Why Roof Maintenance and Service Agreements Are Good for Roof Contractors

Today we examine roof maintenance and service agreements and their importance for commercial roofing contractors. We also cover the details of what makes up a roof maintenance and service agreement, and how it adds value for contractors.

Frequent roof maintenance is necessary for making sure a roof has a long lifespan and its warranty stays intact. Breaking it down, that involves regular roof inspections and roof maintenance when it is required. Both are necessary for ensuring that the roof lasts for its entire life expectancy—many studies have shown that roofs that are not regularly inspected and maintenanced last only one-third or one-half of their life expectancy. That is where roof maintenance and service agreements come into play.

More about Roof Maintenance and Service Agreements

commercial roof foamingRoof maintenance and service agreements are a key part of making sure that roofs get the long-term expert care they need. Commonly known as roof maintenance contracts, these agreements spell out details of the frequency and extent to which a roof contract should inspect and maintenance a roof. There are other important details contained within the maintenance and service agreements as well: the extent to which a roof contractor inspects a roof, the extent to which the contractor takes care of any identified problems, any timelines for getting things done, terms for the services that the contractor performs at each inspection and maintenance date, and more. In many ways, the agreement is a legal framework for a building owner’s roof maintenance program.

Perhaps surprisingly, roof maintenance contracts offer more than just legal benefits, though. They can also give roof contractors a way of getting their foot into the door with new customers. Many building owners do not think of their roof as an ongoing business expense. In many cases, a building owner may be thinking about his or her roof when it is having problems or seems to be on the brink of failure. Because it is not as involved or costly as commercial roof repairs or replacement, a commercial roof maintenance program can be of greater interest to building owners.

There are many upsides to a commercial roof maintenance program:

  • Identifies major problems before major damage occurs
  • Can increase a roof’s service life by as much as 50%
  • Can enhance a property’s value
  • Can be customized to a specific roof
  • Can provide a building owner with quotes for roofing work needed
  • Can reduce roofing expenses in the short and long terms

It is said that the average building owner will spend over $125,000 on his or her roof in a lifetime. Many building owners will pay even more than that. If the benefits of an ongoing roof maintenance program are clearly outlined, they will be likely to see the impact a roof maintenance program can have on their building’s protection and their wallet.

The Value of Roof Maintenance and Service Agreements to Roof Contractors

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From the roofing contractor’s standpoint, this represents a great opportunity for bringing on new customers. Contractors who are newer to the roofing industry can strengthen their presentation skills. They will sharpen their credibility and enhance how they are perceived professionally. Roof maintenance contracts also give newer contractors a chance to earn a building owner’s trust over time. As the contractor shows how he offers value, the building owner becomes more likely to engage him for bigger roofing needs or to recommend him to friends and business acquaintances.

Experienced roof contractors can benefit from roof maintenance and service agreements from a scaling standpoint. Companies with bigger buildings may require more time for demonstrating credibility. Some building owners may have been given unprofessional treatment in the past and may be skeptical toward roofing contractors. It may take awhile to earn their trust. Roof maintenance and service agreements represent an ongoing, noncommittal way to establish credibility and trust over time.

For experienced contractors, there is another upside for business scaling. In the construction industry, many professionals maintain tight, close-knit professional circles for doing business. These professional circles can consist of friends and partners in extensive referral networks. Many professionals are very careful about whom they recommend for these circles because of the impact such a recommendation can have on their reputation.

When a roofing contractor earns a building owner’s trust by giving authentic value, he could eventually be given the privilege of being included in the building owner’s circle. In the building industry, reputation is paramount, from local roofing markets to building markets that go beyond state borders or even across the entire United States. If you have a poor reputation, you will be hurting yourself for the long term.

Choice Roof Contractor Group and Nationwide Credibility

commercial roof foamingWith Choice Roof Contractor Group, roofing contractors with various amounts of experience can benefit from our network’s strong, nationwide reputation. Roofing contractors are carefully vetted before being accepted, and once in the network they agree to abide by high standards. 

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Written by: Ian Myers
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