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Material Shortage

We know it is not news to tell you that our industry is facing a crisis with the inability to get needed materials in a reasonable amount of time. Today, we’re going to do a deep dive into this dilemma. What is Causing the Material Shortage? You are probably as tired of these words as […]

How to Get Commercial Roofing Leads

You might be the best commercial roofing contractor who ever picked up a caulking gun—but without a proper marketing strategy, you’ll be like the proverbial old maid who sits by her phone waiting. If you’re wondering how to get commercial roofing leads, there are various tried-and-true ways to attract new customers and successfully build your […]

Do More Commercial with a Group

Are you thinking about expanding into commercial roofing? Or maybe you already have a foothold in the commercial roofing industry and want more business. Being part of an interconnected organization of capable, qualified commercial roofers can be highly beneficial. It’s a great foundation for increasing knowledge, networking with valuable connections, and opening new doors for […]

Commercial Roofing Sales Salary

What can be expected for a commercial roofing sales salary? There are many factors behind what level of salary a commercial roofing salesperson receives. These points include: Experience in commercial roofing sales Level of sales & technical knowledge A demonstrable record of sales success Salesperson’s capacity for offering solutions The extent and development of the […]

Commercial Roofing Sales Training

There are many opportunities in commercial roofing. In just 2014 alone, commercial roofing sales are expected to top off at $5.3 billion. Plus, in the future, the nationwide commercial roofing market is projected to reach new heights. But while this industry opens up some great possibilities, mastering commercial roofing sales can be another matter. It […]

Why Conklin Contractors Sell Product to Roofers Instead of a Sales Team

It may surprise you, but Conklin has no sales team and does very little marketing for themselves outside of attending tradeshows. Unlike most companies in the building products industry, Conklin uses a direct sales model (where contractors refer other contractors) to grow its business and it’s been a highly successful strategy. Main Benefits of Conklin’s […]