Five Benefits Construction and Roofing Industry Professionals Gain from Niche Business Networking

construction networkingGone are the days when professionals rely solely on cold calling or print advertising to grow successful businesses; especially in highly competitive markets such as construction and roofing. Highly profitable companies today utilize niche-networking opportunities to attract a steady flow of fresh prospective customers. Companies subject to the ebb and flow of seasonal work can especially benefit from contacts made while networking with others.

Taking advantage of these top five benefits of niche business networking can turn off-season time into an opportunity to make the connections that will result in an expanded customer base. Those who fail to recognize the valuable benefits of niche networking lose more than future sales; they also lose out on critical positive connections that build professional character.

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    Benefit #1 VISIBILITY- Networking with other professionals offline and online allows your company to be visible, to create a buzz about your brand and to build a positive reputation. Attending events in your community or joining a niche online network such as (which focuses on the construction industry) allows you to share and gain knowledge, be supportive of others and can also lead to better quality referrals.

    Benefit #2 OPPORTUNITY – Social or business networking brings to mind not only the natural opportunities that present for gaining trust and referrals, but the benefit that many fail to realize is that these opportunities can materialize when you least expect them to such as when introductions are made, during conversations, or over a meal or activity. Requests for a product or service can arise, as interest is peaked when discussing a mutual topic or because a good impression has been made as a result of your professional attitude, appearance or the knowledge you expressed.

    Benefit #3 CONNECTIONS – The hidden benefit to niche networking that many professionals are unaware of as they circulate a room or participate in an online connection is that they have the unique opportunity to make critical connections and gain new exposure to other customer bases. Each business owner has a unique customer base and they know the needs of that customer base. Most of the time that company is able to meet most of the needs if not all of them but occasionally a customer has a need that is unanswered at the time you are making a connection with that professional. During conversations it may come to light that you have the solution to that need, which when realized can lead to a quick referral. Networking when done successfully is a two-way exchange that strengthens relationships between professionals and can lead to creative and beneficial business ties.

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    Benefit #4 SHARING – Those working in the construction and roofing industry can draw upon a vast array of knowledge. Sharing ideas, exchanging feedback or discussing various points of view on a topic can lead to expanding your own knowledge base or provide a chance for gaining a new perspective that can enhance your ability to meet the needs of present and future customers.

    Benefit #5 CONFIDENCE – Attending networking opportunities on a regular basis can increase your confidence in your ability to talk about your brand, your products or services. Business owners often get bogged down in the daily tasks of running the business and perhaps forget just how vital it is to talk to people and make important contacts with others in the same, similar or complimentary markets. The fear of competition is strong and should not prevent a smart professional from learning that growth is dependent on not only the skilled hand but also the ability of the mouth to accurately describe the many attributes your company has to offer. Confidence comes with increased opportunities to share, learn and be exposed to new contacts.

    Niche business networking is important to construction and roofing professionals because of the benefits of attending community and professional functions as well as taking advantage of online networking opportunities. Business owners who network gain new opportunities to expand the customer base, make unique connections that can lead to increased sales and can also experience rare opportunities to share experiences, ideas and knowledge with others as well as to increase confidence while talking about company services and while exposing the company brand., one of the industry leaders we’ve linked arms with, gives construction, home improvement, DIY, real estate, and professional service professionals a free to join and use opportunity to network with each other. Join the community to start receiving the five top benefits of niche business networking.

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    Written by: Ian Myers
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