The Dynamics of Marketing Commercial Roofing Services

Today, we go over the dynamics of the marketing world for the roofing industry.

commercial roof marketingMarketing. It is one of those words that roof contractors come across all the time. Despite all of the innovations that have come forward in marketing and advertising, nothing beats the power of word-of-mouth referrals. A stellar reputation for honesty, quality workmanship, and great customer service still goes a long way in any part of the building industry— especially commercial roofing.

With the timely arrival of new methods of communication, though, interacting with prospects, leads, and customers has become far less difficult. With communication avenues such as social media and texting, the barriers of time and space no longer hold as much sway in whether or not a roofing marketing campaign is effective.

Consumer surveys now show the power of the Internet in customers’ decision-making process: 98% of Americans say that they look for local businesses online using a search engine. There are 1+ billion active users on Facebook alone in any given month, and every 20 minutes users share 1 million links on Facebook, make 2 million friend requests, and send 3 million messages.

It is clear that people are interacting on these platforms. With so much “buzz” going on, it makes sense for roofing contractors to be there as well. Otherwise, these missed interaction opportunities mean lost business.

Roofing Marketing and Opportunities on the Web

Because so many people are finding these social media platforms and other digital methods of communication so appealing, roofing contractors can take advantage of this hubbub of social activity as well. The foundational principle that stands behind effective marketing strategies with these platforms is no secret, either—to be successful, a roof contractor must simply demonstrate that he is reputable. As is the case with word-of-mouth advertising, reputation is king.

For solid marketing strategies for roofing contractors, it is optimal to consider the following tips and ideas.

Three Marketing Tips and Ideas for Roofing Contractors

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    1. Do not ignore the power of having a professional-looking website. Your own website could be your number one source for generating quality leads. Do not be swayed by the promises of “effective” roofing lead generation companies that promise the world but then do not deliver or fall back on their commitments. The best way to attract leads is to show them what you have to offer. A professional-looking website offers that opportunity.

    Make sure that your website is crisp and professional. It should have plenty of quality images that show “before”, “during”, and “after” pictures of your roofing jobs. Make sure that you and your workers are professionally dressed and at work when a photo is taken of your roofing job. Every word on your website should be directed toward informing consumers and enticing them to use your services—elsewise, the wording is not needed. Do not neglect the power of “roofing SEO” either—SEO refers to search engine optimization, or how you get a website at the top of search engines like Google or Yahoo. A well-ranked website can generate lots of free leads who need service immediately.

    2.  Get active on social media like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. With so many people active on social media, it makes sense for roof contractors to be there as well. It is especially important to become active on Google+. Among many other benefits, being active on Google+ has a direct bearing on how you appear in search rankings on Google, easily the world’s most popular search engine. Google+ social media interactions—and the data behind them—are open to Google’s search ranking algorithms, or the ways Google determines the search rankings of websites. Other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter do not make their data as accessible, and therefore do not have as direct an impact.

    Becoming active on social media may seem time-consuming. But it does not take much to start out. Post pictures of roofing jobs weekly. Keep your “followers” engaged by issuing personalized messages during key parts of the year, such as the holidays. We offer more tips for navigating social media and making good use of it in a prior blog post, too. Above all, keep in mind two fundamental principles: demonstrate your work quality and examples of quality service, and engage your followers. Do not post updates about your roofing company alone, but also content that will be educational for your followers. You will build up your credibility more that way and won’t get ignored.

    3.  Learn the ins-and-outs of LinkedIn, and leverage it for full advantage. Yes, LinkedIn is another social media platform. Why does this platform deserve mention by itself? Because it is a gold mine for quality leads. At present, there are over 259 million LinkedIn users from over 200 countries across the globe. Many of those users are in the United States, and LinkedIn is the premier social networking platform for professionals. That means that people who are decision-makers or potential referral partners are on there—and likely actively using it.

    Learn how to use this amazing resource for full benefit. Just consider this tip and the potential it can hold for your marketing alone: check out LinkedIn Groups. There are groups or online communities on LinkedIn that are wholly devoted to particular areas or professional focuses. Find the groups or associations that your customer profile demographics fall into, and join them and engage them with quality, educational content. Take time to build “online relationships”, and you may see more leads coming your way than ever before.

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