How to Tell if a Roof can be Restored with a Coating System

Before you decide if you would prefer coating your commercial roof rather than replacing the entire thing, it is important to make sure that your roof is suitable for a restoring project. If your roof is not suitable, your entire property can get damaged in the long run. You will also need to make sure that the company you hire has a reputation for excellent services. If not, their shoddy work will cost you money and ruin your property at the same time.

Important factors to consider before roof restoration

Here are the factors that determine whether your roof can be coated or not:

Is moisture present?

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One of the most important things to do before restoring a roof is to check whether there is any moisture trapped under the current roofing system. This is a problem that is caused by improper re-cover. If moisture is present, further investigation will be required; if moisture is present and its level is high, replacing the entire roofing system could be a more effective and cost-efficient option.

How many roof layers are present?
This is a question that roofing companies often ask before they attempt to coat a roof. It is an important factor in determining whether a roof can be restored. Building codes nowadays permit two roofing systems that are non-ballasted on one structure. This has to do with the weight of the materials used for roofing.

Is the roofing layer attached well to the substrate?

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Ensuring that a roofing layer is well-secured to the roofing substrate is critical for making certain that the existing commercial roof’s integrity remains intact. If the layer is not well-attached, coating a roof can lead to even more pronounced issues with the roof’s integrity later on or even heightened requirements for repairs. The presence of moisture is the leading cause of a roofing layer being detached or less secure than it should be from its substrate counterpart.

Before you opt to restore your commercial roof rather than replace it, ideally you should consult a commercial roofing contractor and get a quote from him. Doing so will ensure that you can get the best service for the roof of your property. Once you have asked the above-mentioned questions, it is advisable to consider the following questions to determine whether roof replacement or restoration is the better option.

Asking your contractor these questions will be a great way of assessing his expertise and being aware of the options at your disposal. If you would like one of our members to provide a free inspection and estimate, give us a call at 800-670-5583.

What will be the impact on your business operations?
Roof replacement can dirty, noisy, and time-consuming, therefore disrupting normal business operations quite handily. For instance, if a building has specialized electronic equipment underneath its roofing, it might be optimal to opt for coating the roof. Applying a roof coating system is much less disruptive to operations as it is usually completed within a very short time frame without any interference.

What type of roof restoration system is best?
rr1Different restoration solutions will be applicable to your roof based on the type of roofing system you already have. For instance, a rusting metal roof may simply require a simple, multi-layer coat application without any need for components replacement . Another roofing system may be found to require application of a membranous roofing layer on top of it for best results. It is ideal to clear up with your contractor exactly what your existing roof will demand or what will give the best protection outcomes.

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What are the advantages, disadvantages, and costs?
Any savvy business owner knows the general importance of knowing the pros and cons of any option that is available to him or her. The same especially applies to roofing, as the roof is arguably one of the most important parts of a building, due to the protection it provides. Having all information accounted for, including the costs of both, will greatly aid you in making your final decision.

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