Commercial Flat Roof Repair Tips

commercial flat roof repairFlat roofs are a common choice for commercial and industrial buildings—unfortunately, they are prone to a common set of problems. The following commercial flat roof repair tips can help building owners reduce their flat roof repair costs and extend the life of their roof. After all, it makes much more sense to protect the roof you have than to pay for an expensive roof replacement because it wasn’t properly cared for.

1. Attend to Water Issues

The term “flat roof” is somewhat misleading, as nearly all flat roofs are actually slightly pitched by a few degrees to help with water drainage. Ponding water is one of the most common problems associated with a flat roof because the slope is so low. Insulation compression, foot traffic and minor roof deck imperfections can all cause water to accumulate on a flat roof. To help prevent the damage that can result from ponding water, a good temporary measure is to carefully sweep off accumulated water each time there has been a heavy storm.

2. Protection from the Sun

Like other types of roofs, flat roofs are prone to sustaining damage from the sun. BUR and modified bitumen roofs are particularly vulnerable to sun-related damage because heat from the sun cooks the important chemicals out of the layers, and single-ply roofs are susceptible to damage from ultraviolet radiation. The best option for protecting your flat roof from sun damage is a high-quality roof coating system, which helps reflect the heat and UV rays. Application of a high quality, reflective roof coating also minimizes expansion and contraction for a longer-lasting roof.

3. Keep Up on Maintenance

No matter what kind of roof you have, regular maintenance is crucial for keeping it in good condition and helping it reach its full life expectancy. In addition to semiannual inspections, have your roof examined by a professional every time there is a significant storm or other event that could cause damage. Have any damage promptly repaired.

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