How We Generate Most of Our Leads

In addition to members sharing leads with each other, Choice Roof Contractor Group provides occasional commercial roofing leads directly. Because of the way these leads are generated, they are very high quality and are known for exceptional closing rates. The main difference is that prospective customers want a Choice Roof Contractor to do their roof – not just anyone.

You may have wondered how we generate most of the leads we receive and pass on to our endorsed members. Today, we would like to address that question.

Outstanding Rankings on Google

top seo rankingsSince the launch of Choice Roof Contractor Group, our online marketing has been handled by Top Roofing Marketing, which is owned by our founder.

Through diligent and knowledgeable efforts in the area of marketing, our website has attained first-page rankings on Google for more than 200 different searches nationwide! That’s a huge deal!

What that means for our members is a lot of online traffic is being directed to our website—traffic that can turn into estimate requests from potential clients, which means quality leads are subsequently being funneled to our members.

Roofing Association Approach

roofing associationWhen building owners and facility managers go to our website, they are given much more than a “free local quote” (i.e. the only true offering provided by lead generation websites like HomeAdvisor). With the Choice Roof Contractor Group, they get group-wide accountability, a group of independent contractors who share their knowledge with each other, and much more.

Because our focus is on giving peace of mind to building owners instead of convincing them to let us sell their contact information, prospective customers are naturally drawn to working with our group.

Helping One Another

helping each otherOne of the core benefits of group membership is the incredible association our members have with one another. When you encounter a problem you’re not sure how to address, for instance, there is almost always another member who has been there, done that and can advise you.

Our members also pass on quality leads to one another. Some recent examples:

  • Carl Humes of Hometown Commercial Roofing in Texas shared a lead with Jose Lomeli of Chase Roofing in Virginia Beach.
  • Sam Hostetler of Five Star Roofing in Montana referred a Holiday Inn franchise owner to Robert Brenneman in South Missouri.

We could cite more such examples of CRCG members passing good, qualified leads to one another. And why do these leads keep coming? Keep reading.

Our Core Purpose

core purposeThe credibility of our group of contractors and the peace of mind they offer customers are key components of why we’re leading the industry and why our reputation is so solid.

While lead generation is part of what we offer at Choice Roof Contractor Group, it will never be our main focus. Our members understand that getting leads without offering the value needed to close a sale is worthless. No matter how many leads may come their way, members ultimately get the job because of how they set themselves apart from the competition.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a lot more value in other benefits offered by our group.

Incredible Opportunities

Why Contractors Join Our Network

  • Lead Generation
  • Mentorship Program
  • Complete Training
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Marketing Support
Learn More
Belonging to Choice Roof Contractor Group means a lot more to members than just leads. To name just a few of them, our members benefit from:

  • Shared marketing strategies
  • Inside contracting knowledge
  • Complete commercial training
  • Life long group support

Our members also receive assistance in walking roofs, bidding on jobs, making presentations, completing their first installs and more. They further benefit from ongoing mentorship and expertise from veteran commercial roofers; dedicated marketing support; additional commercial job prospects from partners, network members and satisfied customers; support and business opportunities from our preferred partners and suppliers; professional commercial roofing training; discounts on industry-leading roofing products; and so much more.

Through our family of contractors, we are providing invaluable help to many roofing professionals throughout the country—from new roofers to veterans looking to expand.

For more information about what Choice Roof Contractor Group has to offer, call 800-670-5583 today.

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Written by: Jonathan Keim
Jonathan Keim
Jonathan founded the group 10+ years ago. He brings a wealth of experience in commercial roofing that spans from marketing, sales, product support and much more. In addition to connecting building owners to reputable service providers throughout the nation, he has helped more than 300 contractors expand in the commercial roofing industry.