List of Conklin Roofing Systems and Products

  • SPF System

    Insulate and waterproof your roof with a Conklin SPF System. It gives your roof R-6.5 value of insulation protection per inch of thickness, keeping your heating costs down in the fall and winter.

    The system’s closed-cell structure completely inhibits lateral water movement. It can also save you cooling and heating costs, cutting down on your utility costs like never before.

    Best of all — if it is damaged, it is easily repairable in a single afternoon. With the SPF System, you get years of guaranteed, trouble-free roofing protection.

  • Benchmark Coating

    Benchmark is formulated for use with Conklin MR Systems for metal roofs, Fabric-Reinforced Systems, and SPF Systems. It combines longevity, durability, and strong reflective capability to give you seamless, leak-proof roofing protection for decades.

    Sporting a super tensile strength, Benchmark remains highly resistant to acid rain, pollutants, and UV rays. Its water-based composition makes it easy to install and clean up after it is finished being applied. Its white surface reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays, saving you tens of thousands of dollars across its extensive lifecycle.

  • PUMA XL Coating

    Puma XL came about after years of engineering and four generations of top-grade acrylic roof coatings brought to market. This coating uses urethane and acrylic polymers to give you some of the best coating strength and elongation found in the commercial roofing industry.

    We stand behind this coating’s effectiveness with a non-prorated warranty of up to 18 years. That covers 100% of materials and labor costs, no questions asked. Its superior waterproofing, highly reflective surface, and low VOC emissions guarantee premium roofing protection for decades.

  • Membrane Coating System

    A Conklin Membrane Coating System offers first-rate waterproofing, undeniable energy savings, and first-class all-round roof protection.

    This system is ideal for the restoration of aged TPO, PVC, CSPE, EPDM, or Modified-Bitumen roofs. It can pay for itself in 10 years or less with A/C cost savings. It requires little maintenance, meaning it performs well throughout the year.

    The system’s ENERGY Star certification may also qualify you for federal tax benefits of all types.

  • Flexion Membrane

    Flexion is one of the options we offer for Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems. As an Elvaloy®-modified PVC, it performs strongly in all climates and gives strong, rugged protection against the harshest outdoor elements.

    Flexion lowers your heating and cooling bills so that you get great energy savings year-round. Its chemical and fire resistance make it ideal for new or existing roof applications. A 20-year non-prorated warranty backs up the product’s premium strength and durability.

  • Hy-Crown Membrane

    Hy-Crown is a proven solution for roofing protection in the harshest of environments. Made with Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE), it combines durability and longevity for first-rate, long-lasting roofing protection.

    Hy-Crown is one of two available Single-Ply Membrane Roofing System options. It is easily applied in all seasons so you do not have to wait for the best protection around. When applied, it forms a seamless layer on your existing roof, preventing any chance for leaks. Its firm resistance to wind and hail also keeps your roof safe from weather-inducing damage.

  • MR System

    The Conklin MR System adds decades of life to any metal roof. You’ll see the advantages as soon as it has been placed.

    Metal roofs can easily heat up or become tainted with rust. Not so with the MR System. From its first application, your roof is sealed and protected from expensive leaky roof or rust repairs for years to come. The MR System also reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays, meaning thousands of dollars in energy savings go in your pocket.

  • Fabric Reinforced System

    Recoup your costs quickly with our Fabric-Reinforced System. As an extremely versatile product, it can be applied to many roof types with ease.

    The Fabric-Reinforced System lets you save up to 30% of your cooling costs with its energy-saving properties. Little required upkeep on your part guarantees you pay less for energy all year-round.

    Our non-prorated warranty backs up the Fabric-Reinforced System’s performance ability. It covers 100% of labor and materials costs, without condition.

  • Equinox Coating

    Unlike normal acrylic coatings, Equinox lets you restore your roof at any time of year. This acrylic roof coating can be applied with ease in temperatures as low as 36°. The average roof restoration requires 20% less coating than others do, meaning even greater savings.

    Equinox is applied to Conklin Membrane Coatings, MR Systems for metal roofs, Fabric-Reinforced Systems, and SPF Systems. It forms a seamless membrane layer so your roof remains protected for 20 years or more, easily.

  • Rapid Roof III Coating

    Rapid Roof III has been one of the leading choices nationwide for acrylic roof coatings for over 40+ years. This coating’s elastomeric properties guarantee decades of superior, long-lasting roof protection.

    Rapid Roof III is designed for use with Conklin MR Systems, Fabric-Reinforced Systems, Foam Systems, and Membrane Coatings. It easily reflects most of the sun’s rays, letting your Conklin roofing system pay for itself in just 7 years or less. Superior dirt resistance keeps it saving you energy all year long.