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Asking the Right Questions to Solve Complex Commercial Roofing Problems

Complex commercial roofing problems are faced on a regular basis by architects, building owners and roofing contractors, especially today when rising energy costs and environment awareness are important considerations when installing a new roof or doing extensive roof repair. Asking the right questions can help discover proper and simple solutions that will satisfy the need […]

The Benefits of Seamless Roof Systems

Today’s blog post focuses on the benefits of seamless roofing systems. Building owners, facility managers, and property management firms will find this information particularly helpful alongside our prior post on fully adhered roofing. In the commercial roofing industry, membrane roof systems such as TPO, PVC, and modified bitumen roofing are a common choice for building […]

EPDM Roof Coating vs. Replacement

Today’s blog post provides an overview of the benefits involved with coating EPDM rubber roofs compared to roof replacement. It will be of interest to commercial property owners and facility mangers, as it covers how a white coating system can strengthen an EPDM rubber roof’s durability and longevity. The National Roofing Contractors Association reports that […]

Conklin Roof Contractors – Local Free Quote

When selecting a Conklin roofing contractor, the building owner benefits from much more than just reliable, long-term protection. Conklin roofing systems offer tremendous energy savings, reduced long-term maintenance costs, less impact on the environmental, and non-prorated warranties spanning up to 20 years. Request Quote from Local Contractor Enter Zip CodeGo Because these roof systems offer […]

Why Conklin Contractors Sell Product to Roofers Instead of a Sales Team

It may surprise you, but Conklin has no sales team and does very little marketing for themselves outside of attending tradeshows. Unlike most companies in the building products industry, Conklin uses a direct sales model (where contractors refer other contractors) to grow its business and it’s been a highly successful strategy. Main Benefits of Conklin’s […]

Another Craftsman Finds Dynamic Business Potential in Commercial Roofing

We’ve heard many stories of how Conklin roof coatings and membranes have brought powerful, transformative opportunities to life for new and experienced contractors. From encouraging tales of budding entrepreneurship to dynamite company growth, there’s been no shortage of testimonials from people whose lives have been changed. Today, we take a look at how Conklin and […]