4 Reasons Why a Commercial Roofing Sales Job is a Great Opportunity

Sales in the commercial roofing industry are expected to reach a new high of over $5 billion. That market value represents a great opportunity for sales professionals—there has never been a greater opportunity for getting involved and bringing home a great income.

For people who are interested in the opportunity but anxious about crossing into the threshold of action, we examine the reasons for why a commercial roofing sales job can be a lucrative gig.

How to Get Commercial Roofing Jobs

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  • Commercial roofing jobs and products can be easier to sell than other products and services. Regardless of technical innovations, building is a trade that will always be in demand. Other industries and their respective services and products, however, may be subject to the market whims of the day and change quickly. Furthermore, since a roof is the most important part of a building – after all, it is what protects the building and its contents from bad weather and harsh outdoor elements—it is critical that premium-grade roofing products be used for a building’s long-term protection. Therefore, sales opportunities that advocate on behalf of contractors who are able professionals, or roofing products that have proven track records of performance, will continue to abound—and present chances for serious income-building potential.
  • Many contractors are attracted to commercial roofing due to its lower physical requirements and stresses compared to other parts of the building industry. Many contractors who get started in commercial roofing note that they made the switch from residential roofing or other parts of the building industry due to this roofing’s lower physical requirements. This tendency is especially true of commercial roof contractors who work with low-impact roofing systems such as roof coatings. Because commercial roofing can attract contractors on this note alone, there are many opportunities for a sales professional to engage contractors and help them make the transition.
  • Many roof contractors are looking for guidance in how to make the switch from residential to commercial roofing, or just the right opportunity. Here is yet another great opportunity for the committed salesperson. Many roof contractors want to switch to commercial roofing, but do not know how to break into this highly profitable industry or have not found the right opportunity. A value-driven salesperson who is able to benefit the enterprising contractor and show him the steps toward getting started, therefore, has outstanding earning potential. Opportunities such as the full-service platform offered by Choice Roof Contractor Group are strong examples of how a sales professional can help an ambitious roofer make the leap.
  • There are great opportunities for sales commissions in commercial roofing products. Nowadays, depending on a business’ size, it is not unusual for a commercial roof contractor to order anywhere in the neighborhood of $300,000-1,000,000 worth of product every year. Whether a salesperson is actively employed or trying to find a job, these product purchases represent a great opportunity for generating a sizable income. For instance, one sales opportunity offered by Choice Roof Contractor Group will enable a salesperson to earn 5-8% base commissions off product purchases made by commercial roofers. These commissions can be residual, meaning that they come in for life as long as the contractors keep ordering product. Clearly, there are great opportunities for income-building potential here as well.

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sales-opportunityChoice Roof Contractor Group offers some great sales jobs opportunities for dedicated professionals. The details of these opportunities can be found on our commercial roofing sales page.

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