Why a Roof Maintenance Program is Important

When a building owner has a commercial roof installed or repaired, thereafter it may become the last thing he or she thinks of. But since a commercial roof is one of the most important components of a building—after all, it protects the building’s interior space and contents from harm—it is important to make sure it remains in tip-top shape.

For an almost-maintenance-free roof, check out the reasons for why a roof maintenance program is important below.

Reasons Why a Roof Maintenance Program Is Necessary

  • Regular roof inspections and maintenance mean fewer roof repair or replacement bills. No matter what type of commercial roof you may have, it is likely the roof will encounter problems at some point in time. Common commercial roofing problems include roof leaks, roof punctures or tears, moisture trapped under a roof cover, and others. While these are problems-in-themselves, they can also be indicators of bigger roofing issues at play or that are developing. A regular roof maintenance program will identify signs of trouble before bigger issues arise, helping you cut down on expensive roof repair bills or, if the problems are substantial, cost-heavy roof replacement. That ultimately results in more savings in your pocket.
  • Frequent roof inspections will extend the life of your roof. Because current troubles and future problems are taken care with regular roof maintenance, your roof will be free of roof life-altering complications that would otherwise arise as a result of those problems. In the long run, when your roof does need to be serviced it will be likely to have only small repair needs as a result of your tenacity.
  • A roof maintenance program will identify potential causes of roofing problems. Among other things, sitting pools of water or sitting debris can be causes of roofing problems. A regular roof maintenance program will help you keep your roof free of debris, and help you quickly take care of the ponding water before it affects the roof cover and causes leaks. As is the cause with services in other industries, preventative actions will greatly help in the elimination of sources of roofing trouble.
  • Having your roof regularly inspected will help in making sure skylights are properly secured. If a skylight is unsecure or not well-sealed around its framing edge, leaks can penetrate and dislodge a skylight from the roof cover. In turn, when a skylight is dislodged, rain and debris can enter a building during storms with powerful winds or other extreme weather conditions. Making sure that all skylights are suitably secure and well-sealed in a regular roof inspection plan, therefore, will help you save time and money in costly debris pickup and disposal.

Choosing a professional roof contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured (or satisfies the professional contractor requirements for the state in which you reside) is best for ensuring that you enjoy the benefits above. We do offer tips for consideration when hiring a roof contractor.

Should you want a free local roof inspection, give us a call at 800-670-5583.  We will also be happy to discuss the non-prorated warranties covering labor and material costs that back the high-performance, energy-efficient Conklin roof systems we use.

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Written by: Ian Myers
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