Record Number of Contractors Attend Conklin Advanced Roof Systems Training

conklin roof systems trainingThis year Conklin (our preferred manufacturer) scheduled nearly a dozen Advanced Roof Systems Training programs with half of those selling out nearly as soon as they were scheduled. Due to the extremely positive response our group and others have received, Conklin added even more Advanced Roof Systems Training programs through the months of March and April to the Building Products training calendar to accommodate demand and help more contractors get on the right track with their businesses. Contact us to enroll in the next available training before it sells out!

Benefits of Conklin Advanced Roof Systems Training

commercial roofing trainingConklin’s Advanced Roof Systems Training is praised for its one-of-a-kind hands-on learning experience. Some of this hands-on experience with Conklin’s roofing systems, includes:

  • Coating systems for roof membranes such as TPO, PVC, and EPDM
  • Fluid-applied roof systems reinforced with a military-grade fabric product
  • Single-ply roofing for new and re-roofing applications
  • Spray foam applications for superior insulation and facility sealing

As you can see, Conklin’s Advanced Roof Systems Training gives the extensive training required to properly install a variety of roofing systems, including building roof assemblies and spraying coatings.

Not only do you get the valuable knowledge from the training, but you also get a number of benefits and features from this program:

  • Recognition as full, warranty trained Conklin roofing applicator
  • Ability to offer non-prorated, full-coverage manufacturer warranties
  • Complete instruction on each roof system’s ins-and-outs
  • Personalized, construction experience with all systems
  • Volume discounts on different Conklin products
  • 6% discount on all products aside from spray foam & board stock, which is on top of the distributor pricing!

Contact Choice Roof Contractor Group to secure your slot in one of the most valuable training programs you’ll receive this year! Call us at (800) 670-5583 to find out more about Conklin’s Advanced Roof Systems Training.

The best time to join us is August 24, 25 and 26 as a number of us will be there. You’re guaranteed to learn as much outside the classroom as inside.

Your Success and Your Future

With Conklin’s upgraded facility, your opportunities to learn, interact, and connect with other contractors is extended vastly.

However, unlike other training programs that are a set event, you’ll gain immediate benefits as soon as you register as well as lifetime support when you return.

Here are just a few things to expect:

  • A proven and easy to follow plan to jump start your commercial roofing business
  • Instant access to veteran contractors in our group who can help you bid jobs and help with installation
  • Strategizing with contractors who have been in your shoes and overcame obstacles
  • Roofing samples and marketing materials from Conklin
  • Strong marketing content and easy-to-use presentations for increasing sales
  • Hundreds of pictures of each system and application type for your website
  • Free social media setup and assistance ($400 value package at no cost)
  • Connections with others for more opportunities
  • And much more

Another plus is that you will also meet with some of the top-tier contractors. It is a hands-on and immersive program where fellow contractors can have fun and learn a lot from each other at the same time.

NOTE: All the trainings have sold out months in advance. Contact us to enroll in the next available training at (800) 670-5583!

The Truth about Aluminum Roof Coatings

If you walk down the roofing supply aisle of your local home improvement store, you are bound to see a selection of aluminum coating products that promise to be effective solutions to your roofing problems. However, before you consider an aluminum coating for your commercial roof, you may want to do some homework.

Cons of Using Aluminum Roof Coatings

local roof repair projectThe main selling point of most aluminum coatings is low initial cost. But is cheaper better in this case? Let’s examine the evidence:

  • Inability to Adhere — Aluminum coatings will not bond with water-based coatings. This is problematic, especially if you decide to apply a longer-lasting acrylic product in the future. A solvent-based primer can increase the chances of adhesion; however, this approach has had mixed results.
  • Beware of Rain —Aluminum coatings do not provide protection against water, except for hairline cracks.
  • Unable to Fluctuate — Aluminum roof coatings do not expand and contract with changing temperatures. The inflexible nature of these coatings can lead to the development of bubbles, cracks, and gaps in a commercial roof.
  • Lackluster Warranties —Although warranty options may vary depending on the manufacturer, aluminum coating products typically offer a one to seven year limited warranty.
  • Subpar Reflectivity — Composed of asphalt, aluminum paste, fillers, hydrocarbon solvents, and other chemicals, aluminum coatings claim to lower roof temperatures and reflect ultraviolet rays. However, according to the Cool Roof Rating Council—an organization that evaluates solar reflectance and thermal emittance—these roof coatings are 20% less efficient in solar reflectance and thermal emissivity than acrylic coatings. In as few as three years, aluminum roof coatings can be up to 50% less efficient than most acrylic coating products. For building owners, this decline translates into higher energy costs over their roof’s lifecycle. In addition, without proper UV reflectivity, a roof is vulnerable to ultraviolet degradation.
  • Difficult to Clean — Cleaning is part of routine roof maintenance. But if you have an aluminum coating, cleaning can be tricky. During the cleaning process, aluminum flakes can slough off, exposing the substrate below and releasing aluminum particles into the environment.
  • Apply with Caution — Because they are solvent based, aluminum coatings can have a high Volatile Organic Content (VOC), which means noxious odors are emitted during application.
  • Frequent Recoating Needed — With aluminum roof coatings, be prepared to re-coat often. The product’s lifespan is approximately three to four years.

The Benefits of Conklin’s Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coatings

local roof repair projectWith an exceptional 35+ year track record, Conklin continues to be a trusted name in the commercial roofing industry. Their revolutionary elastomeric roof coatings are formulated to cover any type of roofing substrate. Once the fluid-applied product dries, it creates a seamless, water-tight membrane on top of the pre-existing roof, making it look and perform like new.

Conklin coatings also meet third party standards for energy efficiency, including LEED standards, ENERY STAR® qualification, and Cool Roof Rating Council standards. They reflect up to 85% or the sun’s rays and can save owners 15% or more on annual energy costs.

Conklin elastomeric coatings have numerous other advantages:

Need an Expert?

Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
Free Local Quote Enter Zip CodeGo

  • Withstand hail, strong winds, heavy rains, fire, & more
  • Completely restore an old roof
  • Renewable, non-prorated warranty coverage for up to 18 years
  • Respond to changes in outdoor temperatures
  • Elastic properties allow the product to expand & contract with ease
  • Fully adhered, durable, cleanable membrane
  • Can add decades to the life of a pre-existing roof
  • Recoatable for extended protection & renewable warranty options
  • Emit fewer odors into the environment
  • Preferred by hospitals & universities
  • Sustainable, renewable roofing solution

It is important to note, that all roofs should be cleaned and professionally prepped before any coating is applied. Otherwise, the coating will not adhere properly and begin to peel shortly after application.

If you are looking for a reputable commercial roofing contractor, call us at (800) 670-5883. Our nationwide network of members are experienced and together can meet virtually any commercial roofing demand. When you hire a Choice Roof contractor, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are accountable to the group, can draw from a larger base of knowledge and must follow set standards for service. Contact us today! We look forward to the opportunity of earning your business.

Metal Roof Repair Cost

Today’s blog post is going to focus on a thorough evaluation of metal roof repair costs.

local roof repair projectFirstly, we will address the matter you are visiting the blog post for. Metal roof repair estimates vary on the roofing project (for example, if some panels need replaced) and how much area needs to be covered. This explains why it is hard to provide a number for the cost of a metal roof repair project without a professional metal roof inspection.

The cost of a metal roof usually comes down to difference in quality between competitors. While you may opt to go for a cheaper fix or patch, like black tar or aluminum coatings, it is only temporary and can end up costing you more in the long run due to excess damage. Here are some problems that occur with quick fixes like black tar and aluminum coatings:

• Brittle and weak structure
• Weakens roof and decreases performance
• Causes roof to be more susceptible to leaks
• And more!

As you can see, the need for something more stable is evident. The money spent on these patches will only lead to more problems and more expenses down the road. What if you could have an easy fix that is longer lasting and doesn’t make leaks worse?

The Best Solution for Localized Roof Repairs

metal roof repair exampleOur group’s preferred metal roof repair solution doesn’t cause any damage and involves no intensive procedures for your roof. This means it is minimally disruptive which leaves you stress free and at peace. With the help of Conklin’s roofing products, we are able to bring you the highest quality solutions available.

The elasticity of these metal roof coating systems allows them to handle any building movements due to its flexibility. Compared to black tar and aluminum coatings, which are not durable nor energy efficient, our metal roof coating systems save you money and headaches. Their white formulation is highly energy efficient and can further reinforce every inch of metal roof it’s applied on with Spunflex fabric. Conklin’s Kwik Kaulk is a latex caulking compound designed to take it another whole step further.

Take a look at the video below on the right to see just how well it holds everything together.

Contact one of our members so we can show you how to best address your building’s most important asset – the roof.

Avoiding Roof Replacement? Set the Stage for Full Restoration

Using high-performance caulk and coatings as outlined above is a great way to take care of protrusions and small areas, but if your roof is up in age eventually you will have to address the whole thing.

Like most building owners, you’re probably trying to wait as long as possible to replace your metal roof. If you wait too long though, you won’t be able to use a coating system, which could save you tens of thousands of dollars!

Below we will show you a better alternative that extends the existing roof’s life.

No Tear-Off. Less Costly. Up to 18-Year Leak-Free Manufacturer Warranty.

roof coating applicationWe start the process off by preparing your roof for the base coat. Your metal roof will be cleaned in detail from end to end and will use Conklin® Rust Off while pressure washing. While cleaning, we will also be on the lookout for loose sealant and remove obstacles such as seams, transitions, vents, curbs, and protrusions.

The next step after your roof is cleaned and dried is to apply Conklin® Metal Encase Primer on the entirety of your roof. This primer helps prevent rust and creates better adhesion for the base coat we’re preparing your roof for. It is also a crucial part of waterproofing your metal roof.

We will then go over your roof with Kwik Kaulk and fill in all gaps, voids, and protrusions to strengthen your metal roof as a whole. We enhance this with Spun-Flex Polyester mesh, a fabric produced by Conklin, which is applied in needed areas. It is also used on all vertical and horizontal seams and embedded in the basecoat at approx. 3 gallons per square.

As we near the end of your metal roofing project, we go over any exposed screws with Kwik Kaulk. This is to reinforce the screws and prevent them from backing out which would cause problems in the future.

Finally, the Conklin Puma XL Top Coat is applied to complete your metal roof repair project. It is applied at a rate of 2 gallons per square and after it has dried, will be 40-50 mils where Spun-Flex is applied and 13-14 mils when only metal roofing.

Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration

The metal roof restoration system the contractors in our group install provide an economic alternative to expensive replacement and intensive processes. Here are some benefits that are included with this solution:

Heat-Absortion-Graph• Up to 18-yeat non-prorated warranty
• ENERGY STAR certified
• Reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays
• Lowers A/C cost
• Reduces usage on A/C units
• Non-disruptive roofing process unlike a replacement
• Lower roofing cost compared to a roof replacement
• White roof coatings reduce temperature by up to 70 degrees
• Also minimize roof movement
• Seamless system reinforces roof
• Waterproofed means no leaks
• And more!

Why You Should Choose Us

Schedule Inspection800-670-5583
Premium products, quality service, and people dedicated to excellence in the roofing industry. Three factors to what Choice Roof Contractor Group brings to the table. Because of this, you can be assured your metal roof repair project is being treated with utmost care and service.

If you want to stop spending excessive amounts of money on temporary fixes, Choice Roof Contractor Group may have the solutions for you. We provide premium solutions for long-term fixes. Don’t put up with mediocre service when you can have a better alternative – choose Choice Roof Contractor Group today.

The Truth about Ponding Water Roof Coatings

ponding water exampleFor decades roof coatings have been an effective repair option for a variety of roofing substrates. They are durable, economical, and if applied properly, they can transform a troubled roof into an energy-efficient, leak-free asset. However, before executing a roof coating project, it is important to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the pre-existing roof to determine its overall condition. If any surface areas are compromised, the coating may not fully adhere and merely exacerbate a serious underlying problem.

For instance, applying a coating over an area affected by ponding water can lead to numerous challenges down the road. Ponding or standing water can occur from insufficient drainage or a number of other reasons. Perhaps the most common reason is water damage to the substrate or insulated board stock; persistent leaks can cause these materials to eventually break down or settle, creating a place where water can accumulate into stagnate pools.

failed coating installWhen coatings are applied over moisture trapped areas, the following issues can ensue:

  • Deterioration of the substrate
  • Rusting of the fasteners
  • Adverse effects on roof insulation
  • Rusting of the steel decks
  • Buckling and warping of plywood
  • Break down of seam adhesive on single-ply roofs
  • Added weight to the roof
  • Blisters from improper curing of the coatings
  • Freeze and thaw damage
  • Adhesion failure

A Cutting-edge Method to Locate Moisture

water problem roofThe best way to identify trapped moisture is by performing a thermal scan. Utilizing infrared technology, roofing specialists can detect areas of moisture that are invisible to the naked eye. Here is how the device works: During the day the sun’s rays warm the roof and at night the roof radiates that heat back into the atmosphere, a process called radiational cooling. When insulation is wet, it retains heat for a longer period of time. Infrared imagers reveal this uneven heat dissipation and accurately pinpoint pockets of moisture. Once located, the saturated materials can be removed and the area rebuilt using dry insulation board stock.

There are many advantages to using a roof coating system; however, thoughtful preliminary preparation should never be underestimated. Critical steps taken before the coating process can determine the outcome of the entire project.

Roof Coatings for Ponding Water

building-code-requirementsCan silicone roof coatings withstand ponding water? Yes. Because of their chemical makeup, silicone coatings can withstand ponding water for quite a while if applied properly. However, these coatings are not an adequate substitute to fixing ponding water issues and the product is not without its drawbacks. Compared to acrylic coatings, silicone has some definite disadvantages:

Pros & Cons of Various Roofing Systems

Learn More

  • High initial costs
  • Labor intensive application and clean up
  • Picks up dirt and debris easily
  • Low abrasion resistance
  • Recoating requires a compatible silicone product
  • Difficult to remove from an existing substrate
  • Loses reflectivity over time
  • It can pull away from the edges and curl, allowing leaks

Again, though, ponding water is a serious issue and should be properly addressed.

Advantages of Conklin Acrylic Coatings

For over 40+ years, Conklin has been a trusted name in the American commercial roofing industry.

Conklin ponding water coatingWhile there are many coating products on the market today, Conklin’s acrylic roof coating systems standout for a number of reasons:

  • Tried and tested Conklin products have been applied to 2+ billion square feet nationwide. The company has established a reputation for excellence among corporate bodies and nationally recognized franchises.
  • Durability — The seamless, water-resistant membrane can withstand exposure to UV rays, strong winds, heavy rain, hail, and other hazards.
  • Cost Performance When compared with similar products, acrylic coatings offer some of the lowest life cycle costs on the market.
  • Energy efficiency — ENERGY STAR® certified, the coatings can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays and lower annual A/C expenses by as much as 30%. With this degree of energy savings, the roofing system could pay for itself in less than 10 years.
  • Superior warranty options Conklin coatings can be backed by a non-prorated warranty for up to 18 years.
  • Life-extending capabilities The liquid-applied membrane reinforces the existing roof, potentially adding decades to its lifespan with proper maintenance.
  • Easy clean up As a water-based product, acrylic coatings clean up with ease and will not damage application equipment.
  • Product support When you have a question, you will receive product support from an experienced Conklin user (not a salesperson with no applicator experience).
  • Elastomeric properties Acrylic coatings expand and contract with changing temperatures.

Determining the Root Cause of Ponding Water

cause-of-ponding-waterRegardless of the formula, roof coatings should never be an excuse to ignore ponding water issues. Every roof needs positive drainage, which means water should flow off the roof within 48 hours. When water pools for longer periods of time, it can indicate a serious problem. A roof inspection should reveal blocked drainage, depressions in the roof, structural issues, or a lack of pitch. Once diagnosed, the problematic areas can be properly repaired, making the roof truly ready to receive a coating system application.

The Advantages of Roof Restoration

Need an Expert?

Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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When a roof is old or badly damaged, the default solution seems to be replacement. However, industry studies suggest that 80% of commercial roofs are replaced prematurely. Building owners cannot get the maximum return on their investment if the roof is replaced before its projected lifespan. The good news is acrylic roof coatings or “roof restorations” can be a cost-effective, life-extending alternative to complete re-roofing services.

A liquid-applied product, acrylic coatings are spread over the surface of a pre-existing commercial roof. When dry, the product forms a new, seamless, fully adhered protective membrane on top of the roof’s substrate. Roof restoration can extend the life of an old roof for years and help save building owners thousands of dollars over time. Because it is a coating process, roof restoration usually does not require intensive tear-off or any of the other burdensome expenses associated with commercial re-roofing projects. Instead building owners can expect the following:

  • Lower labor costs
  • No tear-off costs
  • No landfill and disposal fees
  • Little to no disruption to business operations
  • Easy, low-cost future repairs

Interested in a Roof Coating System and a Proper Install?

Schedule Inspection800-670-5583
Contact a Choice Roof Contractor member in your area to see if your roof is eligible for a coating system. A local roofing expert will schedule an on-site survey to determine if any preliminary preparation is needed to address ponding water or any other roof-related difficulty.

When You Choose a Choice Roof Contractor Member, you can enjoy peace of mind:

  • Members must match or exceed certain criteria and are held accountable by peers
  • We use coating products with a 35+ year reputation for excellence
  • Our members maintain high levels of quality & craftsmanship
  • Members pool their knowledge, resources, and expertise to offer unparalleled service

For more information, please call one of our knowledgeable members today at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to speaking with you!


Raising Standards for Ourselves and the Industry

roof coatingApproximately 6 months ago, we began rolling out a new organizational structure with higher requirements and greater benefits for our members while also clearing up expectations and setting standards for contractors who want to be supported by our nationwide group of commercial roofers.

We finalized and introduced this new structure in February at Conklin’s National Convention in Branson and later had an online meeting to explain what we’re doing to those who weren’t able to attend. As already announced internally, within 30 days, we will be canceling old memberships in order to fully implement all changes and improvements group-wide.

Main Changes Taking Place

• Higher accountability for leads received through the group website
• More focus on one-of-a-kind advantages that make us strong
• New interactive map for leads of all kinds
• Other changes only announced internally for competitive reasons

Purpose of New Changes

• Establish a stronger foundation for greater growth
• Attract higher quality contractors and ward off those with ill intentions
• Allow all members the opportunity help in making decisions
• Cover ever-increasing cost and provide better service
• Introduce new member benefits to increase individual success

The changes we’ve implemented have been worked on since February of 2015 with the help of William Schrock, Amos Borntreger, Rudy Yoder, and the feedback of other members.

All existing members are advised to sign a new membership agreement and meet the higher standards or become a supported contractor before March 6, 2016 (or within 30 days of being sent a notification).

Message to Building Owners, Property Managers and Maintenance Teams

We are excited about delivering more peace of mind with these changes. As a collective group of individuals, it is our goal to be your first choice for any commercial roofing project regardless of size, location or difficulty. Our group understands the challenges you face when looking for a reputable roofing contractor with the expertise needed to handle your project, and we hope you see the value in what we’re doing for the industry.

2015: Year in Review

At the end of 2014, Choice Roof Contractor Group had finished up a great year. There had been highlights like a couple members having prospects for 1.5 million square feet of roofing. Another member had started helping an Air Force Base in Louisiana with waterproofing their metal roofs.

However, 2015 turned out to be even more of a blockbuster year! From amazing growth stories from new and existing members to the successful rollout of a new Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum – and more – it was clear. Choice Roof Contractor Group is reaching new pinnacles nationally – and the foundation has been set for more noteworthy results in 2016.

More Generated Leads for Group

roof coatingIn 2014, Choice Roof Contractor Group had received a little over 100 requests for roofing projects via our lead generation service. This year saw an ample increase – more than 200 roofing leads were generated, including several leads of 100,000+ square feet. In other words, our lead gen program more than doubled!

These project requests spanned the entire landscape – new installation, repairs, coating systems, and replacements. Many contacts specifically requested Conklin to be bid for their roofing needs, as well. In the future, the lead generation program will continue to be an excellent complement to endorsed contractors’ own bidding efforts.

Amazing Growth Stories Like Jeff’s 10 Sold Roof Coating Jobs in 1st Year

roof coatingThere were numerous stories of growth from members this year. With insights offered by fellow members, the group support, and assistance from partners, our members hit new levels of business success. One powerful testimony is found in the growth of Kansas City-based Midwest Roofing.

Over nearly a 10-year period, company owner Jeff Schendel had built Midwest Roofing to a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Before joining the group, Midwest been doing about 25% commercial work based on referrals. Jeff had tried adding coatings to the company portfolio, but without proper support, the efforts had been unsuccessful. Now with the group’s support, Midwest sold 10 coating jobs its first year, grew commercial from 25% to 40% in one year, and is lining up a 260,000 square foot project worth $1.2 million for next year. Here the whole story here:

Member Forms ½ Million Dollar Relationship Leveraging Group Association

roof coatingAs owner of Hometown Commercial Roofing, Carl Humes is committed to quality work and service. While serving customers, at times Carl had interacted with insurance claims adjusters. The experience the adjusters had with Hometown was extremely positive – not only did they praise Carl for his professionalism and courtesy, they also noted the high-caliber quality of Hometown’s workmanship.

In turn, this led to Hometown being recommended as a preferred vendor with a major public adjusting firm in Texas. As a Supported Contractor in the group, Carl was able to leverage the group’s reputation to handle any commercial roofing project and our members’ years of knowledge. With this value proposition, he formed a relationship with this public adjuster that is expected to bring at least $500,000 in ready-to-sign contracts per year (70% commercial work).

Workshop is Rolled Out – 63 Attendees in First Two Events

roof coatingThis year, Choice Roof Contractor Group rolled out a new addition to our nationwide platform: hosting Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forums across the United States. We held our first event at the facility of Schrock Commercial Roofing in Montana with great results. The event was hosted by group members with over 120 years of combined experience in roofing, construction, and marketing.

Over 35 attendees from 9 states ventured out to meet everyone in person, network, and learn how they could better their businesses. The event covered a wide array of business-building tips, including effective marketing & sales strategies, more efficient roofing techniques, open discussion sessions, and more. Our 2nd Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum in Florida was also a sound success, with 28 contractors attending from 8 states countrywide.

Contractors Find Ways to Make the Group Even Better

roof coatingWith the group’s fast growth, members have been taking efforts to further better themselves and each other. From sharing their insights or knowledge to providing motivation or encouragement, group members propelled everyone to reach new heights. One example is found in the contractor-sharing business development calls hosted by Max Cruz of Massachusetts-based Cudeso Commercial Roofing.

In recent times, Max has led member discussions on compelling, helpful topics like how to organize your company for greater efficient and operation. Other call focuses have been on hiring quality people for business growth, mental preparation for business scaling, setting up a company that runs itself, and more content. It’s been very exciting to see members helping each other in this way and so many others.

Best Attendance Ever at Conklin Events

roof coatingOn December 16, Choice Roof Contractor Group hosted its biggest group of contractors at year-end Conklin events. It was by far the biggest group of our members to attend Conklin’s roof applicator training program and the Conklin Business Seminar.

Over 19 people participated in the events over three days, where we networked and learned more about everyone’s businesses and goals. The roof applicator training and business seminar also provided a great introduction or more valuable information on the quality products offered by Conklin. They also showcased the recurring income opportunities available with building a team of Conklin product users.


In short, 2015 was another amazing breakout year for Choice Roof Contractor Group. With such an amazing year of growth last year, we can’t wait to see what 2016 holds. If you’re a contractor looking to expand your commercial business or interested in sharing your knowledge with others while benefiting from their success, call us! You can reach us at (800) 670-5583 – we look forward to speaking with you!

Effective Tips for Selling White Roof Coatings

roof coatingRoof coatings are one of the fastest-growing segments of the commercial roofing marketplace. They offer a variety of great benefits: roof life extension, waterproofing, and energy cost savings. But how does a contractor sell the value of this roofing service to customers?

We put together some advice proven to be effective.

Roof Coating Sales Tips

Demonstrate their value – As we briefly covered above, white roof coatings offer unique value in a number of ways. They reinforce existing roof membranes with a high-grade chemical barrier. This barrier has seamless and reflective properties, which provide leak resistance and protection against UV damage.

With its reflectivity, a roof coating system also pays for itself with reduced energy costs. The cost-saving potential is strongest in states with warm, sunny climates. But buildings in northern states can realize energy cost savings, as well.

Illustrate savings potential – Roof coatings deliver cost efficiency in many areas. Firstly, their application tends to be less demanding than a roof replacement process. Process specifics will vary from roofing project to project. But roof tear-off tends to be minimal with a roof coating application compared to roof replacement.

As a result, roof coatings can be more economical. Energy savings will also provide value in the form of cost efficiency. There are a number of models which allow you to compute energy savings depending on climate, such as the Department of Energy cool roof calculator.

coating vs. replacementShow the better performance – Applied in liquid form, roof coatings harden to form a seamless, fully adhered, durable barrier over an existing roof substrate. This provides an additional benefit in roof longevity. This new membrane reinforces the existing roof, extending its lifespan in the process. As a seam-free and fully adhered solution, a coating system doesn’t have to deal with hardships that can arise from fasteners or adhesives over time, either.

White roof coatings can also extend life expectancy with their UV resistance and “elastomeric” properties. They are applicable to many types of commercial roofing systems. In turn, it allows these different systems to avoid high roof temperatures and the ongoing stress of thermal shock.

Reduced stress load on HVAC – Industry studies show that with its white surface, a cool roof can lower stress on an HVAC system. The white surface reflects the sun’s rays, which lowers the roof surface temperature as well as the ambient temperature of air surrounding HVAC units.

As a result, an HVAC system won’t have to use as much energy to keep a building interior cool. Over time, additional savings can come in the form of avoided HVAC repairs and less intensive maintenance needs.

sun ray illustrationCorrect bad information – One point which building owners may wonder about is the “winter penalty” argument – or whether a reflective roof causes increased heating costs in the wintertime. Studies by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee confirm in most U.S. climates, A/C cost savings are far greater than any heating cost increases.

Don’t forget that temperatures can widely vary even in temperate climates, as well. It’s important to keep in mind other dimensions, too. The cost savings of avoiding roof replacement can outweigh increased heating costs. Plus the costs of not having a cool roof – more cooling systems and more insulation needs, for one – can be a weighing factor.

They can waterproof and be more eco-friendly – Roof coatings can improve the waterproofing of a commercial roofing system. But this value proposition differs among coatings. Coating type is a big factor which determines a coating product’s “permeability,” or roof breathability. It’s important to check manufacturer specs for specific coatings’ waterproofing value.

Additionally, since their application often doesn’t require as much tear-off as roof replacement, white coatings leave a smaller environmental impact. It’s been estimated that much of the U.S. landfill waste is old building materials. Furthermore, as they’re applied in a fluid form and can be recoated for extended life, roof coatings can offer value as a more sustainable form of construction.

Learn more from the group:

  • Ongoing Support
  • Shared Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • Complete Training

Learn More

Interested in Selling More Coating Jobs?

Choice Roof Contractor Group is a nationwide group of commercial roofing contractors dedicated to each other’s success. Our members have successfully sold millions of square feet of roof coating jobs. They understand how to convey the value of this service to building owners.

Should you be interested in taking your business to new heights with more coatings jobs, check us out! We offer a complete set of unique membership benefits. If you have any questions or interest, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 670-5583. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

Advantages of Moving into Commercial Roofing

Are you tired of the residential roofing market? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to further expand your company. There are many advantages in moving away from residential into commercial roofing services.

One key distinction is the different dynamics. In the residential market, low-priced offers or high-pressure sales tactics are often-used tactics for getting work. The commercial market is different. Commercial roofing projects involve greater budgets due to building size, work complexity, different roofing materials, and other factors.

The people who own or manage buildings are concerned about more than just solid facility protection. A roof is the means by which company personnel, tenants, business assets, and inventory are sheltered from harm. Customer education and problem-solving take on more importance. The differences aren’t limited to just this alone, either.

What are Other Benefits?

Greater profitability

greater profitabilityCommercial roofing involves a greater selection of materials than residential roofing. More expertise is required for handling these materials. Commercial buildings also differ heavily from residential properties in terms of their architectural features.

As a result, building assets tend to have more complex issues. It takes specialized knowledge to determine these troubles and offer solutions. Because of this and other factors, commercial projects offer a greater price premium per job than residential projects. Price differences will vary from area to area. But some statistics show it could take proceeds from 25-50 residential roofing jobs to equal those of one large commercial job.

More diversification potential

more diversificationThe residential market is populated with homeowners. Broadly speaking, there are many segments in the commercial marketplace. Industrial, retail, institutional, and public works are just a few.

The commercial community has many stakeholders: building owners, property management groups, realty companies, investor groups, facility managers, and others. The opportunities to network and diversify your business are greater than in residential roofing. If a contractor does a good job on one project, it can lead to referrals for additional work with the same customer, which brings us to the next advantage.

More opportunities for repeat business

more opportunitiesUnlike residential, once you’ve established a reputation as a quality contractor, you may get repeat work from the same customer. It’s not unusual for someone to manage or own more than one building. If you’re working with a property manager, they may have millions of square feet of roofing under their watch. Regional companies with multiple offices, franchise locations, or corporations with many buildings can also pose additional project opportunities.

It’s not limited to this scope, either. Engineering and architectural firms may seek ongoing collaboration with a capable roofer for specialized projects like LEED-qualifying construction or retrofits. The business potential is tremendous.

More value for time spent

more valueIt does take time to develop relationships. But in the commercial market, that networking pays off. Whether doing work for an existing connection or via a referral, there is potential for greater returns on time spent. New projects can come in the not-so-distant future or even some time down the road.

On the other hand, the residential market can be fiercer. To keep business going, more roofing projects must be scheduled per week. Extremely low pricing or high-pressure sales tactics often rule the day. Relationship-building strategies, which take time, may ultimately be snowballed by these approaches. Given the higher profit margins, repeat business opportunities, and other advantages of commercial, the commercial roofing market offers greater ROI.

Need Help Expanding into Commercial?

Why Contractors Join Our Network

  • Lead Generation
  • Mentorship Program
  • Complete Training
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Marketing Support
Learn More
At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we’re all committed to each other’s success. Our group members embrace a team philosophy: We can do more by working and sharing together than we could by ourselves. This mission means we share our knowledge of effective marketing and business strategies, roofing applications, sales, and other insights needed to be successful.

With a group body of contractors ranging from being newer to the industry to decades-worth of experience, there’s something for everyone. You can benefit from the value of all our members’ knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. To learn more about how our group is helping contractors nationwide move from residential to commercial, get in touch with one of our members via the 800 number or contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do More Commercial with a Group

sam and rudyAre you thinking about expanding into commercial roofing? Or maybe you already have a foothold in the commercial roofing industry and want more business. Being part of an interconnected organization of capable, qualified commercial roofers can be highly beneficial. It’s a great foundation for increasing knowledge, networking with valuable connections, and opening new doors for project bids.

If you’d like to take your company to a new level, consider Choice Roof Contractor Group. In our group, we take a team approach. By working together, we can achieve far more than we could alone. And if you’re interested in learning from others or even sharing your experience with other roofers while benefiting from their success, you can too.

Why Become a Part of Our Group?

Our group of roofers offer many business-building benefits which simply aren’t found anywhere else:

Proven growth strategies – Over the years, our members have learned what works and what doesn’t. We share these growth insights and strategies with each other. Whether it’s at a workshop event, our private online group, or over the phone, this is a great way to learn what actually works from contractors with years in the business.

Additional credibility – Company credentials are important in the commercial market. You’ll be part of a group of commercial roofing experts – roofers who are committed to quality service and workmanship. It’s an expression of your commitment to a building owner’s needs. Our members, together, also have a very large knowledge base. As a result, you can bolster a prospect’s confidence in the fact you have answers to whatever they need.

Commercial roofing lead prospects – Another benefit is our group’s commercial roofing lead generation. When they need service, building owners, property management groups, facility managers, and other individuals often go online and request service from a group member. Qualified roofers are then given their information so they can meet their needs.

Ongoing support and fellowship – Even though we’re nationwide, we all stay connected and get together often. We’re all committed to helping each other succeed. If you have a question about a roofing application, a product, or your business, answers are only a contact away. Because we’re successful when you’re successful, this support and brotherhood is ongoing for the life of your membership.

Higher closure rates – Aside from growth strategies, we share trade secrets, effective marketing tips, and proven strategies for closing sales. Our group members focus on providing building owners with peace of mind over their roofing needs. This shared philosophy helps demonstrate to customers the value of your services and solutions. As a member, you’ll also get access to compelling sales materials, presentations, and other aids.

Nationwide reputation – As a whole, group members have serviced the needs of many major companies and national franchises. Because of their stalwart record, Choice Roof Contractor Group has a nationwide reputation for excellence. Qualified roofers can use this means to strengthen their own competitiveness.

Recurring income opportunities – Our group offers many ways to accelerate growth in the commercial roofing industry. You can also prepare for the future by building a residual income source. It grows as you help other roofers be successful with our group support. There aren’t any caps on this income source potential, either! Many experienced roofers in our group are actively involved with this and are benefiting as a result.

What are Some Achievements?

sam and rudy• 16-year roofing veteran has achieved 200% growth since he joined group (400,000 sq. ft. vs. 200,000 sq. ft. last year)
• 20+ year construction professional has many opportunities, including restoring a 200,000 sq. ft. roof on a local Wal-Mart
• Same individual won bid for project with multi-billion dollar company within months of joining; closing on many bids at present
• Successful businessman-turned-contractor was given confirmation on 100,000 sq. ft. roof; has prospects for other big projects
• Commercial roofer has 400% increase in sales in one year – mostly due to shared marketing strategies
• 15-year roofer says with group’s unparalleled support, business growth potential looks great for future; unlike any support he’s ever had before

Interested in Taking the Next Step?

Do you have any questions? One of our members would be glad to discuss how our group can help elevate your company to new heights. Don’t hesitate: call us at (800) 670-5583 for more information and see if joining is the right thing for you. We’ll be happy to share how other members are benefiting and answer any inquiries you have.



How to Apply Metal Roof Coating

Are you interested in learning more about the metal roof coating process? At some point in their life-cycle, metal roofs tend to start leaking. A roof coating system is an effective solution for stopping leaks and other issues.

If you’d like to know more about the metal roof restoration process, we can help. We offer a complete metal roof coating training program (as part of an extensive workshop & forum) led by veteran roofers, such as Rudy Yoder in the video below.

Click Here for Full Screen Video

Here are the program benefits:

• Roofers with 120+ years of combined experience
• Step-by-step instruction in metal roof coatings
• Get hands-on experience with coatings
• Covers coating systems for other types of roofing
• Marketing & trade secrets from veteran commercial roofers

metal roof restoration trainingIf you want to learn how to take your business to the next level and get hands-on experience with coatings, this Workshop & Forum is a great event to attend. Call us at (800) 670-5583 with any questions or visit our Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum page.

Much More than Metal Roof Restoration Training

Because of their own experience, our instructors know what a quality metal roof coating example looks like. They are experts in the proper techniques of coating applications. It’s a great opportunity to benefit from the collective insights of many veteran applicators in one fell swoop.

-coatings equipment trainingThe Commercial Roofing Workshop doesn’t feature only coating applications, either. We cover an entire range of business-building strategies in a non-competitive environment. Here’s a rundown:

• Effective marketing strategies
• Why quality service to customers is best business approach
• Valuable networking opportunities
• Tried-and-true sales insights
• Trade secrets from seasoned roofers
• More efficient roofing techniques
• Open discussion sessions & feedback

Contractors with 5 years to 40+ years of experience have attended. At our first event, there were 35+ attendees from 9 different states and we continue to have great turnouts. There’s truly something for everyone! If you have any questions or interest in attendance, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 670-5583 or visit our Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum page.