Conklin vs. Gaco, GAF, Hydrostop, Duro-Last, Uniflex, Carlisle

The commercial roofing industry has many product manufacturers. They all have their benefits, but they differ in terms of contractor support. For roofing contractors, it has a direct impact on business. In other words, contractor support is an important dimension for roofing companies and customers alike. And in this sea of manufacturers, Conklin stands out with a unique support model. How is this the case?

Let’s cover the details below.

A Key Difference Between Conklin Roofing Systems and Other Manufacturers

Backed up by an exceptional track record for product quality, a key difference between Conklin’s coatings/membranes and the numerous other products by other manufacturers is found in the way Conklin does business – allowing for better support while adding a 2nd powerful, ongoing revenue stream to roofing contractors who want it.

Many manufacturers sell their products to roofing contractors that are warranty-trained applicators of their products. In other cases, contractors purchase their roofing materials from a middle-man distributor, which buys supply inventory directly from the manufacturer. In this model, roofing contractors are provided support in the form of a regional product representative and/or team & a technical support staff.


Experienced Coatings Contractor Shares His Experience

Unlike other commercial product manufacturers – Gaco Western, GAF, Duro-Last, Uniflex, CertainTeed, Carlisle, and more – Conklin operates according to a direct sales model. In this setup, contractors refer other contractors to Conklin’s warranty applicator training. And when these contractors complete training and start installing Conklin products, the referring contractors make lifelong commissions off their product purchases in exchange for making them far more successful.

It’s a unique system that offers big benefits to contractors, building owners, and facility managers alike.

Benefits of Paying Contractors Commissions Instead of Salespeople

Conklin vs GacoBecause of this product commission model, it gives way to a strong support model. After all, the referring contractors are successful only when their “sponsored” contractors are doing well.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

  • The Best Support – Veteran contractors are incentivized to provide substantial support to new applicators
  • Growth Strategies that Work – These roofing veterans offer trade secrets & other effective strategies
  • Help with Application – New Conklin applicators benefit from expert contractors who have actual, first-hand applicator knowledge
  • Knowledgeable Answers – Veteran contractors make efforts to answer all questions, so as to maximize new contractors’ success
  • First-Rate Experience – The roofing veterans can provide ongoing mentorship and on-site application support
  • Stronger Competitive Edge – Commercial clients benefit from these contractors’ access to the roofing experts’ knowledge, resources & support

Taking It to the Next Level

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    At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we build on the merits of this support structure and more. Our group offers a one-stop source for complete contractor support & elevated-quality roofing services, including:

      • Commercial Roofing Leads – Occasional leads via requests from our website and franchises
      • Expert Applicator Advice – Lifelong support from our roofing veterans
      • On-site Service Available – Including sales, bidding & job support
      • Franchise Relationships – Increased job prospects from our nationwide connections & partners
      • Respected Endorsement – Our nationwide reputation for excellence & standards
      • Countless Pictures – Commercial roofing photos for presentation

    • In-Depth Training – Access to a hands-on workshop & forum our members host
    • Discounts – Discounted pricing on durable, energy-efficient Conklin roofing systems and equipment
    • And more!

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    Written by: Jonathan Keim
    Jonathan Keim
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