Flat Roof Solutions

Flat roofs are a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings for various reasons, including their budget-friendly cost in comparison with other commercial roof types and the fact that they essentially provide an extra floor of usable space for housing storage facilities, HVAC systems and more. Flat roofs are also easier to access than pitched roofs when repairs need to be made, gutters need to cleaned, solar panels need to be installed, etc.

In addition to their benefits, flat roofs also come with a common set of problems that can develop over time, requiring flat roof solutions to be administered by a professional roofing contractor.

Common Flat Roof Problems

flat roof problemsJust as any roof will, a flat roof will eventually develop problems that need the attention of a professional roofing contractor. Drainage is a common issue with flat roofs, for instance, as they do not drain as efficiently as pitched roofs do. This can lead to the problem of standing water remaining on a roof for longer periods of time, which can contribute to the accelerated breakdown of roofing materials and eventually lead to leaks, particularly along the roof’s seams and protrusions. If standing water is remaining on your flat roof for more than 48 hours following a rainstorm, you need to schedule a flat roof repair right away. You should also call in a professional roofing contractor if you notice cracks, blistering, tears or damaged flashings.

Various catalysts can cause flat roof problems, including:

  • Pooling water
  • Storm damage
  • Improper previous repairs
  • UV damage
  • Aging
  • Straight-line winds
  • Excessive weathering
  • Building movement
  • Loose membrane bonds

Flat Roof Solutions

flat roof solutionsWhen your flat roof develops problems, it is important to call on an experienced professional to address the issues using high-quality roofing products. When it comes to your roof, there are no cheap band-aids that last long term—it’s important to have the job done right the first time. Hiring an inexperienced person to do shortcut work on your roof can actually lead to much bigger problems down the road.

Time and time again, the experts belonging to the Choice Roof Contractor Group encounter roof damage that is the direct result of previous repairs that were not done properly and were not done to code. Your roof is a significant financial investment and a crucial component of your commercial building. As such, it needs to be safeguarded and properly maintained by experts who know what they’re doing.

When roofing work needs to be performed, you can always find a well-trained contractor among our endorsed group members. We are a nationwide association of trusted roofing contractors, and our members use top-quality Conklin roofing products on commercial jobs for the simple reason that Conklin products are the best in the industry.

Conklin offers various products that are specifically tailored to address common flat roof problems, such as:

  • Kwik Kaulk: This premium latex caulking compound is ideally suited for filling holes and cracks around the joints, flashings and fasteners of a roof prior to the application of a Conklin Roof Coating System. Kwik Kaulk’s unique formula is designed to seal any leak-prone areas, remains flexible and cures to a durable finish. Kwik Kaulk can also be tinted to coordinate with a building’s paint.
  • 360-S: Conklin’s 360-S urethane sealant is a single-component, moisture-curing elastomeric urethane sealant that is ideal for expansion and control joints. 360-S offers superior adhesion for many surfaces and cures to a robust, long-lasting finish.

Conklin roofing products are designed to stand up against Mother Nature’s harshest offerings, including extreme temperatures, intense UV rays, rain, wind and hail. When full roof replacement or restoration is needed, there is a full catalog of Conklin roofing products.

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