How to Get Commercial Roofing Leads

You might be the best commercial roofing contractor who ever picked up a caulking gun—but without a proper marketing strategy, you’ll be like the proverbial old maid who sits by her phone waiting. If you’re wondering how to get commercial roofing leads, there are various tried-and-true ways to attract new customers and successfully build your business.

Direct Mail

commercial direct mailThe Internet has greatly changed the world of marketing, but there’s still much to be said for direct mail advertising rather than merely sending out literature. Research has indicated that direct mail can more effectively connect contractors with potential customers and prompt a higher response rate than many other forms of advertisement.

The reason direct mail is so effective is because it can be specifically targeted. You can select the businesses and companies you wish to send materials to by purchasing leads through mailing list distributors to get your message to the right potential clients (and avoid spending money on ones likely to never respond or don’t have a big enough roof). This can be done relatively quickly to generate high-quality leads whenever your business needs a shot in the arm.

Did “Junk mail” not work for you in the past? You’re probably missing a good offer, using a poorly tested design, targeting the wrong businesses, and/or have a website showing far too much residential. Direct mail advertising has been a consistent winner for most of the contractors in our group, but only when done correctly.

SEO (Ranking Higher in Google)

commercial seoSearch engine optimization (more commonly known as “SEO”) is key for driving traffic to your website and getting your message in front of the right potential clients when they need service most.

Today, the majority of purchasing decisions are influenced by the Internet. When a business is seeking a commercial roofing contractor, one of the first places they will look is online via a search engine like Google or Bing. If your website is “optimized” to get top listings on these search engines for many different keywords, you will generate considerably more leads.

In addition to the information your website contains, being active on social media will help your search result rankings and improve your overall online presence. Regularly publishing content on Google+, Facebook, etc. will help increase your rankings and get you more business.

Door Knocking

receptionYes, door knocking works in commercial and it definitely deserves to be on this list. It doesn’t cost much more than your time and can work extremely well when done right. With the right approach, literature, clothing (hint: NOT dress pants and a button-down shirt), and smile you can walk plenty of roofs.

Carl Humes, one of our endorsed members in Texas, had a lot of residential door knocking experience prior to joining our group. When there weren’t any fresh storms earlier this year, he worked on perfecting his commercial door knocking strategy. A lot of things he was told by others simply didn’t work. To hear his best tips, listen to the Cold Calling Group Call he hosted.

Member of Commercial Contractors Association

group photoBelonging to a reputable nationwide contractors association like the Choice Roof Contractor Group will also greatly help you get quality sales leads.

Because of this group’s respected reputation and online presence, companies come to us to find roofing contractors in their regions through our website, which means our endorsed members get high-quality referrals. In 2016 alone, our site generated about 300 leads.

Partner relationships to generate additional marketing leads is also very helpful. For instance, our group of contractors has a special relationship with Top Roof Marketing. They enjoy the benefits of access to this firm’s professional marketing services, which are specifically focused on advertising campaigns for commercial roof contractors. Services include high-quality print materials, professionally constructed websites, both direct-mail and email marketing campaigns, SEO, public relations services, and social media marketing.

Information about joining the Choice Roof Contract Group can be found on our Contractor’s Network page.

Closing is Crucial!

How to Get Commercial Roofing Jobs

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Walking more roofs and providing more estimates doesn’t mean your company will grow. One of our founder’s favorite quotes is “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. In other words, you need to be prepared before you can get “lucky”. Don’t spend a bunch of time and/or money on generating leads if you’re not prepared to close.

  • Do your handouts show your main focus is on commercial? How about the website?
  • Do you have the right training and credibility to earn a building owner’s trust?
  • Will someone knowledgeable help you if you come across something new?
  • What will your prospects see if they type your business name online?

These are just a few of the top things to consider. Our group helps contractors with all these things including presentations, photo books, ongoing support from commercial veterans, group calls about specific marketing approaches, and trusted references.

Get on the Fast Track to a Successful Business

commercial rooferIf you’re looking for help to generate and close commercial roofing leads, the experts at Choice Roof Contractor Group are here to help you! Becoming an endorsed member includes many valuable advantages, such as:

  • Professional marketing services specifically tailored for the commercial roofing business.
  • Sales leads through an SEO-optimized Web presence.
  • Association with a longstanding organization that boasts nationwide credibility.
  • Life time mentorship with other professional roofing contractors throughout the U.S.
  • Expert sales coaching.
  • Discounted pricing on top-quality roofing products.
  • Access to our robust media gallery for your marketing efforts.

Visit our Contractor’s Network page or contact us today to learn more about the business-bolstering benefits of becoming one of our respected members!


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    Jonathan Keim
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