Commercial Roof Replacement or Roof Coating?

roof coatingToday we briefly examine a couple of common pros and cons of commercial roof replacement and roof coatings.

All types of commercial roofs have their strengths and weaknesses. Commercial metal roofing is affordable, generally easy-to-install, and built to last. EPDM rubber roofs remain flexible in extreme temperatures and more resistant to thermal shock than other commercial roof systems. But metal roofing can experience rusting or end up with exposed seams where water can seep in. And EPDM rubber roofs can crack or break down due to the sun’s harmful UV rays, despite their sun energy-resisting properties. Inevitably, all commercial roof systems have problems and eventually require attention.

When a commercial roof system does have problems, building owners may think it best to replace their entire roof. In some cases that may prove to be necessary— a commercial roof may have undergone so much damage that it is better to start over. However, in many cases roof replacement can not only be unnecessary, but unwise. After all, re-roofing projects on roofs of any size are time-consuming, and they are expensive.

So, when should a building owner opt for one option for the other? We take a look at some of the factors to consider below.

Should I Go with Commercial Roof Replacement or Roof Coating?

To begin, it is important to consider the cost intensity of roof replacement. When you have a commercial roof of any size replaced, you will be shelling a lot of money out in job costs. For instance, a commercial replacement job includes:

  • Old roof tear-off costs
  • Old roofing material disposal costs
  • Landfill usage cost
  • Heavier labor input costs
  • Costs of large volume of new roofing materials
  • Sunk costs arising from disrupted building or business operations

There is another factor to consider as well. The new roof is not guaranteed to have the same problems that the old roof experienced. Over time, it may require heavy repairs due to aging and weathering, or even require another roof replacement before the product warranty runs out.

Roofing Services

Our professional commercial roof contractors provide:

  • Roof maintenance & repair
  • Inspections & leak detection
  • Energy efficient roof systems
  • Complete roof replacement
  • Roof life-extending solutions
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With a commercial roof restoration, however, you save on all of the costs above and do not have the same disruption to your hours of operations. Many roof restoration products are coating-based systems and can be applied with ease during business hours, meaning that your roofing needs will be handled in a more time-sensitive fashion than they would in a roof replacement job.

Where roof coatings do not become valuable, however, is when a commercial roof has been extremely badly damaged. Say a 20,000-square-foot EPDM rubber roof has experienced deterioration due to prolonged thermal shock, and that a large portion of the roof in one corner has been peeled up from a strong windstorm. If the roof is extremely old, a simple patch-up job or a simple restoration job will not be in the customer’s best interest. With a roof coating or simple repair job done, over time the roof could fail or become more prone to roof leaks, roof cracking, or more roof peeling. In the end, the customer would likely not get the lasting protection that he or she needs and deserves.

Roof Replacement – The Bottom Line

In short, because it is so cost-intensive, a roof replacement should be treated as a last resort. But there are times where damage becomes so extensive or a roof is so old that re-roofing is the better option. It is important to keep in mind that when replacing an old roof with a new roof of the same type, one could see the new roof have the same problems as its counterpart. Therefore, roof enhancements such as the application of high-performance, highly reflective elastomeric roof coatings may be ideal. Roof coatings will cover newly installed roof’s vulnerable areas and exposed seams, leave a seamless surface over the new roof, and strengthen the new roof’s life expectancy for decades.

Conklin Systems for Roof Replacement or Restoration

Add Decades of New Life
Cut A/C Costs up to 50%
Free On-Site Inspections
Leak-Proof Your Roof
Warrantied Up to 20 Years

Regardless of what your needs may be, Conklin’s line of commercial roof products offer solutions for roof restoration and replacement. Conklin roof coatings are backed by contractor-provided, non-prorated warranties that cover labor and material costs. These roof coatings reflect up to 85% of the sun’s energy and can generate up to 30% cost savings on annual energy expenses. They have been a leading choice for commercial roofing for over 40+ years and are ideal for application on existing or new roofs.

For new roof or re-roofing projects, Conklin also offers a highly durable, rolled-out modified PVC sheet product, Flexion. With this material, old roofing materials are torn off and disposed of, ISO board is installed over the underlying exposed layer, and the Flexion is applied across the ISO board components. Flexion is manufactured with DuPont Elvaloy for extensive chemical and fire resistance and extremely pronounced tensile strength. Flexion has been shown to perform well in all climates and can be installed at any time of year. It is also backed by a non-prorated warranty of 20 years.

Choice Roof Contractor Group’s Unique Value Proposition

roof restoredOur nationwide contractor network exclusively uses Conklin roof products for commercial jobs. Conklin roof systems have been applied on billions of square feet of roofing and feature non-prorated warranties of their coverage period. Each contractor has been vetted before being admitted, and they go through Conklin’s warranty certification program so they can apply Conklin systems with precision.

Every Choice Roof Contractor also abides by the highest quality standards. Because of our members’ ongoing commitment to excellence, building owners can be sure their needs are getting the best service with the best products available on today’s roofing market.

Should you be interested in a Choice Roof Contractor for your needs, call us today at 800-670-5583 for a free local roof estimate.

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Written by: Ian Myers
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