5 Ways Successful People Don’t Approach Their Lives

Roofing SuccessAs many a businessperson can tell you, determination, hard work, strategic planning, and timely execution are key staples of any successful professional’s life. It’s clichéd, but it’s true regardless of what one’s career is, whether it’s owning a business or being an employee, and of what industry someone’s in. There’s no simply no substitute for discipline, defined purpose, or deliberative resiliency.

Just as certainly as there are principles for success, though, there are qualities that can limit a person’s entrepreneurial career and potential for achievement. In the roofing industry, it’s especially important to be sensitive to these limiting qualities because of the competition.

5 Ways Successful People Don’t Act

1. Only Being Aware of What’s “Impossible”. Successful people think in terms of possibilities and solutions. They’re unafraid of charting new paths or trying out new ways to accomplish what needs to be done. For them, new ideas or methods are invigorating and exciting.

On the other hand, people who’re less goal-driven can only see the road toward failure and all of the ways that lead there. They’re very familiar with the words “impossible” and “I tried”, and they’re usually focusing on the things that can’t be done as opposed to ways to solve them.

2. Staying Close-Minded and Afraid of Action. When difficulties arise, unconventional-but-ethical problem-solving or out-of-the-box thinking can lead to some creative solutions. For a business owner, if business performance is slowing down or stagnating, he or she must think of ways to readjust and stay competitive. “Average” people, much of the time, don’t think in terms of solutions to problems, alternatively. They’re often paralyzed by apathy or worse, fear. And as a result, all they see are problems.

Successful professionals and entrepreneurs, however, understand the importance of being innovative and practice it in their day-to-day activities. Bringing new ideas to the table and implementing them is how they boost and maintain their performance over time, even if they’ve had a bad day.

3. Fear of Failure Crippling Personal Determination and Grit. It’s basic, but one of the most-often-missed points among less-than-successful businesspeople. People who aren’t goal-driven can’t help but focus on destructive thoughts or an overwhelming fear of failure. The most successful individuals understand that action begins with a steadfast will to do something. They don’t rely upon luck or the “right opportunity” to come to them. Instead, they go out and create their own opportunities instead of letting time pass them by.

In short, truly successful people aren’t afraid to dream big, go for those dreams regardless of the obstacles or challenges that arise, and constantly move forward with a positive-minded, visionary approach, no matter the setbacks they encounter along the way. Determination and hard work are what distinguishes the successful from the lesser-driven.

4. Staying Focused on Themselves or Leading Others to Share in Their Misery. Because they are so paralyzed by fear of what can go wrong, small-thinking people only focus on what amounts to inaction. They aren’t encouraged by a new day and the opportunities it brings for problem-solving and personal growth, but rather choose to be distraught over what they’ll face for the day. That, in turn, often translates into a perpetual self-pity party or sense of misery. And miserable people are only too happy to “share” their down-in-the-dumps attitude with others, which cripples others’ productivity and sense of worth.

Alternatively, enterprising individuals champion and live out an ability to influence and gain favor with others. It’s not from the standpoint of only selfish ambitions, but enriching others, showing respect for them as persons, and making your passion and enthusiasm contagious. That, combined with a deep knowledge of their industry, lends itself to not only success in their own lives, but also in those around them.

5. Staying Pessimistic No Matter What. Small-minded people stay pessimistic about what’s in front of them. They’re among the first to quit whenever adversity makes its unwelcome appearance. And when the obstacle or setback disappears, then they go back to their sense of apathy or lack of purposefulness.

On the other hand, the most prosperous individuals remain steadfast in their resolve and optimism. They understand everyone makes mistakes or has unique challenges, and they aren’t afraid to encourage others to meet those things head-on when they do arise. When they experience failure or stumble, they get right back up, redouble their efforts, and then charge ahead.

In short, practicing good, positive-minded habits is a great recipe for a prosperous professional life.

Successful Practices for Prosperity in the Roofing Industry

Roofing ProfessionalThe most important thing of these ways to act is their core unifying principle. To be successful, these habits must not be a part of your professional life, but throughout your life as a whole. “Practice makes perfect”, and if you put in the effort and habituate these practices into your daily life, there’s no limit to the things you can accomplish. In the commercial roofing industry, these practices become even more successful when paired with other important things to keep in mind.

It’s yet another cliché, but one of the biggest cornerstones of any successful and reputable commercial roofing business is quality service. When you are outwardly-facing in your business motivations or, in plain-speak, are motivated strongly by your customers’ needs before your own self-interest, your business’ long-term potential skyrockets. The chances for building up a solid reputation and profiting from being a customer-minded enterprise become huge.

Another important factor is keeping on par with the latest trends, technological advancements, and best practices in the roofing industry. Getting active on social networks such as LinkedIn and UBuildNet can help in connecting you to quality information and other educated, value-minded professionals.

Great Contractor Support Available

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Written by: Ian Myers
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