Roofing Contractors Association vs. Choice Roof Contractor Group

A roofing contractor association or Choice Roof Contractor Group… how should a roofer decide which is better for giving him support? In a nutshell: by looking at the benefits offered by membership in each. We take a look at the benefits offered by each organization.

Before we take that step, though, let’s briefly review what makes up a roofing contractor association and cover some of the associations that exist in the United States.

What is a Roofing Contractor Association?

contractor associationA roofing contractor association is a professional trade association that serves roof contractors with common interests or in a certain geographic area. Many of these associations are not-for-profit organizations and also function as representation for roofing companies in a number of areas, including public policymaking, sectors within the construction industry, and more. It is not unusual for this type of organization to represent other parties than roof contractors, either. For example: the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) is one of the oldest and most well-known trade associations in the construction industry. It represents residential and commercial roofing contractors across the United States, along with roofing industry-related businesses and other service providers or stakeholders. International parties are also welcome to join.

Other such associations cover a “tighter” geographic area, often representing only roof contractors in a more localized area. For instance, the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association is one of the largest multi-state roofing contractor associations in the United States. As its name shows, it serves and represents roof contractors located in the Midwestern United States. Other associations for roof contractors are available at state, regional, or even local levels, such as the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association, North Texas Roofing Contractors Association, and San Diego Roofing Contractors Association.

Roofing Contractor Association vs. Nationwide Contractor Network

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    In contrast, Choice Roof Contractor Group is a nationwide contractor network that specializes in commercial roofing. Because it directly partners with roof contractors for their success, the contractor network is driven by an end of generating sales for members, as opposed to non-profit representation. A more in-depth list of what Choice Roof Contractor Group involves can be found at the following page: Nationwide Commercial Roofing Company.

    Both a roofing contractor association and Choice Roof Contractor Group have their unique benefits and advantages. But what exactly are these? To answer this question, we compare the NRCA and Choice Roof Contractor Group’s differences.

    • Required fees. Both organizations differ in their required fees for membership. With discounts, the NRCA has annual membership dues which range from $1,130-11,280 depending on how sales volume you bring in. It does offer a money-back guarantee. Choice Roof Contractor Group, in contrast, has no membership fees for qualified contractors. Because of the contractor network’s unique business model, its members’ continuing success is what generates ongoing revenues.
    • Advocacy roles. Members of the NRCA receive professional advocacy across multiple sectors: policymaking, law-making, technology, educational opportunities, and more. Our nationwide contractor group, in turn, advocates for contractors in a more economics-driven role, pushing for greater membership value such as strategic partnerships or ways to build greater network membership. The NRCA offers a multitude of wonderful enrichment opportunities for contractors, including education seminars for things like OSHA safety standards, networking opportunities, nationally-known conventions, online directories accessible to customer prospects, and more.
    • Different levels of mentorship. As a nationwide organization, the NRCA offers its newer and up-and-coming members access to highly successful contractors. Choice Roof Contractor Group offers the same, but where the difference lies is in the availability of these distinguished mentors. NRCA members may be “deadlocked” in their “formal” access to veteran roofing companies only when they go to meets or events where they are available. Our nationwide network’s mentors, however, make themselves accessible almost around-the-clock via text messaging, social media, telephonic contact, or instant messaging, among other features. Plus, our network’s senior mentors can fly to a new network member’s location to help him with his first few roofs for no charge. The NRCA does offer more opportunities for educational enrichment and industry knowledge as of now, though.
    • Product pricing. Members of the NRCA do receive exclusive discounts on multiple services and events, including industry publications, magazines, convention registration, libraries of critical information, training classes, and multiple other avenues. Where Choice Roof Contractor Group differs in this area is in its discounted roofing materials pricing. Because our nationwide network has partnered closely with Conklin for full customer benefit, our members enjoy discounted pricing on Conklin roofing products, aside from the 3 percent savings they receive from going to Conklin roof systems training.
    • Personalized attention. Because the NRCA is such a sizable organization, members will benefit mostly from its extensive roofing resources and offerings. Choice Roof Contractor Group, alternatively, offers its members more minute and personalized attention, giving its members highly customized treatment from their marketing needs to in-depth, expert coaching for closing roofing sales. In doing so, our nationwide network is able to give a level of personalized support and attention that few are able to match.

    Concluding Thoughts

    In conclusion, it should be noted that both organizations offer great value for commercial roof contractors of all sizes. It is advantageous to belong to both organizations and benefit from their unique benefits. In many ways, Choice Roof Contractor Group and a roofing contractor association, especially the NRCA, strongly complement each other. In the end, if you have to choose one: it is a matter of taking a close look at each organization and what it has to offer, and seeing which better fits your needs.

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