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Today’s blog post covers spray foam roofing equipment and its use in commercial roofing. We have previously looked at market opportunities for spray foam roofing, spray foam roofing myths and problems, and evidence that spray foam roofing actually works.

Spray Foam Equipment and Commercial Roofing Today

spray foam equipment

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing has been around for 50 years. But even with its track record, an SPF roof is not exactly one of the most common commercial roof systems out there. Many buildings that have been around for that long have old, beaten-up built-up roofing systems on them—often made of tar and gravel. These roof systems last for long periods of time, but they are unable to escape the effects of the sun. Over time, they break down and fail.

Because they want a lasting roof, building owners have been turning to commercial spray foam roof systems as alternatives. A well-applied, thick spray foam roof offers the same long lifespan as the BUR systems, plus huge savings on heating and cooling costs. Just the energy savings alone are a big draw, but there are other benefits too such as much less weight on the roof.

To apply spray foam roofing, commercial roof contractors need spray foam equipment. A “typical” line of spray foam equipment includes spray foam rigs, reactors and generators, hoses, spray foam guns, and other spray foam application equipment. Spray foam equipment is to be used for interior applications of spray foam insulation systems as well for insulation and top-layer applications on top of a building.

Some spray foam equipment providers offer complete spray foam equipment packages. For instance, our partner, Intech Equipment & Supply with 6 full-service locations across the U.S. offers complete, turnkey packages so that work can be done as soon as a contractor arrives at the jobsite. Quality spray foam equipment will give the contractor tremendous benefits including:

  • Features for easy, fast troubleshooting such as QR codes
  • High-performance spray foam applications with lesser fuel consumption
  • Equipment that is easy-to-move and transfer from jobsites
  • Better control over spray foam application and overall process
  • Better spraying performance
  • Easy and convenient applications with automated, instant foam system recipe recall
  • Greater hold on cost management and forecasting

These benefits and more allow contractors to apply foam systems with precision and ease.

Why Spray Foam Roofing?

foam roofingDespite all of the myths out there, spray foam roofing remains a top choice for reliable, lasting roof protection. Roof contractors and building owners each benefit from it.

For roofing contractors, spray foam roofing offers many advantages:

  • Spray foam roofing is installed with ease
  • Spray foam product is pumped up to the roof, which cuts back on chances for personal injuries arising from hoisting heavy roofing materials
  • Liability costs are more contained than with other commercial roof systems
  • Spray foam roofing can give much bigger profit margins per square foot
  • Spray foam roofing has few repair and upkeep needs
  • Spray foam roofs are easily repairable and maintenanced
  • A spray foam roof lasts for a long time, and strengthens a contractor’s reputation when applied correctly

Building owners benefit in multiple ways as well:

  • Commercial spray foam roofing can save tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs
  • A spray foam roof system reduces sound transmission in a building
  • Spray foam roofing keeps heat inside a building and makes a building use less cooling
  • It prevents air infiltration, the number-one culprit for skyrocketing energy costs
  • It is completely seamless and therefore strongly resistant to leaks, big or small
  • A spray foam roof greatly strengthens a building’s structural support
  • Spray foam roofing is designed to last for decades without trouble

With all these benefits, a commercial property remains in good condition and well-protected, and the building owner stays satisfied. As is common knowledge in the commercial roofing industry, happy customers mean good referrals and ongoing, highly profitable business opportunities.

Where can I get Spray Foam Equipment?

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Choice Roof Contractor Group offers commercial roof contractors a great opportunity for building up spray foam roofing installation as a key cornerstone of their business. We are partnered with Intech Equipment & Supply, a leading provider of spray foam equipment and parts in the entire United States. Intech offers a wide range of spray foam equipment, inclusive of top-grade spray foam rigs, carefully engineered spray foam application systems, spray guns, spray foam hoses, and an extensive inventory of parts should replacements be quickly needed. Should spray foam contractors be interested in breaking into the $5.3 billion commercial roofing industry, we offer a perfect platform for that as well.

Our group members exclusively benefit from lead sharing, lifetime mentorship and sales coaching from top roofing experts, discounted product pricing, proven marketing strategies from others, and more. They also benefit from the active involvement of our trusted partners and suppliers. Choice Roof Contractors are able to apply Conklin spray polyurethane foam systems, spray foam systems backed by a non-prorated warranty of up to 18 years. On the whole, Conklin roof systems have been used for over 40+ years and can pay for themselves in just 4-7 years with their energy savings.

Call us today at 800-670-5583 to learn how you can get high-quality spray foam equipment from Intech Equipment & Supply at reduced rates. We will be happy to show how we can help you build your growing success story, as we will be behind you 100%.

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