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5 Ideas for More Effective Roofing Marketing

Below, we examine five ways commercial roof contractors can strengthen their roofing marketing for better business promotion. More business promotion means more market exposure, and that means greater chances for “hooking” prospects and leads. Steps for More Effective Roofing Marketing Sign up for Google+ as soon as possible. With roof contractors’ busy schedules, spending time […]

Why a Roof Maintenance Program is Important

When a building owner has a commercial roof installed or repaired, thereafter it may become the last thing he or she thinks of. But since a commercial roof is one of the most important components of a building—after all, it protects the building’s interior space and contents from harm—it is important to make sure it […]

9 Steps for a Commercial Roof Inspection

Many roofing companies offer free commercial roof inspections. These inspections are oftentimes no-obligation and give commercial roof contractors the opportunity to show building owners their expertise and value. However, where many – if not most – contractors differ from each other is the quality of the free inspection they offer. Fly-by-night or less-than-stellar roofing companies […]

5 Tips for Hiring a Roof Contractor

Whether a building owner requires simple roof repairs or a complete roof restoration, it is obvious that roofing is an expensive investment. With the economic pressures placed upon businesses by today’s economic climate, it might be tempting to go with a roof contractor who offers a below-cost bid, but the long-term consequences of doing so […]