How to Apply Metal Roof Coating

Are you interested in learning more about the metal roof coating process? At some point in their life-cycle, metal roofs tend to start leaking. A roof coating system is an effective solution for stopping leaks and other issues.

If you’d like to know more about the metal roof restoration process, we can help. We offer a complete metal roof coating training program (as part of an extensive workshop & forum) led by veteran roofers, such as Rudy Yoder in the video below.

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Here are the program benefits:

• Roofers with 120+ years of combined experience
• Step-by-step instruction in metal roof coatings
• Get hands-on experience with coatings
• Covers coating systems for other types of roofing
• Marketing & trade secrets from veteran commercial roofers

metal roof restoration trainingIf you want to learn how to take your business to the next level and get hands-on experience with coatings, this Workshop & Forum is a great event to attend. Call us at (800) 670-5583 with any questions or visit our Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum page.

Much More than Metal Roof Restoration Training

Because of their own experience, our instructors know what a quality metal roof coating example looks like. They are experts in the proper techniques of coating applications. It’s a great opportunity to benefit from the collective insights of many veteran applicators in one fell swoop.

-coatings equipment trainingThe Commercial Roofing Workshop doesn’t feature only coating applications, either. We cover an entire range of business-building strategies in a non-competitive environment. Here’s a rundown:

• Effective marketing strategies
• Why quality service to customers is best business approach
• Valuable networking opportunities
• Tried-and-true sales insights
• Trade secrets from seasoned roofers
• More efficient roofing techniques
• Open discussion sessions & feedback

Contractors with 5 years to 40+ years of experience have attended. At our first event, there were 35+ attendees from 9 different states and we continue to have great turnouts. There’s truly something for everyone! If you have any questions or interest in attendance, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 670-5583 or visit our Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum page.

Commercial Roofing Proposal

There are many factors behind a successful roofing project bid. Gaining the customer’s confidence, offering a good solution, and having a good record are just a few. But one of the biggest drivers of success is in the presentation.

This applies especially to your commercial roofing proposal. It should be clear, detailed, precise, and easy to understand. Keep this in mind about the commercial roofing market:

• The target audience is people with a busy schedule
• Customers have many concerns to juggle besides their roof
• It’s difficult for them to understand everything
• There’s a learning curve as they’re making a decision

In short, the commercial roofing proposal should be viewed as a learning tool. When done right, it educates building owners about what they’re getting.

Commercial Roofing Proposal Example

How to Get Commercial Roofing Jobs

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At a Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum, a veteran roofer shared what a quality proposal for a commercial roofing job looks like. Here’s a simple breakdown:

• Cover page should have an image of the building (can get from Google Earth)
• Include the customer’s company name and other relevant information
• Provide details about the type of existing roof the customer has
• Discuss how many square feet the project will involve
• Cover project-specific details including gutters, snow breaks, or other features
• All information should be in easy, digestible format

A detailed presentation will help build a prospective customer’s confidence. They’ll appreciate the effort put in to aid them in understanding what’s involved.

Quality Enhancements

Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum

  • Cross-sharing of best marketing strategies
  • Breakthrough barriers holding back growth
  • See how to benefit from helping others
  • Gain tips for more efficient installation

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There are some “add-ons” which can strengthen a commercial roofing proposal. Some features include:

• Personalized company letter stating value proposition
• Documents appealing to your local market
• For example, a “tailored” document could say how “green” your roofing systems are

Showing how to put together a solid commercial roofing proposal is just one of many things we cover at the Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum. We cover an entire slew of topics relating to commercial roofing techniques, marketing & sales, networking, and business growth.

It’s an event series hosted by individuals with 120+ years of combined construction & marketing experience! If you’re interested in learning more about how you can benefit from this program, give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to hearing from you!

Conklin Flexion Improvements Announced

On July 15, 2015, Conklin will be rolling out new and improved enhancements of Flexion single-ply roofing. The ENERGY STAR® certified, thermoplastic membrane product, both 50 mil and 60 mil, will come with a new, acrylic top coat process. Its formulation will continue to be modified with DuPont® Elvaloy® for superior performance.

This new top coat process will increase the single-ply roofing’s reflectivity, which will strengthen utility cost savings. It will also equip Flexion with greater dirt resistance, helping building owners to contain roof maintenance and cleaning costs.

Conklin Flexion Benefits

Conklin encaseIdeal for new and re-roofing applications, Flexion offers rugged durability and flexibility. For Conklin Advanced Trained contractors, it can be backed with a non-prorated warranty for 20 years. Here are some of its benefits:

• High-grade PVC material reinforced with Elvaloy & 1000-denier, low-wicking fabric
• Strong performance in all climates nationwide
• Superior resistance & durability
• Exceptional elasticity & flexibility
• Outstanding, edge-to-edge water-tight protection
• Design allows expanding & contracting with temperature variances
• Reflects 83% of sun’s rays
• Can possibly give 25% A/C cost savings or more
• FM & UL Class A fire resistance
• FM I-90 wind resistance (withstands hurricane-force winds)
• Reduce building’s energy consumption

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Conklin Products

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If you’re interested in this high-grade single-ply membrane for your roofing company, give us a call at (800) 670-5583. Our representatives will be glad to answer questions and discuss how we are helping support contractors nationwide & serving building owners with excellence.

If you’re a building owner, facility manager, or property management group representative, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange for a local, on-site estimate from a qualified roofing professional. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

Conklin Encase Metal Primer

Conklin has been a leader in waterproofing metal roofs for 40+ years. On July 1, 2015, the manufacturer rolled out a new, high-grade primer for its Metal Restoration System. Branded as Conklin Encase®, this new product is a replacement for the Metal Ready® Universal Primer.

Conklin Encase Metal Primer will be sold in 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums.

Metal Ready Universal Primer: Replacement

Conklin encaseConklin Encase Metal Primer offers these features:

• Stronger performance value
• More effective metal building protection
• Greater resistance to rusting
• Efficient drying times
• Strong adhesion
• 50% greater square foot coverage
• Gray color when applied to metal substrate

The family of products with which Conklin Encase is compatible with includes:

• PUMA XL® urethane modified roof coating
• Equinox® acrylic latex roof coating
• Benchmark® acrylic latex roof coating
• Rapid Roof® III acrylic latex roof coating
• Rapid Roof® HV acrylic latex roof coating

Interested in Conklin Roofing Systems?

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Conklin Products

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Conklin has a strong record in the commercial roofing industry. Here are some brief highlights:

• Creator of first acrylic elastomeric roof coating
• 2+ billion square feet applied nationwide
• Strong product innovation for 40+ years
• Non-prorated, no-dollar-limit warranty options
• Diverse product selection for all needs & specs

If you’re a contractor interested in learning the value of these products, our team will be happy to answer any questions. Don’t hesitate – give us a call today. You can reach us at (800) 670-5583 – if we’re unavailable, you will receive a call back promptly.

Or if you’re a building owner, facility manager, or property manager interested in obtaining a local roof estimate from a qualified professional: Give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to hearing from you!

Conklin Advanced Roof Systems Training Recap

Conklin advanced roof systems trainingRecently, Conklin unveiled a new, two-tier roof systems training. The first program, the Regional MR training, is for newer commercial contractors. It provides a complete, one-day intro to Conklin’s Metal Restoration system for waterproofing and extending the life of metal roofs.

The first-ever Advanced Roof Systems Training – which is the second-tier program – was held in Kansas City, Missouri. This session gave participants hands-on experience with all of Conklin’s roofing systems, including:

  • Coating systems for roof membranes such as TPO, PVC, and EPDM
  • Fluid-applied roof systems reinforced with a military-grade fabric product
  • Single-ply roofing for new and re-roofing applications
  • Spray foam applications for superior insulation and facility sealing

Benefits of Advanced Roof Systems Training from Conklin

Conklin Roof TrainingConklin’s Advanced Roof Systems Training provides many benefits:

  • Recognition as full, warranty trained Conklin roofing applicator
  • Ability to offer non-prorated, no-dollar-limit manufacturer warranties
  • Complete instruction on each roof system’s ins-and-outs
  • Personalized, construction experience with all systems
  • Volume discounts on different Conklin products
  • 3% discount on all products aside from spray foam & board stock

With an upgraded facility, the Advanced Training extended opportunities for complete instruction and interactive experiences with all of the Conklin roofing supplies.

Alternate Opportunity to Increase Competitive Edge

Related Event: Workshop & Forum

  • Cross-sharing of best marketing strategies
  • Breakthrough barriers holding back growth
  • See how to benefit from helping others
  • Gain tips for more efficient installation

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Via Conklin, contractors are given access to quality building products for meeting commercial roofing needs. There’s another program offered by our group of contractors, which is separate from but builds on Conklin’s training programs.

Choice Roof Contractor Group offers a Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum, hosted by professionals with 120+ years of combined experience in roofing, construction, and marketing. Open to all roofing contractors everywhere, it offers many exclusive, business-building benefits in a collaborative, non-competitive environment.

  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Why providing building owners with quality service is best market approach
  • Open discussion sessions & feedback
  • Tried-and-true sales & business development insights
  • More efficient roofing techniques
  • Valuable industry networking opportunities
  • Opportunities for building lifetime residual income

Contractors ranging in experience from 5 years to 50+ years have attended. At the last Workshop & Forum, there were more than 35 attendees from 9 states across the country. There’s truly something of value for everyone!

More Info a Phone Call Away

Our team is available at (800) 670-5583 to answer any inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

TPO Repair

tpo roof repairFor many reasons, TPO roofing (“thermoplastic polyolefin membranes”) is a desirable option for building protection. It offers strong seam integrity and overall durability. This single-ply roofing also exhibits strong resistance to punctures, tears, impacts, and other damage.

Given these reasons, it’s not surprising TPO roofing represents a big portion of the single-ply roofing market today. But like all commercial roofing materials, TPO membranes are not immune to problems. When any issues do arise, TPO roof repair needs to be completed as soon as possible. Otherwise that initial damage can turn into more costly needs for repair or recovery work.

Read on to learn more about different causes of TPO repair needs.

TPO Flat Roof Repair: Different Causes

tpo seam repairHere’s a few culprits which can give rise to different repair needs:

Roof Seams

A TPO roof’s seams are crafted to ensure water-tightness; however, stress on the seams can weaken the welds. As time passes, this undermining of the seams can create entry points for water to get in. Points of intersection and angle changes are particularly susceptible.

When your flat roof is inspected, cavities and bubbling are two things that should be carefully searched for. If there is bubbling along the edge of a seam, that can indicate the accumulation of moisture inside the seam. Similarly, if the leading edge of a seam is exposed, cavities can form in which dirt buildup can occur. You should always have inspections performed by a knowledgeable roofing contractor who will meticulously check seams and implement appropriate TPO seam repair techniques.

Roof Punctures

Need an Expert?

Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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Another common cause of damage is puncturing, which can occur due to various circumstances. Severe storms, for instance, can be a catalyst, and hail is particularly hazardous to single-ply membranes. Another cause of punctures can be workers walking on your roof, whether they are installing or servicing HVAC equipment, solars panels, etc.

As TPO roofs are heat-welded, one effective TPO repair solution is patching. Prior to patching, it is imperative that the surface of the roof is properly prepared. First, the surface of the TPO membrane must be cleaned thoroughly, removing all dirt and contaminants. This should be attended to by a knowledgeable roofing contractor, who can access the correct supplies, such as proper patching material, special cleaners and hot-air welding tools.

Roof Weathering

Any flat roof is susceptible to the influence of Mother Nature’s elements. As time passes, this exposure can result in significant roof weathering, which is caused by factors like aging, buildup of dirt, accumulating contaminants on the membrane, etc. The more severe roof weathering becomes, the more your roof’s appearance and integrity can be compromised.

Routine roof maintenance is the best prevention for these types of problems. However, if damage to your roof has become severe, you may need more advanced repair solutions. Restorative roof applications are the most effective among TPO repair solutions.

Roof Coatings: An Effective TPO Repair Roof Solution

tpo coating repairRoof coatings are an advanced repair technology which immediately addresses existing problems. They also present a cost-efficient, long-term solution for mitigating future trouble and for roof waterproofing.

Here’s an overview of the benefits of our coating restoration systems:

  • Form seam-free, waterproof barrier over existing TPO roof
  • No more exposed areas for water entry
  • Can extend old roof’s life for many years
  • High-grade resistance to UV degradation, hail, severe winds & more
  • Avoid costly, intensive roof tear-off & disposal
  • Delay flat roof aging from UV ray exposure
  • Expands & contracts with temperature changes
  • Exceptional durability & strength
  • Up to 85% reflectivity can give 30% A/C cost savings
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Reduce facility’s energy consumption & carbon footprint
  • Non-prorated warranty options

Message to Contractors: Why Choose Our Group?

Contractors join our group for:

  • Network-backed Guarantees
  • Support from Fellow Roofers
  • Group Discount Purchasing
  • Shared Marketing Strategies
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At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we use high-performance coating products with a 35+ year reputation for excellence nationwide. Group members aim to provide building owners with high-caliber roofing services according to elevated standards for quality & workmanship.

In addition, each group member supports other group members by pooling together our knowledge, resources, and expertise. That way each member can achieve greater business expansion while serving building owners and property managers with excellence.

If you’re a contractor who is looking for a group to help you reach new business heights and provide more value, we can help. Likewise, if you’re a building owner, you can request professional repair services from our qualified, capable, service-minded group.

Please don’t hesitate to call us today at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Roofing Leads of High Quality

There are many outlets for getting commercial roofing leads. But when it comes down to it, sometimes commercial roofing leads aren’t that good of quality. Lead generation companies may pass out a lead to many roofing contractors. Or a roofing lead may not be pre-qualified – in that instance, a prospect isn’t confirmed to have a pressing roofing need and may be a waste of time.

What about alternatives which can offer higher-quality leads?

Roofing Lead Generation with Our Nationwide Contractor Network

John MillerAt Choice Roof Contractor Group, we offer occassional leads to our family of commercial roofers, among other benefits. These contacts have existing needs, and they’re ready to be serviced.

John Miller, Owner of Wisconsin-based A-1 Roofing Systems, recently shared his thoughts on the lead generation program. Here are some highlights:

  • Leads described on the whole: “Great job in promoting our Conklin roofing systems! These leads are pre-qualified and the customers are educated.”
  • The leads’ quality: “They’re not customers shopping around. They have pressing roofing needs, and they’re looking for someone to present solutions for them.”
  • Whether the leads are ready for action: “The contacts have a budget ready. They’re ready to move forward with a decision about who’s going to handle their roofing needs – not spending lots of time down the road.”

John is an Endorsed Member within our network, making him a preferred vendor for the lead generation program. Our connections with nationally known brands and franchises can also open up referral opportunities for working with these brands in your region.

Experiences with the Network’s Commercial Roofing Leads

commercial roofing lead exampleJohn offered the following details on his lead generation experience:

  • John received a service request from the lead generation program in Davenport, IA. There, he met with one company needing service on a hot-tar-and-pearock-mixed roof. The contact was the company’s Vice President of Operations, and he’d been authorized to make a decision within the coming weeks.
  • For this roof, John suggested a spray foam roofing system, but it wasn’t quite what the company was needing for this particular roof. Nonetheless, the company has surrounding buildings with EPDM rubber roofs with problems – they’re seriously considering A-1 Roofing Systems for these needs.
  • In another case, John received a roofing lead in Wisconsin. This roof is part of an addition on a commercial property – since the roof was installed 10+ years ago, it’s constantly had problems with leaks.
  • After examining the roof and negotiations, A-1 Roofing Systems won the bid over another contractor. They applied a Puma XL Metal Restoration System to this leaky metal roof.
  • In yet another case, John and his cousin, Simon Troyer of Troyer Roofing & Construction (another Endorsed Member), received a lead in Madison, Wisconsin. The contact is from a condominium association, and they have condominium buildings with EPDM rubber roofing. These buildings will need service in the future.
  • In total, from this roofing lead, Troyer Roofing & Construction has prospects for roofing projects on 36 condominium buildings in the future.

When asked to describe these experiences, John said: “These roofing leads are ‘red hot’ in value. It’s not a case of where they’re getting prices and may do something later. The sales process isn’t as long, either – they’re already educated about our roofing systems and what we offer.”

Having a strong background in operations management and customer service, John notes it’s great to work with roofing requests of this quality.

Other Opportunities Available

Contractors join our group to receive:

  • Lead Sharing
  • Shared Strategies
  • Inside Knowledge
  • Complete Training
  • Group Support
Learn More
Aside from the lead generation program, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers more. We’re the only nationwide commercial roofing network to offer:

  • Occasional commercial roofing leads
  • Assistance in walking roofs, bidding jobs, making presentations, helping with your first applications & more
  • Ongoing mentorship & expertise from veteran commercial roofers
  • Dedicated marketing support
  • More commercial job prospects from partners, network members & satisfied customers
  • Support & business opportunities from our preferred partners & suppliers
  • Strong endorsement with our nationwide reputation for excellence – for Endorsed Members
  • Professional commercial roofing training
  • Discounted, energy-efficient roofing with 35+ year reputation
  • And more!

Our family of contractors is helping many companies – from relatively new experience in the commercial roofing industry to 40+ years industry expertise. Contact us today at 800-670-5583 for more details! And while you’re at it, check out what existing members are saying, as well.


Commercial Roofing Sales Salary

roofing salesWhat can be expected for a commercial roofing sales salary? There are many factors behind what level of salary a commercial roofing salesperson receives. These points include:

  • Experience in commercial roofing sales
  • Level of sales & technical knowledge
  • A demonstrable record of sales success
  • Salesperson’s capacity for offering solutions
  • The extent and development of the salesperson’s network contacts
  • What location the roofing company is in
  • Where the salesperson will be operating out of
  • If the salesperson will be provided leads

Commercial roofing sales positions often include a base salary and a commission structure. Depending on the salesperson’s credentials, base salary can start at $35,000-40,000 and up. There are often opportunities for additional earnings potential on top of base salary. Many industrial and commercial roofing companies operate on a commission structure based on job profits, with bonus opportunities available.

What are the Downsides of Usual Commercial Roofing Sales Salary Jobs?

What’s the catch with commercial roofing salesperson opportunities today? There are a few factors to consider:

How to Get Commercial Roofing Jobs

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  • Longer sales cycles – The industrial and commercial roofing markets have longer sales cycles. It simply takes longer to close on jobs. However, the wait is well worth it.
  • Additional income potential can be capped – In theory, the opportunities for earning additional commission-based income in commercial roofing sales are limitless. However, in reality a salesperson have a cap on their earning potential. Commission earnings are tied to each roofing project that is sold – only so many can be sold in a week and they don’t offer recurring or ongoing residual income opportunities.
  • Lack of independence – Sure, commercial roofing sales positions can offer six-figure salaries. But it takes a lot of legwork plus many hours of traveling to maintain that income level. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the potential for a six-figure salary or greater, but with greater independence and the capacity for growing your income at your leisure?
  • Monetizing your knowledge – Over time, as a commercial roofing salesperson increases their knowledge of roofing and waterproofing, their value goes up. But their earnings potential can be limited by the factors mentioned above. There are only so many hours in a week.

What if there were something more?

Another Commercial Roofing Sales Opportunity

Conklin vs GacoAt Choice Roof Contractor Group, we offer a unique opportunity in the $5.3 billion commercial roofing industry. Via our relationship with Conklin, commercial roofing salespeople and installers have the ability to earn a lifelong, residual income with no cap. Because our contractor network is expanding its nationwide footprint, our group is looking for the following partners:

  • Commercial roofing salespeople with applicator experience in fluid applied roofing systems
  • Experienced contractors who are interested in showing newer roofers the ropes – and greatly increasing their retirement income from these roofers’ success
  • Enterprising project managers or professionals interested in expanding our network’s nationwide presence with quality products & a dedicated service mission

You don’t have to settle for the lack of job security, earnings limitations, and other hassles of a commercial roofing sales position. With our nationwide network, there are no limits on what can be brought in.

Why Choice Roof Contractor Group?

roofing manufacturer comparisonHere’s the opportunity. You can build a network of roofers with our platform (which attracts contractors and makes them more successful with lead generation and many other benefits) and earn 5-8% residual commissions and bonuses. Because these are commissions off ongoing product purchases, it opens up potential for recurring revenue coming in. Unlike a traditional sales job, it isn’t a matter of going from selling one roof to the next.

Contractors are incentivized to use premium products from Conklin, a product manufacturer with a 35+ year record in the fluid applied roofing marketplace. There are a complete range of exclusive member benefits, including:

  • Roofing lead generation program
  • Dedicated, full-service marketing support
  • Complete roofing training, resources, and mentorship support
  • Increased job prospects with nationwide partners & connections
  • Increased competitiveness with our nationwide reputation
  • Best discount pricing on high-grade roofing materials
  • And more!

As an advocate of our group, you can build a substantial, residual income all while strengthening the competitive edge of your network with our help. Qualified individuals with commercial roofing companies of their own also receive the full backing of our network and the best roofing leads – for instance, they’ve received roof service requests as big as 150,000-300,000 square feet.

With this model in Conklin, individuals have been seen to be making $200,000 or even more a year. Also, we can help you get connected with prospects. We receive almost daily requests for information from interested contractors.

If you’re interested in being a part of our program, give us a call at (800) 670-5583.

Conklin vs. Gaco, GAF, Hydrostop, Duro-Last, Uniflex, Carlisle

The commercial roofing industry has many product manufacturers. They all have their benefits, but they differ in terms of contractor support. For roofing contractors, it has a direct impact on business. In other words, contractor support is an important dimension for roofing companies and customers alike. And in this sea of manufacturers, Conklin stands out with a unique support model. How is this the case?

Let’s cover the details below.

A Key Difference Between Conklin Roofing Systems and Other Manufacturers

Backed up by an exceptional track record for product quality, a key difference between Conklin’s coatings/membranes and the numerous other products by other manufacturers is found in the way Conklin does business – allowing for better support while adding a 2nd powerful, ongoing revenue stream to roofing contractors who want it.

Many manufacturers sell their products to roofing contractors that are warranty-trained applicators of their products. In other cases, contractors purchase their roofing materials from a middle-man distributor, which buys supply inventory directly from the manufacturer. In this model, roofing contractors are provided support in the form of a regional product representative and/or team & a technical support staff.


Experienced Coatings Contractor Shares His Experience

Unlike other commercial product manufacturers – Gaco Western, GAF, Duro-Last, Uniflex, CertainTeed, Carlisle, and more – Conklin operates according to a direct sales model. In this setup, contractors refer other contractors to Conklin’s warranty applicator training. And when these contractors complete training and start installing Conklin products, the referring contractors make lifelong commissions off their product purchases in exchange for making them far more successful.

It’s a unique system that offers big benefits to contractors, building owners, and facility managers alike.

Benefits of Paying Contractors Commissions Instead of Salespeople

Conklin vs GacoBecause of this product commission model, it gives way to a strong support model. After all, the referring contractors are successful only when their “sponsored” contractors are doing well.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

  • The Best Support – Veteran contractors are incentivized to provide substantial support to new applicators
  • Growth Strategies that Work – These roofing veterans offer trade secrets & other effective strategies
  • Help with Application – New Conklin applicators benefit from expert contractors who have actual, first-hand applicator knowledge
  • Knowledgeable Answers – Veteran contractors make efforts to answer all questions, so as to maximize new contractors’ success
  • First-Rate Experience – The roofing veterans can provide ongoing mentorship and on-site application support
  • Stronger Competitive Edge – Commercial clients benefit from these contractors’ access to the roofing experts’ knowledge, resources & support

Taking It to the Next Level

Request Info on Joining Group

    At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we build on the merits of this support structure and more. Our group offers a one-stop source for complete contractor support & elevated-quality roofing services, including:

      • Commercial Roofing Leads – Occasional leads via requests from our website and franchises
      • Expert Applicator Advice – Lifelong support from our roofing veterans
      • On-site Service Available – Including sales, bidding & job support
      • Franchise Relationships – Increased job prospects from our nationwide connections & partners
      • Respected Endorsement – Our nationwide reputation for excellence & standards
      • Countless Pictures – Commercial roofing photos for presentation

    • In-Depth Training – Access to a hands-on workshop & forum our contractors host
    • Discounts – Discounted pricing on durable, energy-efficient Conklin roofing systems and equipment
    • And more!

    Join the Group for All Conklin’s Benefits and Everything We Have to Offer

    If you’re interested in learning more about our nationwide contractor group, check out Or if you’re a building owner or a facility manger needing a local roof estimate, give us a call at (800) 670-5583.

    It would be our pleasure to share how we are helping contractors and elevating quality standards for meeting customer needs!


    The Track Record of Conklin Roof Coatings

    Conklin roofingFor 40+ years, Conklin roof coating systems have proven resilient. They have provided durable, leak-resistant protection in all manner of climate conditions across the United States. And since it created the first acrylic elastomeric roof coating in 1977, Conklin has been at the forefront of product innovation.

    But exactly what do Conklin roof coating systems have to offer? How do they measure up in terms of product lifespan? For illustration, let’s take a look at a project profile below.

    Conklin Roof Coating System and 30+ Year Record

    Conklin roofing sampleOn a trip in Scottsdale, Arizona, a Conklin Master Contractor shared a powerful story. On a property where he was doing a re-roofing job, a Conklin roof coating system had kept a property addition leak-free for 30+ years.

    The product which had been applied was Conklin’s original Rapid Roof® coating system. During that time, the property’s main, shingled roof had been replaced twice because of intensive hail and wind damage. Notably, in one torrential storm, a wave of large hail passed through the area.

    The hail was so big, it destroyed the 1’x8′ deckboards underneath the shingles – but the Rapid Roof® coating went without damage. During its 30+ years of performance, this Conklin® roofing system received minimal maintenance.

    After three decades, this roof finally started leaking due to flashing and fastener failures – later confirmation showed the coating was still going strong.

    Other Cases of Long Life-Cycle

    There are other roofing projects on which Conklin roofing systems have provided exceptional, long-term protection.

    • In Kansas, a Conklin-restored metal roof has gone without leaks for 23 years and counting – with minimal maintenance
    • On a 18,000 square foot section and another 56,700 square foot section of a manufacturing facility in Delaware, two Conklin spray foam roofing systems were recoated after 20 years
    • These roofs were recoated just for Conklin’s warranty program renewal – they were still without any trouble at the time of recoating

    Why Conklin Roofing Systems?

    Choice Roof Contractor Group uses Conklin products because of their performance record, among other reasons. Many high-profile companies have opted for Conklin roofing systems on their buildings, including:
    Conklin roofing

    • Holiday Inn
    • Marriott
    • Cargill
    • Honeywell
    • Burger King
    • Dairy Queen
    • Lockheed Martin
    • John Deere
    • General Dynamics
    • Georgia Pacific
    • McDonald’s
    • Alcon
    • Best Western

    Other Benefits of Conklin Roofs

    With the credibility of these high-profile projects and more, Conklin has a strong record. Here are a few other reasons why Conklin products are so compelling:
    roof coating application

    • 2+ billion square nationwide and growing
    • Completely seam-free, fully adhered, and waterproof
    • Add 20 years or more to an old, existing roof’s life
    • Resist hurricane-force winds, hail, solar radiation, decay & more
    • Class A fire resistance
    • Consistently meets highest standards for performance
    • Expand and contract with temperature changes
    • No costly roof tear-off and replacement involved
    • Up to 85% reflectivity of the sun’s UV rays
    • Can give 30-50% yearly A/C cost savings
    • Capable of lowering roof temperature by 80°
    • And more

    These roofing systems can be backed with optional, non-prorated warranties. They retain their extent of coverage for the warranty’s duration, and they are backed by guarantees spanning up to 20 years!

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