5 Tips for Hiring a Roof Contractor

Whether a building owner requires simple roof repairs or a complete roof restoration, it is obvious that roofing is an expensive investment. With the economic pressures placed upon businesses by today’s economic climate, it might be tempting to go with a roof contractor who offers a below-cost bid, but the long-term consequences of doing so can be brutal. Many contractors who offer below-cost bids are actually “fly-by-night” contractors who are uninsured or use less-than-ideal materials. Choosing a roof contractor solely on the basis of his bid is hardly a good idea.

Of course, the other concern that guides business owners’ decisions on whether to hire a particular contractor is guided by their intent to receive the best service possible, but not at the highest cost. Determining which roof contractor to hire then becomes a balancing act of settling between a contractor’s pricing and service quality.

To help building owners and business owners navigate this often-difficult field, we offer a few tips below for consideration.

Advice for Hiring the Right Roof Contractor

1. Complete in-depth research.

There is no more important thing to do than engaging in discerning research. Carefully consider each of the contractors who are in the running for your needs. Is there evidence of their having a permanent business address? Do they freely offer their licensing numbers? Is the contractor registered to do work in your area? Do the contractors offer testimonials from past satisfied customers, and are they willing to share past customers’ phone numbers for references? How do the contractors portray themselves? Are they part of any professional associations or trade membership organizations? Ask tough questions and learn as much about the contractors bidding on your job as possible. Knowledge is power, after all, and it will be of tremendous assistance in your decision-making.

2. Narrow down the bidding contractors to a few candidates.

While research is the most important step, there is nothing quite like getting in front of someone to get a handle on him or her. Most roof contractors, regardless of their business’ size, offer free roof estimates or quotes before commencing work. Many of these contractors’ estimates or quotes will be free, no-obligation offers. Take advantage of this offering, and use the opportunity to gauge the contractor’s knowledge and ethics. Does he appear to be trustworthy? How does he or she handle product defects or poor cases of installation? What sort of warranties does the contractor offer? Again, question-asking is key to discerning more critical information for your needs.

3. Get a few estimates based on the same specifications and materials.

This is largely an extension of the first step. It is also one of the greatest methods for determining a contractor’s quality and ethics. Do not hesitate to receive 3-5 bids from different contractors who use the same roofing materials, and who would take care of the job according to the same specifications. Ask for estimates of how much time you think the job will take to complete. Doing so will allow you to get an idea of cost range, service efficacy, project efficiency, and other critical information.

4. Steer clear of contractors who use high-pressure sales tactics.

Should your roof have undergone major damage or need major repairs, it may be a temptation to turn to the first contractor who appears on your doorstep. Contractors who offer the greatest “cost efficiency” may be more attractive than established, proven roofing contractors as well. Contractors who use these sort of tactics are often not trustworthy, straightforward, or, at the least, respectful of your needs. Do yourself—and your wallet—a favor, and steer clear of them.

5. Make sure to have everything in writing.

When engaging someone for roofing work, make sure to have everything clearly spelled out and in writing. The person’s name, address, license number, and phone number should be included in the proposal. Do not sign anything before you have read it in its entirety and made sure you understand all of the agreement’s terms. Ensuring that everything in the proposal is clearly labeled and broken down is a good sign that the contractor is organized and efficient; good signs for the service you will receive. Turn to the advice of trusted friends for assistance should you find any part of this stage challenging.

Choice Roof Contractor Group’s Advantage

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With our nationwide contractor network, our members have been carefully vetted and confirmed to be quality service providers by a board of veteran roofers. Each member, regardless of how experienced he is in roofing, also goes to Conklin roof systems training for expert, in-depth instruction in proper application of commercial roof systems. All members of Choice Roof Contractor Group also agree to abide by strict quality standards upon becoming members as well.

Because our members hold themselves to high standards of excellence, building owners and business owners can be sure that they are getting quality service from topnotch roofing professionals. Our members also use Conklin roofing products for all commercial jobs. Conklin roof systems have been shown to enhance an existing commercial roof’s life for decades, and they provide seamless, leak-proof protection, tremendous energy savings, and great resistance against inclement weather and extreme conditions. They have been a leading choice for commercial roofing for 40+ years, as they have been installed on over 2 billion square feet of roofing across the United States.

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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
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