Conklin Reformulates EQUINOX Acrylic Coating with Improved Cool-Weather Roofing Technology

As the fall season approaches rapidly, so does declining temperatures. What might be a respite from the warm summer months quickly changes into an inopportune time to install a roofing system. In the past, business owners had to face the tough decision of addressing roof repairs in too cool of temperatures for roof coatings, or risk further building damage.

However, that worry is now a thing of the past! Conklin Roofing systems reformulated their EQUINOX acrylic roof coating that can be used in temperatures at low as 36°! Extending the roof application season is a benefit business owners throughout the country can enjoy. After all, your roof doesn’t just need attention during the spring and summer. Mother nature is unpredictable, and with EQUINOX you are covered when needed during the cool fall season.

Durability with Cutting-Edge Technology

commercial rooferEQUINOX was the first acrylic roof coating formulated by Conklin Roofing Systems with the intention of extending the application season. The product allows contractors to complete roof restoration projects during a time that was once too cool for coatings.

The new formulation significantly increases the evaporation time from the acrylic coating. As a water-based product, cold temperatures traditionally limit the application season in many locations across the U.S. However, with the redesigned technology that speeds up the water evaporation, building owners receive all the advantages of a strong, durable membrane in cooler temperatures.

EQUINOX features many great benefits including:

  • Designed for application on metal, SPF, and single-ply membranes
  • Energy saving top coat that is 85% solar reflective
  • Due to higher solid density, EQUINOX required 20% less coating to cover the same application as traditional acrylics
  • Flexible and durable membrane is known for superior waterproofing
  • 10-year, non-prorated warranty options

More on Conklin Equinox Roof Coating

Since the 1970’s, Conklin has been providing industry-leading coating products. The Equinox system was formulated to be applied as a base coat and a top coat. The quick-dry formula can extend the life of a roofing unit for 10+ years! It provides flexibility that can withstand movements of the building and is durable enough to withstand the elements of nature.

To learn more about EQUINOX and find a member near you, call 800-670-5583.

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Written by: Megan Sabatino
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