Commercial Flat Roof Repair Solutions

flat roof repair needFlat roofs are prone to a common set of problems, any of which will require flat roof repair solutions administered by an expert commercial roofer.

Any roof repair work performed by a knowledgeable roofing technician will first be preceded by an in-depth inspection of your roof asset, during which the roof contractor will identify all problems and trouble areas on your roof. Once the condition of your roof and any damage have been assessed, a roofer can identify the appropriate courses of action and needed repair solutions to correct existing problems.

Flat Roof Trouble Signs

There are many indicators that a trained roofer will look for to identify flat roof issues, including:

  • The presence of debris on the roof
  • Ponding water, or water that remains on a roof for longer than 48 hours
  • Visible signs of drainage problems
  • Exterior building damage that has resulted from roof leaks
  • Structural roof deformation
  • Evidence of leaking on interior ceiling tiles and drywall
  • Visual signs of buckling on the roof
  • Presence of holes, punctures, cracks, curling, blisters, etc.
  • And more

Flat Roof Repair Options

commercial flat roof coatingSome common repair solutions administered to flat roofs to address problems include replacing metal flashing, caulking protrusions and repairing seams. One of the best roofing solutions available in the industry is a roof coating, which can effectively address all of a roof’s problems and add years to the life of a flat roof. This is the choice is a viable option approximately 80% of the time (if the roof’s condition is too far deteriorated, full replacement will be required).

Roofing companies belonging to the Choice Roof Contractor Group (CRCG) specialize in Conklin roof coating systems, which have proven to be some of the best roofing solutions in the industry. Conklin coating systems offer a variety of prime benefits, including:

  • ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Available class A fire resistance on both combustible and noncombustible roof decks
  • Up to Class 4 hail protection and certified resistance to hurricane-force winds
  • Up to 85 percent solar reflectivity, helping reduce cooling costs
  • Up to 18 years of non-prorated warranty coverage, covering both materials and labor
  • Coating forms a fully adhered, seamless, waterproof membrane
  • Product expands and contracts with changing temperatures
  • Fully restores an existing roof to like-new condition
  • Incredible flexibility, offering ongoing resistance to bubbling, cracking, chipping and other forms of roof damage
  • Roof can be recoated years in the future for even greater life extension
  • And more!

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