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sam and rudyAre you thinking about expanding into commercial roofing? Or maybe you already have a foothold in the commercial roofing industry and want more business. Being part of an interconnected organization of capable, qualified commercial roofers can be highly beneficial. It’s a great foundation for increasing knowledge, networking with valuable connections, and opening new doors for project bids.

If you’d like to take your company to a new level, consider Choice Roof Contractor Group. In our group, we take a team approach. By working together, we can achieve far more than we could alone. And if you’re interested in learning from others or even sharing your experience with other roofers while benefiting from their success, you can too.

Why Become a Part of Our Group?

Our group of roofers offer many business-building benefits which simply aren’t found anywhere else:

Proven growth strategies – Over the years, our members have learned what works and what doesn’t. We share these growth insights and strategies with each other. Whether it’s at a workshop event, our private online group, or over the phone, this is a great way to learn what actually works from contractors with years in the business.

Additional credibility – Company credentials are important in the commercial market. You’ll be part of a group of commercial roofing experts – roofers who are committed to quality service and workmanship. It’s an expression of your commitment to a building owner’s needs. Our members, together, also have a very large knowledge base. As a result, you can bolster a prospect’s confidence in the fact you have answers to whatever they need.

Commercial roofing lead prospects – Another benefit is our group’s commercial roofing lead generation. When they need service, building owners, property management groups, facility managers, and other individuals often go online and request service from a group member. Qualified roofers are then given their information so they can meet their needs.

Ongoing support and fellowship – Even though we’re nationwide, we all stay connected and get together often. We’re all committed to helping each other succeed. If you have a question about a roofing application, a product, or your business, answers are only a contact away. Because we’re successful when you’re successful, this support and brotherhood is ongoing for the life of your membership.

Higher closure rates – Aside from growth strategies, we share trade secrets, effective marketing tips, and proven strategies for closing sales. Our group members focus on providing building owners with peace of mind over their roofing needs. This shared philosophy helps demonstrate to customers the value of your services and solutions. As a member, you’ll also get access to compelling sales materials, presentations, and other aids.

Nationwide reputation – As a whole, group members have serviced the needs of many major companies and national franchises. Because of their stalwart record, Choice Roof Contractor Group has a nationwide reputation for excellence. Qualified roofers can use this means to strengthen their own competitiveness.

Recurring income opportunities – Our group offers many ways to accelerate growth in the commercial roofing industry. You can also prepare for the future by building a residual income source. It grows as you help other roofers be successful with our group support. There aren’t any caps on this income source potential, either! Many experienced roofers in our group are actively involved with this and are benefiting as a result.

What are Some Achievements?

sam and rudy• 16-year roofing veteran has achieved 200% growth since he joined group (400,000 sq. ft. vs. 200,000 sq. ft. last year)
• 20+ year construction professional has many opportunities, including restoring a 200,000 sq. ft. roof on a local Wal-Mart
• Same individual won bid for project with multi-billion dollar company within months of joining; closing on many bids at present
• Successful businessman-turned-contractor was given confirmation on 100,000 sq. ft. roof; has prospects for other big projects
• Commercial roofer has 400% increase in sales in one year – mostly due to shared marketing strategies
• 15-year roofer says with group’s unparalleled support, business growth potential looks great for future; unlike any support he’s ever had before

Interested in Taking the Next Step?

Do you have any questions? One of our members would be glad to discuss how our group can help elevate your company to new heights. Don’t hesitate: call us at (800) 670-5583 for more information and see if joining is the right thing for you. We’ll be happy to share how other members are benefiting and answer any inquiries you have.



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Written by: Jonathan Keim
Jonathan Keim
Jonathan founded the group 10+ years ago. He brings a wealth of experience in commercial roofing that spans from marketing, sales, product support and much more. In addition to connecting building owners to reputable service providers throughout the nation, he has helped more than 300 contractors expand in the commercial roofing industry.