Conklin Kwik Kaulk™ and Conklin Kwik Kaulk™ Fastener Grade (FG) Caulk

Product Description of Kwik Kaulk™ Acrylic Latex Caulking Compound

Conklin Kwik Kaulk™ Acrylic Latex Caulking Compound is a premium-quality caulking compound applied on the exterior and interiors of buildings before the application of Conklin Roof Coating Systems. The purpose of using it is to seal and leak-proof cracks and holes:

  • Around flashings, joints, and fasteners
  • In wood and masonry

Available in white, gray, and bronze colors, the acrylic latex caulk contains less water than competing caulks. It offers strong adhesion with numerous surfaces, cures to form a lasting finish, and remains flexible.

Product Description of Kwik Kaulk™ Fastener Grade (FG) Caulk

Conklin Kwik Kaulk™ Fastener Grade (FG) Caulk is an energy-saver caulk for sealing exterior and interior areas around fasteners in metal roofs. Being a low-viscosity caulk, it flows easily around fastener heads. Formulated to contain 79% solids, it is used in the Conklin Metal Roof System to create a tough finish on most surfaces and remains flexible even at minus 20°F.

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    Companion products for both these caulks:

    • Puma XL, Rapid Roof III, Rapid Roof HV, Benchmark, and Equinox
    • Wall Kote
    • Wall-Up
    • Show Kote Inteior Paint
    • Show Kote Exterior Paint

    Coverage Rate

    For a ¼-inch by ¼-inch joint, apply:

    Sealant Quantity Lineal Feet
    10.3-Ounce Cartridge 26
    29-Ounce Cartridge 75
    Two-Gallon Pail 616
    Five-Gallon Pail 1540


    Guidelines for the application of Kwik Kaulk™ Acrylic Latex Caulking Compound and Kwik Kaulk™ Fastener Grade (FG) Caulk:

    • Make sure the personnel applying these sealants have read and thoroughly understood the safety data sheet for each caulk
    • Ensure the personnel are wearing the required personal protection equipment (PPE) because these caulks:
      • Contain chemicals that the State of California recognizes as the causatives of cancer, reproductive disorders, and birth defects
      • Can be harmful or even fatal when swallowed
    • When spraying these sealants, use NIOSH-approved mist / dusk masks
    • Apply these caulks when ambient temperature is 40°F or more
    • The surface for the application of these sealants must be:
      • Completely dry and clean
      • Free of loose debris and other such impurities
    • When depth of joints is more than ½-inch, use back-up filler material that is dry and non-asphaltic
    • Application can be done:
      • By standard caulking guns that are hand-operated or compressed-air-operated
      • Manually using putty knife or trowel
    • Dispose these caulks in a manner that adheres to the local, state, and federal laws related to hazardous materials

    Storage Requirements

    When storing Kwik Kaulk™ Acrylic Latex Caulking Compound and Kwik Kaulk™ Fastener Grade (FG) Caulk, ensure:

    • Storage location is:
      • Cool
      • Above 40°F
      • Protected from freezing
      • Out of reach of children
    • Close containers tightly when not in use