Choice Roof Contractor Group Adds Another Top-notch Contractor

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All Star Roofing has joined our nationwide network. repair1The Choice Roof Contractor Group continues to expand, and today we announce the addition of another top-class roofing contractor. Mahlon Lee of Trout Creek, MT, a veteran commercial roof contractor who owns He provides specialized services in the areas of commercial roofing flat roof repair, energy efficient roofing, and others. This symbiotic association between Choice Roof Contractor Group and the expert roofing contractor will have a big impact on the state of Montana.

Mahlon Lee has joined the brigade of contractors, who became a part of the Choice Roof Contractor Group in order to avail the many benefits that its members enjoy. The contractors who join our network get an opportunity to take their business to new heights by offering best-in-class commercial roofing systems. They also get to enhance their skills and credibility through Conklin® roof systems training and Choice Roof Contractor Group™ certification. Contractors are able to boost their profit margins, because they get all Conklin Roofing Systems at wholesale prices.

Contractors also get access to a support system encompassing various facets such as expert sales coaching, nationwide positive reputation, solutions to all questions facing the company’s development, and comprehensive support from top roof contractors. However, the biggest benefit of becoming a part of the choice roof contractor group is that you get access to priority service from Top Roof Marketing, a premier company offering specialized marketing services to the commercial roof contractors.

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Choice Roof Contractor Group chose to partner with Top Roof Marketing for all advertising and marketing activities due to their experience and expertise in offering first-rate solutions to the commercial roofing industry.

Top Roof Marketing excels in various aspects of lead generation and conversion for the commercial roofing niche. With the help of their expert services, contractors can push their sales through the roof. Contractors get to focus their efforts on doing what they know best, and leave lead generation and other marketing activities to the experts.

Becoming a part of the Choice Roof Contractor Group offers a myriad of benefits and opens a whole new world of business opportunities to contractors like Mahlon Lee. If you are a commercial roof contractor looking to send your business soaring, its time you join Choice Roof Contractor Group, and among other benefits avail expert services of Top Roof Marketing.

The Answer to Saving Thousands of Dollars on Commercial Energy Costs is Right Above Your Head

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It is no secret that business owners all over the country are looking for ways to save money. This is how business works. Any money that is being saved can be easily reinvested into the business and the business can continue to grow. What many business owners may not realize is that there is a very simple way to save a large amount of money every year, and it is sitting right above their heads. A simple change to your average commercial roof can add up to a huge amount of savings in a rather short amount of time.

Conklin’s Cool Roof System

Many commercial roofing systems consist of a flat roof with tar and rocks. These roofs get hot very quickly and they make it difficult on a building’s air conditioning system. Conklin’s cool roof systems, which we install all over the country, can change all of this. With one application, the entire roof temperature can be drastically reduced. This removes the unnecessary load on the air conditioning or refrigeration systems in commercial buildings and massively reduces energy costs! This is exactly what every single business owner wants and needs.

Extending Roof Life

Lower energy costs are not the only extremely valuable asset that Conklin roofing products bring to the table. A Conklin elastomeric roofing system can extend the life of a commercial roof by as much as 20 years. Business owners will no longer be facing costly roof repairs on an annual basis.

Once the coating is applied, the protection starts immediately. The unique roofing materials will coat the entire roof and prevent any leaks from starting. The roof also has the ability to expand and contract as temperatures outside start to fluctuate. Leaks are always a problem when this happens with traditional roofing systems. Gaps form and leaks start. Once the leaks start, it is a never ending battle trying to stop them from spreading throughout the entire building and causing excessive structural damage.

Saving money is all part of smart business. Who knew that saving a significant amount of money on annual commercial building energy costs was right above your head. A Conklin roofing system is the answer!

For more information, visit our Cool Roof Systems page.

Put a Stop to Commercial Roof Leaks

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At one time or another, every single business owner with a commercial building will eventually be faced with the problem of a leaky roof. This is not a problem that is easy to manage either. Due to the design of the traditional metal roof system and most other types of roofing, they are simply prone to leak over time.

Where Do the Leaks Spring Up?

You may be wondering if there are any specific areas of a commercial roof that are prone to leaking. The simple answer is yes. The more elaborate answer is found below. You will find roof leaks commonly show up in these places:

  • seams
  • fasteners
  • gutters
  • vents
  • air conditioning units
  • caps
  • flashing
  • skylights
  • access hatches

As you can see, there is not one square foot of roofing that is not susceptible to leaks. Once one leak is repaired, it is very likely that another leak will show up somewhere else. It quickly becomes a constant battle that just never seems to stop. If you happen to live in an area of the United States that endures a very wet climate or an annual rainy season, then you may already be facing the challenges associated with your commercial roof.

What Can You Do About It?
There are a few things that can be done about the leaks. You could just put buckets on the floor to catch all the leaks, but that would be a little counter-productive and will cost you more down the road to repair the roof and water damage. You have two other options that will work.

The Expensive Route

The more expensive option would be to replace the entire roof. This can be very costly, and it is only a temporary solution. In a few years, you will wind up facing the same battle again. If you have money to burn, then this might not be a bad idea. Most business owners don’t have money to burn. They are looking for a way to make money with their business, not spend it. That leaves one other choice to fix the constant leaky roof.

The Cost Effective Route

There is a cost effective alternative to replacing the entire roof system. The Conklin roof coatings we install add a protective layer to your existing roof. The roof coatings cover every possibility of leaks. There will be no place for water to get through, and the roof coating is guaranteed to protect everything underneath it for up to 18 years with a non-prorated warranty! With one of Conklin’s roof restoration systems, you can finally say goodbye to costly roof leaks!