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The Importance of Professional Commercial Roofing Training

Today’s blog post examines why creditable training for commercial roofing is vital, especially in the face of growing trends within the construction industry as a whole. Today’s content will be of interest to roofing contractors, as it relates directly to their services and even their roofing companies’ performance. Building owners and facility managers may also […]

Five Benefits Construction and Roofing Industry Professionals Gain from Niche Business Networking

Gone are the days when professionals rely solely on cold calling or print advertising to grow successful businesses; especially in highly competitive markets such as construction and roofing. Highly profitable companies today utilize niche-networking opportunities to attract a steady flow of fresh prospective customers. Companies subject to the ebb and flow of seasonal work can […]

Commercial Roof Lead Generation

Today’s blog post takes a look at an area of importance for commercial roofing contractors—commercial roof lead generation. We examine the different methods of lead generation available today. The post then concludes by spelling out details of Choice Roof Contractor Group’s own roofing leads generation program. Roofing leads are a staple of any commercial roofing […]

7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Every Day

Take a good look at any successful entrepreneur, and you’ll likely notice one thing that’s probably common to them all. All well-to-do businesspeople set goals and then strive for them. In many ways, it’s common sense: goals provide a concrete sense of what you’re aiming for, a benchmark for how you’ll achieve it, and a […]

What is a Public Adjuster?

Today’s blog post covers the field of public adjusting and how it can be of value to building owners or anyone who dealing with a property-related insurance claim. When a commercial or industrial building has been damaged or destroyed, going through the insurance claim process can be arduous and time-consuming. Proceeding from filing an insurance […]

5 Ways Successful People Don’t Approach Their Lives

As many a businessperson can tell you, determination, hard work, strategic planning, and timely execution are key staples of any successful professional’s life. It’s clichéd, but it’s true regardless of what one’s career is, whether it’s owning a business or being an employee, and of what industry someone’s in. There’s no simply no substitute for […]

Young Contractor Drives Across the Country to Experience Conklin Coatings First-Hand

Today’s blog post discusses our invitation to contractors to work side-by-side with our mentors on commercial roof projects, as well as steps you can take today to build a successful commercial roofing business. Contractor Travels Nearly 3,000 Miles to Work with Our Top Mentor For those who want to maximize their competitive advantages in the […]

How to Fix Common Commercial Roof Problems

Today’s blog post focuses on the ins-and-outs of fixing common commercial roof problems. It is complemented well by previous posts about the importance of roof maintenance and common problems that appear on virtually all types of commercial roof systems. Dealing with Commercial Roof Problems When a roof has been completely restored or replaced with a […]