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Commercial Roof Coatings Opportunities

Today, we take a look at the market opportunities for commercial roof coatings in the United States. According to the research firm BCC Research, in 2011 the North American commercial roof coatings market was valued at $750 million. BCC Research reports that it expects this market to increase by a compound annual growth rate of […]

Understanding the Importance of Energy-Efficient Roofing Systems

Today we cover the importance of energy-efficient roofing systems and the impact they are having upon total energy consumption in the United States. According to United States Department of the Interior, American energy consumption will jump up 40 percent by 2025. At present, according to the ENERGY STAR® program Americans spend approximately $40 billion in […]

Commercial Roof Replacement or Roof Coating?

Today we briefly examine a couple of common pros and cons of commercial roof replacement and roof coatings. All types of commercial roofs have their strengths and weaknesses. Commercial metal roofing is affordable, generally easy-to-install, and built to last. EPDM rubber roofs remain flexible in extreme temperatures and more resistant to thermal shock than other […]

The Benefits of a Cool Roof

Today we build on prior blog posts about energy-efficient buildings and the ENERGY STAR program and its role in qualifying cool roof systems. At present, Americans spend about $40 billion in annual building cooling costs— one-sixth of the electricity generated in the United States each year. One option that has emerged as a way of […]

Conklin Roofing Systems Reviews

Today, we build upon our earlier blog posts about Conklin, taking a close look at Conklin roofing reviews. With so many roofing product brands available on the market, building owners have a great many options as to which they can choose for their roofing protection. Many building owners have found Conklin, the originator of the […]