White Roof Coatings Reviews

Today, we build on prior blog post about white roof coatings and take a look at these coatings’ track record.

White Roof Coatings Problems and Overview

rr1Since the concept of sustainability took off in the American construction industry in the 1970s, white roof coatings have become a more common product of choice for commercial roofing. But roof coatings in general are far different from conventional building products. On top of that, many building owners reportedly have not had good experiences with coating products. Are white roof coatings really that effective?

Like other roofing products, coatings have gained some negative perceptions not because of their own quality, but because of factors such as faulty or careless application. When it comes down to it, a roof coating absolutely must be applied at the right degrees of thickness and in the right conditions for it to last and perform well.

In a short list, many problems with white roof coatings, and coatings in general, can be pinned down to the following:

  • Too little of the coating product applied
  • Coating product applied in the wrong climate conditions
  • Coating product applied in an unfavorable temperature range
  • Coating product was hastily or carelessly placed on roof surface
  • Contractor skipped some critical steps in the coating application process
  • Coating applied poorly on top of existing roof substrate
  • Applied coating product not suitable or best for a particular type of roof system
  • Old roof is aged enough where roof replacement is the best option

These are a host of problems a building owner can encounter. But there are positive reviews to back coating products’ performance and life span, though. Below, some ways that white coating products can be of benefit are covered as well as what building owners have said about these roofing products.

What Are Some Benefits?

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To understand how white coatings can be beneficial for your roof, it is helpful to take a look at the benefits of the overall product line white coatings are a subcategory of, cool roof coatings.

When energy-efficient roofing took off in the 1970s, it was spurred on by cool roof coatings, or coating products that a roof surface much cooler than usual building products. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, cool roof coatings are products that are made up of “white or special reflective pigments that reflect sunlight.” When they are applied to a roof, the roof becomes able to reflect more of the sun’s rays and emit more heat that it absorbs during the hot parts of the day. The end result is a building consumes far less energy for air conditioning, and the building’s interior stays cool and comfortable at far less cost.

The game changer that introduced these coating products to commercial roofing was the Conklin Company. In the late-mid-1970s, Conklin created and brought-to-market the first acrylic roof coating for the commercial roofing industry. Since then, Conklin has paved the way for many other innovations in coating products, giving consumers today access to an extensive line of coating products.

Now, then, what do building owners and other parties have to say about white coatings, including those offered by Conklin?

What is the Word about White Roof Coatings and Their Performance?

coating review“Anybody that has doubts whether a white roof coating makes a difference needed to be in our building this summer on those 100 degree days. Usually, the air conditioners struggle and it gets very hot in the shop. With our new white roof, the air conditioners were cycling and customers and employees were commenting on how nice it was inside the building.”
– Roger Lange, manager of Twin Valley Industry

“Last fall, we put on our thirteenth Conklin roof since 1983 and all are without a leak. This is a multimillion dollar development: some of the condominiums sell for over $300,000. We can’t afford leaks. I recommend this system to anyone with a flat roof that doesn’t want to be bothered with leaks.”
– Ken H.

“Traditional dark-colored roofing materials absorb sunlight, making them warm in the sun and increasing the need for air conditioning. White or special ‘cool color’ roofs absorb less sunlight, stay cooler in the sun, and transmit less heat into the building. This reduces the need for air conditioning by lowering interior building temperatures.”

– Department of Energy, February 2011 Guide to Cool Roofs Brochure

“We live in an area where the temperature ranges from 25 F below to 100 F above zero, so the roof has a lot of movement and weather related stress. This process sealed our leaks, stopped the rust and allows our students and staff to stay dry. We didn’t know we were going to get increased energy efficiency when we started, but we are spending less to cool the building. We are going to have more of our buildings done…”

– Keith M.

What Are Some Other Benefits Offered by Conklin Coating Products?

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  • Only roofing products to be backed by non-prorated warranties of up to 18 years
  • Over 2 billion square feet of Conklin roofing products have been installed nationwide
  • Completely seamless, completely waterproof, and fully adhered to old roof
  • Could have your new roof paid for in just 5-7 years with generated energy savings
  • No expensive roof replacement necessary
  • Roof products with ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Have a warranty claims rate of 0.25%
  • Tested and certified resistance against hurricane-force winds and powerful hailstorms

A full list of Conklin roofing system reviews is also available.

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