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9 Steps for a Commercial Roof Inspection

Many roofing companies offer free commercial roof inspections. These inspections are oftentimes no-obligation and give commercial roof contractors the opportunity to show building owners their expertise and value. However, where many – if not most – contractors differ from each other is the quality of the free inspection they offer. Fly-by-night or less-than-stellar roofing companies […]

5 Tips for Hiring a Roof Contractor

Whether a building owner requires simple roof repairs or a complete roof restoration, it is obvious that roofing is an expensive investment. With the economic pressures placed upon businesses by today’s economic climate, it might be tempting to go with a roof contractor who offers a below-cost bid, but the long-term consequences of doing so […]

The Market for Roofing Businesses

Today, we cover the market dynamics of the roofing industry, the business cycle, and how these affect a local roofing business. New roofing business owners may find this post particularly helpful. The Business Cycle and Its Importance First, before discussing the dynamics of the roofing industry, we need to define the business cycle. Put simply, […]

How to Get Commercial Roofing Jobs

There are some huge business opportunities in the commercial roofing industry. In just 2014, commercial roofing sales are estimated to reach a value of $5.3 billion. But how do you even get commercial roofing projects to start with? Follow these tips, and you will greatly strengthen your chances for tremendous success. Add to your credibility […]

Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: Establishing Profitability

Today, we cover the fifth and final step of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” blog series, establishing profitability. For long-term sustainability, it is obvious that you must keep bringing revenues in to keep your doors open. In this post, we discuss what is involved at this stage of business development, factors to keep in […]

Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: How to do Marketing

Today, we cover the fourth component of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” blog series: enlisting effective marketing techniques and strategies to get your name out there. Once you have decided on a name, selected the roofing products you will use for servicing, and learned how to install all roofing systems correctly, the next part […]

Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: Roof Systems Training

Today, we discuss the third part of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” series: roof systems training. One of the most critical parts of starting a roofing business is learning how to install different kinds of roof systems correctly. While it is certainly one of the most important steps, it is a requirement that many […]

Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: Selecting the Best Products

Today, as part of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” blog series, we cover the second essential step of a business start-up: selecting the roofing products that offer the most customer value. Why is Roofing Product Quality Important? There are quite a few reasons why the roofing materials you select and use for your services […]

Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: Choosing the Name

With commercial roofing sales projected to reach $5.3 billion in 2014 and residential and commercial roofing sales expected to increase to $27.2 billion in 2017, there has never been a better time for starting a roofing business. But it will not be easy to gain a sizable piece of this growing market, as economic conditions […]