Getting to Know Conklin Rapid Roof III

Conklin® has numerous great roofing products that can help extend the life of a commercial roofing system. One of the premier roofing systems is called Rapid Roof III, and it lives up to its name. It allows contractors to quickly apply an entire roof coating that adds years of added protection to the roof in order to save the building owner money without effecting long-term durability. Let’s take a closer look at this great roofing product.

The Basics of Rapid Roof III
Rapid Roof III is an elastomeric, acrylic, monolithic roof coating, but what does all that mean exactly? Let’s look at each word a little closer to find out. Elastomeric refers to the Rapid Roof’s unique elastic like ability. The material can expand and contract during heat fluctuations. Acrylic refers to a product that is made from polymers or acrylates. Monolithic means that the roofing system is large, powerful and uniform.os1

Rapid Roof III comes in three colors. It can be applied in bright white for maximum efficiency, light tan, or light gray. All three color choices help to actively reflect light away from the roof. This helps keep energy costs down, and helps keep the entire building cooler.

Rapid Roof III has been designed to create a waterproof coating on metal roofs, membrane roofs, spray polyurethane foam, and Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced System.

Some Technical Specifications
Rapid Roof III is an ENERGY STAR® rated product as approved by the US Department of Energy. It has a UL-790 Class A fire rating, and it has been approved by the Cool Roof Ratings Council (CRRC).

One gallon of Rapid Roof III will cover 100 square feet of roofing, but the roof can’t be below 40 degrees during application; however, a separate Conklin coating can be used in cooler temperatures. Inclement weather must be avoided as well. It takes approximately 2-8 hours for Rapid Roof III to properly dry.

Rapid Roof III can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s solar energy. This is what makes Rapid Roof III such a great product for commercial roofs. It helps reduce the heat of the roof which results in energy savings.

It is easy to see why Conklin’s Rapid Roof III is becoming one of the most popular choices for contractors and roofing companies all over the United States. When you engage a Choice Roof Contractor, you get access to this superior roofing system as well as all other industry-trusted Conklin products.

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