew or how to limit manpower without sacrificing quality are the things that a good group can impart to a roofing contractor looking to expand. Having great support can instill hope and keep the flames of passion burning.

Overcome these obstacles today

Roofing contractors that desire to run a successful commercial roofing company can achieve their passion when they learn to accept that change can be good, and that embracing an organized office can be a desirable thing and also that accepting the guidance of those who have already overcome the obstacles is the fastest track to realizing their passion.

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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
Ian was the very first team member brought on by the original co-founders of the Choice Roof Contractor Group to assist with nationwide growth. Since then he has written 120+ blog posts and provided excellent support to the roofing contractors in the group. Through his multiple roles in the commercial roofing industry, he has gained tremendous knowledge in the sector.