Increased Credibility with Group Association and Accountability

At Choice Roof Contractor Group™, there’s a unique opportunity for qualified contractors to strengthen their competitive edge. How so? Through our family of contractors’ national reputation for excellence.

As an Endorsed Member, you could claim this strong record for your own. Via collective efforts, members of Choice Roof Contractor Group have served numerous businesses, organizations, and corporations. That includes:

  • Nationally acclaimed corporations
  • Well-known brands
  • Nationwide franchises with multiple locations
  • National organizations
Why Endorsement is Valuable

When a roofer becomes an Endorsed Member within our group, they’re part of a family of professional contractors committed to quality workmanship and service on every job.

Here are other highlights:

  • Vetted to ensure clean track record
  • Professional in business appearance & conduct
  • High standards for excellence
  • Ready to provide exemplary service to roofing clients

In other words, being an Endorsed Member isn’t about being a cut above the rest. It’s about being a quality-minded service provider to each client – when you provide great value and meet their needs, a mutually beneficial business relationship follows.

Now imagine what that – and the complete support of our nationwide network behind you – can do for your company’s growth potential. Close on more industrial & commercial projects, and increase your value to building owners with our group’s professional endorsement and support!

Now you can add this pedigree to your own contracting company’s list of credentials – and strengthen your appeal to facility managers, building owners, property owners, and other roofing clientele.

Other Benefits

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    It doesn’t end there, either. Network members receive many exclusive benefits simply not found elsewhere, including:

    • On-site support & assistance from veteran commercial contractors
    • Marketing & sales guidance from experienced Conklin applicators & mentors
    • Occasional commercial roofing leads
    • Compelling sales materials for helping close deals
    • Job prospects from nationwide connections & partners
    • Full-service, dedicated marketing support
    • Discounted pricing on industry-leading products
    • Priority treatment from trusted partners & suppliers

    For qualified contractors, the next steps toward business growth are only a call away! Contact us today at (800) 670-5583 for more information.