Commercial Roofing Leads of High Quality

There are many outlets for getting commercial roofing leads. But when it comes down to it, sometimes commercial roofing leads aren’t that good of quality. Lead generation companies may pass out a lead to many roofing contractors. Or a roofing lead may not be pre-qualified – in that instance, a prospect isn’t confirmed to have a pressing roofing need and may be a waste of time.

What about alternatives which can offer higher-quality leads?

Roofing Lead Generation with Our Nationwide Contractor Network

John MillerAt Choice Roof Contractor Group, we offer occassional leads to our family of commercial roofers, among other benefits. These contacts have existing needs, and they’re ready to be serviced.

John Miller, Owner of Wisconsin-based A-1 Roofing Systems, recently shared his thoughts on the lead generation program. Here are some highlights:

  • Leads described on the whole: “Great job in promoting our Conklin roofing systems! These leads are pre-qualified and the customers are educated.”
  • The leads’ quality: “They’re not customers shopping around. They have pressing roofing needs, and they’re looking for someone to present solutions for them.”
  • Whether the leads are ready for action: “The contacts have a budget ready. They’re ready to move forward with a decision about who’s going to handle their roofing needs – not spending lots of time down the road.”

John is an Endorsed Member within our network, making him a preferred vendor for the lead generation program. Our connections with nationally known brands and franchises can also open up referral opportunities for working with these brands in your region.

Experiences with the Network’s Commercial Roofing Leads

commercial roofing lead exampleJohn offered the following details on his lead generation experience:

  • John received a service request from the lead generation program in Davenport, IA. There, he met with one company needing service on a hot-tar-and-pearock-mixed roof. The contact was the company’s Vice President of Operations, and he’d been authorized to make a decision within the coming weeks.
  • For this roof, John suggested a spray foam roofing system, but it wasn’t quite what the company was needing for this particular roof. Nonetheless, the company has surrounding buildings with EPDM rubber roofs with problems – they’re seriously considering A-1 Roofing Systems for these needs.
  • In another case, John received a roofing lead in Wisconsin. This roof is part of an addition on a commercial property – since the roof was installed 10+ years ago, it’s constantly had problems with leaks.
  • After examining the roof and negotiations, A-1 Roofing Systems won the bid over another contractor. They applied a Puma XL Metal Restoration System to this leaky metal roof.
  • In yet another case, John and his cousin, Simon Troyer of Troyer Roofing & Construction (another Endorsed Member), received a lead in Madison, Wisconsin. The contact is from a condominium association, and they have condominium buildings with EPDM rubber roofing. These buildings will need service in the future.
  • In total, from this roofing lead, Troyer Roofing & Construction has prospects for roofing projects on 36 condominium buildings in the future.

When asked to describe these experiences, John said: “These roofing leads are ‘red hot’ in value. It’s not a case of where they’re getting prices and may do something later. The sales process isn’t as long, either – they’re already educated about our roofing systems and what we offer.”

Having a strong background in operations management and customer service, John notes it’s great to work with roofing requests of this quality.

Other Opportunities Available

Contractors join our group to receive:

  • Lead Sharing
  • Shared Strategies
  • Inside Knowledge
  • Complete Training
  • Group Support
Learn More
Aside from the lead generation program, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers more. We’re the only nationwide commercial roofing network to offer:

  • Occasional commercial roofing leads
  • Assistance in walking roofs, bidding jobs, making presentations, helping with your first applications & more
  • Ongoing mentorship & expertise from veteran commercial roofers
  • Dedicated marketing support
  • More commercial job prospects from partners, network members & satisfied customers
  • Support & business opportunities from our preferred partners & suppliers
  • Strong endorsement with our nationwide reputation for excellence – for Endorsed Members
  • Professional commercial roofing training
  • Discounted, energy-efficient roofing with 35+ year reputation
  • And more!

Our family of contractors is helping many companies – from relatively new experience in the commercial roofing industry to 40+ years industry expertise. Contact us today at 800-670-5583 for more details! And while you’re at it, check out what existing members are saying, as well.


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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
Ian was the very first team member brought on by the original co-founders of the Choice Roof Contractor Group to assist with nationwide growth. Since then he has written 120+ blog posts and provided excellent support to the roofing contractors in the group. Through his multiple roles in the commercial roofing industry, he has gained tremendous knowledge in the sector.