Conklin Roof Coatings vs. Competing Roof Systems

conklin benchmarkToday’s blog post will be of interest to building owners and managers as well as roofing contractors. We focus on the performance value and benefits of Conklin roof coatings. And in turn, the post takes a look at how these products stack up to others in the commercial roofing industry.

On the whole, roof coatings are another economical option besides a complete roof replacement. They allow customers to restore their existing roof, save money, and lessen their environmental impact. And they enable roofing contractors to upgrade a commercial roof’s performance without the time and cost demands of roof replacement. In addition, with the Conklin Company, contractors receive strong, unique opportunities that are not available with competing roof systems.

Let’s take a look below at these advantages.

Conklin Roof Coatings & Other Roofing Systems

The market is filled with roofing products, and they have merit. But with Conklin products, there are also many advantages which strengthen a contractor’s customer appeal.

Exceptional track record. As a whole, the Conklin Company has roots going back 80+ years. And in the building products marketplace, it has a strong record of longevity and consistency. Ever since it helped to revolutionize the American commercial roofing industry in 1977, a strong majority of Conklin’s building products have stayed on the market.

It’s a powerful indicator of how Conklin’s products were engineered as quality solutions their first time around – and Conklin continues to refine and innovate new products for roofing   needs. Building owners can be confident in these innovations as quality protection solutions.

History of innovation. Aside from its longstanding record of consistency in building materials – a solid performance gauge for any manufacturer – Conklin also has a history of innovation. In fact, Conklin introduced the first liquid elastomeric roof coating for the commercial roofing industry. The product was Rapid Roof, and since then Conklin has reformulated this product for even sharper performance.

On top of Rapid Roof III, Conklin has added many other fluid applied roofing products to its family of high-performance, reflective coatings, including Benchmark and Puma XL. And they continue to be used extensively nationwide.

Widespread extent of use. Along with its 35+ year record in the commercial roofing industry, Conklin has a large nationwide following. Its single-ply membrane and fluid applied roof coating products have been applied on 2+ billion square feet nationwide.

Aside from their strong performance in the many climates country-wide, Conklin has also gotten leverage among high-profile companies in the United States. Many corporate bodies and nationally known franchises have relied upon Conklin roofing products for building protection. These satisfied customers include:
conklin vs competitors

  • Cargill
  • Honeywell
  • Holiday Inn
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Burger King
  • Dairy Queen
  • Ashley Furniture Industries
  • Candlewood Suites
  • Day’s Inn
  • Lockheed Martin

In short, Conklin has a strong reputation for nationwide excellence, which building owners and managers can respect.

conklin roof exampleLasting, durable protection. Competing products on the market may offer a decade-worth of protection or more. But they can break down under prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays or other weathering hazards. In contrast, Conklin products have been known to last for years.

For instance, take this Conklin-restored metal roof. A veteran Conklin contractor applied Conklin’s metal roof coating products to it 23 years ago – and with minimal maintenance, it continues to be waterproof and incredibly strong. Plus they are ENERGY STAR® certified, have up to 85% reflectivity, and can produce up to 30% yearly A/C cost savings. Contractors can leverage the performance ability of these products and their up-to-18-year, full-coverage non-prorated warranties, and use it for bigger gains.

Other Benefits of Conklin Roofing Products

tpo conklin recoatAside from higher profit potential with these industry-leading products, contractors have other unique opportunities at hand. Consider the following points:

Great transfer of business opportunity. In the years ahead, existing Conklin roofs will need to be recoated for redoubled protection and performance value. The opportunities are tremendous for contractors to build up a strong roofing business, restore many roofs, and then have an extensive portfolio of roofs to be recoated in the future. It gives contractors the ability to build up a business to leave behind for the family – a great transfer of generational wealth opportunity.

Strong company valuation and resale prospects. Of course a contractor may wish to sell off his business in the future for a strong profit. Because of their future recoating needs, Conklin roof coatings give a roofing business great opportunities for a strong valuation in the future. And in turn, these future needs open up solid company resale opportunities for the contractor.

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Aside from these Conklin advantages, Choice Roof Contractor Group helps roofing contractors be successful with our many membership benefits. These include free lead generation, support and even on-site assistance from experienced Conklin contractors, job prospects from our nationwide partners and network connections, and more! 

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Written by: Ian Myers
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