Choice Roof Contractor Group Selects InTech to Serve Equipment Needs

intech with choice roof groupToday we announced the selection of InTech Equipment & Supply as our preferred equipment provider for North America. InTech Equipment will be an instrumental partner in support of commercial roofing businesses and applicators within the group. Among other highlights, InTech stood out with its nationwide coverage with six branches, its first-rate technical support team with 400+ years of combined experience, and its exceptional service and support availability.

Choice Roof Contractor Group co-founders Samuel Hostetler and Jonathan Keim met with Dennis Alter, Southeast Technical Services Manager for InTech, and other members of the InTech team at InTech’s Arkansas location. They decided upon InTech after review and deliberation over several equipment suppliers.

“Dennis greatly impressed us with his responsiveness, availability, and professionalism. From the start, it has been clear that he truly cares about the customers he serves. We have also experienced the same great service from the rest of the InTech family,” explained Hostetler, Chief Strategist and Senior Mentor for Choice Roof Contractor Group.

“InTech is a clear fit for Choice Roof Contractor Group’s mission of partnering with quality organizations to provide every possible advantage to group members for rapid growth in the commercial roofing industry,” stated Keim, Marketing Director for Choice Roof Contractor Group.

If you have any further questions about this announcement, please call 800-670-5583.

About InTech Equipment & Supply

InTech Equipment & Supply, founded in 1995, is an independent, full service spray foam and coatings equipment integrator and parts supplier, offering equipment, parts, turn-key mobile spray systems and expert technical assistance. Our key customers are commercial roofing contractors, insulation contractors, asphalt coatings contractors and the materials suppliers that serve those customers. We have 6 full service branches in the U.S. in 3 times zones, complemented by a world class technical support staff with over 400 years of combined experience. We also have a network of independent reps and authorized sub-distributors located throughout North America.

When your spray foam or roofing equipment goes down, InTech has a branch or rep near you. InTech can troubleshoot your equipment, recommend solutions, fulfill your parts orders with our huge inventory, and get your equipment up and running in the shortest amount of time. We can keep you running by recommending preventive maintenance programs for your spray equipment, generators, compressors, breathing systems and accessories. If turnover is an issue, we have industry recognized and certified trainers on staff that can get your new hires up to speed. InTech Equipment & Supply has been recognized by Graco as a Top 20 Graco HPCF North America Distributor for 5 years in a row 2010-2014. For more information, visit

Return on Investment from Marketing Commercial Roofing Services

repair1Whether you’re an experienced or newer commercial roofing contractor, marketing is a must. But why is this so? Well, business growth hinges on more than just referrals. If someone wants to take their business to a new level, it requires getting out in front of more people.

Marketing enables this. It helps to make prospects aware that your company exists – and if they have any roofing needs, to show what you can bring to the table. Then it can move to discussion of how you can handle their needs. In short, marketing opens up new opportunities for your roofing business to expand.

But what about real-world results? What can you really expect from commercial roofing contractor marketing? Read on, and learn what you can do for your roofing business by taking the plunge – and growing your business to new heights in the process.

What can I Expect from Marketing Commercial Roofing Services?

Here are some real-world stories in the areas of our partner Top Roof Marketing’s direct mail and online marketing campaigns – working together with the veteran commercial roofers who help our members close sales and setup their businesses for long-term success.

Direct Mail Examples

commercial-roof-marketing-exampleA client in Virginia sent out 20,000 mail pieces. One of the roofs he got was a 55,000 square foot roofing project.

If one would bid this 55,000 square foot roof at $2.25/sq. ft. for a roof coating system, it would be $137,500 in sales – or roughly $45,650 in profit which is enough sales revenue to pay for a 20k piece direct mail campaign multiple times. This is a substantial return on investment for just one mailer campaign. And this is only considering that one roof – not including the others!

On the whole, Top Roof Marketing helped commercial roofers achieve 10-13 callbacks per 5,000 mailers in the spring. In one notable case, one contractor sent out 5,000 mailers – and got 25+ callbacks from building owners looking for service. When determining the total profit to be made on these calls, keep in mind that the average commercial roof size in the U.S. is 10,000 square feet.

Website Examples

example-commercial-roofContractors in the group are seeing great results with websites as well – especially when leveraging the big names our group has worked with! Here are a few stories from the field:

  • Through a strategic blend of direct mail and a professional website, one roofing contractor team increased their sales by 400% from 2013. And this was while reducing their budget by half vs. the prior year.
  • One contractor got a lead and then a job for a Holiday Inn single-ply roofing install. He also received a roofing install request to be done on a church in North Dakota.
  • On his website, this contractor also got a job for a Candlewood Suites job – which has since turned into referral prospects for 6 more hotel jobs, as well. He says his “website has paid for itself many, many times over.”
  • Another contractor is closing a sale on a 90,000 square foot roof, which he got as a lead off his website. He’s also currently working on getting two other roofing projects.

Just one roofing project can strongly make all of this worth it. And it gives you a basis for referrals and for your roofing project portfolio, too! For the ROI and reward it brings, roofing contractor marketing has a great, low risk-to-return ratio.

What can Roofer Marketing Do for Me?

hands-on trainingOur partner and team of experienced roofing mentors are helping these contractors and others achieve bigger gains. Whether you’re an experienced commercial roofer or you’re newer to the scene, you can get connected with more business prospects than before.

One roofing project can make a big difference in your end-of-year profit while also leading to many other opportunities. Just like with commercial roofing sales and business & personal development, it’s worth the time and effort to invest in yourself.

For those ready to take the plunge, the payout can be tremendous. Should you be interested in learning how Top Roof Marketing can help you grow your business, give them a call today at (800) 795-2187. They’ll help you determine your goals, and come up with marketing strategies that are tailored to your unique objectives, local area and business circumstances. You can take a look at what they’re helping our members do at

Conklin Roof Coatings vs. Competing Roof Systems

conklin benchmarkToday’s blog post will be of interest to building owners and managers as well as roofing contractors. We focus on the performance value and benefits of Conklin roof coatings. And in turn, the post takes a look at how these products stack up to others in the commercial roofing industry.

On the whole, roof coatings are another economical option besides a complete roof replacement. They allow customers to restore their existing roof, save money, and lessen their environmental impact. And they enable roofing contractors to upgrade a commercial roof’s performance without the time and cost demands of roof replacement. In addition, with the Conklin Company, contractors receive strong, unique opportunities that are not available with competing roof systems.

Let’s take a look below at these advantages.

Conklin Roof Coatings & Other Roofing Systems

The market is filled with roofing products, and they have merit. But with Conklin products, there are also many advantages which strengthen a contractor’s customer appeal.

Exceptional track record. As a whole, the Conklin Company has roots going back 80+ years. And in the building products marketplace, it has a strong record of longevity and consistency. Ever since it helped to revolutionize the American commercial roofing industry in 1977, a strong majority of Conklin’s building products have stayed on the market.

It’s a powerful indicator of how Conklin’s products were engineered as quality solutions their first time around – and Conklin continues to refine and innovate new products for roofing   needs. Building owners can be confident in these innovations as quality protection solutions.

History of innovation. Aside from its longstanding record of consistency in building materials – a solid performance gauge for any manufacturer – Conklin also has a history of innovation. In fact, Conklin introduced the first liquid elastomeric roof coating for the commercial roofing industry. The product was Rapid Roof, and since then Conklin has reformulated this product for even sharper performance.

On top of Rapid Roof III, Conklin has added many other fluid applied roofing products to its family of high-performance, reflective coatings, including Benchmark and Puma XL. And they continue to be used extensively nationwide.

Widespread extent of use. Along with its 35+ year record in the commercial roofing industry, Conklin has a large nationwide following. Its single-ply membrane and fluid applied roof coating products have been applied on 2+ billion square feet nationwide.

Aside from their strong performance in the many climates country-wide, Conklin has also gotten leverage among high-profile companies in the United States. Many corporate bodies and nationally known franchises have relied upon Conklin roofing products for building protection. These satisfied customers include:
conklin vs competitors

  • Cargill
  • Honeywell
  • Holiday Inn
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Burger King
  • Dairy Queen
  • Ashley Furniture Industries
  • Candlewood Suites
  • Day’s Inn
  • Lockheed Martin

In short, Conklin has a strong reputation for nationwide excellence, which building owners and managers can respect.

conklin roof exampleLasting, durable protection. Competing products on the market may offer a decade-worth of protection or more. But they can break down under prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays or other weathering hazards. In contrast, Conklin products have been known to last for years.

For instance, take this Conklin-restored metal roof. A veteran Conklin contractor applied Conklin’s metal roof coating products to it 23 years ago – and with minimal maintenance, it continues to be waterproof and incredibly strong. Plus they are ENERGY STAR® certified, have up to 85% reflectivity, and can produce up to 30% yearly A/C cost savings. Contractors can leverage the performance ability of these products and their up-to-18-year, full-coverage non-prorated warranties, and use it for bigger gains.

Other Benefits of Conklin Roofing Products

tpo conklin recoatAside from higher profit potential with these industry-leading products, contractors have other unique opportunities at hand. Consider the following points:

Great transfer of business opportunity. In the years ahead, existing Conklin roofs will need to be recoated for redoubled protection and performance value. The opportunities are tremendous for contractors to build up a strong roofing business, restore many roofs, and then have an extensive portfolio of roofs to be recoated in the future. It gives contractors the ability to build up a business to leave behind for the family – a great transfer of generational wealth opportunity.

Strong company valuation and resale prospects. Of course a contractor may wish to sell off his business in the future for a strong profit. Because of their future recoating needs, Conklin roof coatings give a roofing business great opportunities for a strong valuation in the future. And in turn, these future needs open up solid company resale opportunities for the contractor, which can end in significant retirement income.

Recurring income even into retirement. With Conklin, contractors and other enterprising individuals can earn income even when they’re not roofing – or even in retirement. Unlike other roofing product manufacturers, Conklin offers the ability to make commissions off roofing product sales. Should a contractor choose so, they could even go making a strong, six-figure income or greater off these commissions – and do so while helping others be successful.

Interested in Learning More?

Aside from these Conklin advantages, Choice Roof Contractor Group helps roofing contractors be successful with our many membership benefits. These include free lead generation, support and even on-site assistance from experienced Conklin contractors, job prospects from our nationwide partners and network connections, and more! 

Should you be interested in how our network can help you, give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can serve you!

The Importance of Commercial Roofing Marketing in Springtime

Today’s blog post covers a staple in the commercial roofing industry: commercial roofing marketing.

callMarketing – it’s one of those buzzwords that commercial roofing companies come across often. Of course it’s a key foundation for any commercial roofing company, regardless of how established they are. But when are the best times to engage in marketing for the best return on investment (ROI)?

In a nutshell, the best time frame is just before and during the springtime. It’s a time period in which companies, building owners, and facility managers are determining their budget priorities for the year. And the notable changes in weather patterns during this time of year has a tremendous impact on commercial roofing sales. Efforts should center on capitalizing on these weather changes for maximum roofing job opportunities.

Let’s cover in more detail why these factors make the springtime so critical for commercial roofing contractor marketing – and how you can leverage them for your own benefit, too.

Strengthening Your Business with Springtime Roofing Marketing

Here are a few real-world factors which impact the timing of roofing contractor marketing.

hands-on trainingThe effects of the winter season.
There are many winter effects which can compromise a commercial roof’s performance. This is especially true when a roof is getting close to the end of its service life. Here are just a few wintertime factors which have been known to contribute to a roof’s demise:

  • Heavy snowfall
  • Pronounced temperature lows
  • Lingering snow and debris on a roof
  • Freeze-and-thaw cycles throughout the season
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Ice dams

These winter effects are hard on commercial roofs. They can bring up new roofing issues or make old problems even worse. For instance, as warmer weather comes about, snow piles on a flat roof system could turn into ponding water. Let’s say this roof does not have proper drainage. As the snow melts, this resulting water can linger and put undue stress on the flat roof system – which gives way to leaks or other costly damage. In these instances, customers will need roofing companies to handle these needs.

marketing spring time roofingIncreased rainfall.
In the springtime, climate patterns tend to include more rainfall. With this heavier rainfall, storm activity can pick up – including hail, powerful winds, and rain itself. This storm activity can wreak havoc on commercial roofs. For instance, the National Weather Service estimates that hail alone – just one part of storm related damage – accounts for $1 billion in property damages nationwide each year. And water damage is attributable to millions of dollars in countrywide property damages, as well.

In short, this storm activity can compromise a roof’s performance. Technical equipment, business inventory, and other valuable assets could be at risk. With the pickup in storm activity, the demand for commercial roofing services goes up. And roofing companies that did marketing and got prospective customers’ attention at this time can benefit.

callDecision-making in the new year.
When their roofs are having trouble, building owners and managers will set aside funds to resolve these issues. As mentioned above, winter effects and increased storm activity are likely to create new issues or make old ones worse.

As a new year rolls in, it’s not unusual for these decision-makers to begin making decisions about who is going to service their roof. After all, they’re just coming off the winter season. And they need these issues addressed before springtime storms begin rolling in. For best results, it’s advisable for roofing companies to engage in marketing efforts at this time. That way they get these prospects’ attention when their focus is on their roof – and when they are consciously looking for a solution to their roofing problems.

What Are Effective Commercial Roofing Marketing Strategies?

commercial marketing ideasFor roofing contractors, there are many effective vehicles by which to engage building owners and facility managers. With a strategic blend of real-world and digital marketing efforts, contractors can open up new job prospects.

These marketing strategies include:

  • Direct mail and telemarketing campaigns
  • Business cards, handouts, and other print materials for in-person networking
  • Websites and social media for when people look for roofing companies online
  • Door knocking on high potential prospects and implementing a proven follow up strategy
  • Local online directories with company listings and locations

We regularly do group conference calls to share the best tactics of each of these strategies with each other. These marketing methods can be blended together and used for greater local market gains. And if you want to delegate your marketing to a marketing firm so you can focus on your roofing business – make sure your marketing firm understands the commercial roofing industry. Our partner Top Roof Marketing specializes in marketing services for commercial roof contractors, and they would be a good choice to consider.

Our final and most important tip is to remember who you’re listening to. Getting your marketing strategies from manufacturers or equipment dealers is a bad idea. They often claim to know how to help you on this side, but the truth is they are just trying to sell you. If you want to know what really works, you have to get your information from those who are out in the field and generating consistent success.

Learn more about how our group of contractors help each other in marketing and more: Nationwide Network of Commercial Roofing Professionals

The Importance of Conklin Roof Systems Training

conklin roof systems trainingAt Choice Roof Contractor Group, we’re committed to offering building owners and managers quality roofing services with top-performing products. That’s why we use Conklin roofing products. For 40+ years, these energy-efficient roofing solutions have been used nationwide for all kinds of roofing needs.

But why do we require new members to go to Conklin roof systems training? And for that matter, why should experienced commercial roof contractors go to yet another product training program?

The answer is simple: increased profit potential with added credibility and our network’s complete support. Commercial roofing is one of the biggest investments which building owners can make. And the commercial roofing market is very strong for professional roof contractors who can meet complex problems with capable expertise, solid workmanship, and strong-performing products.

Conklin Roofing Products and Increased Profitability

commercial roofing systems linesIn the ultra-crowded roofing products marketplace, there are many products which don’t provide the reliable, long-term protection customers need. In this sea of low-performing alternatives, Conklin products present a viable, long-lasting, cost-saving solution – as seen by its almost 40-year record of nationwide excellence. And roofing contractors can leverage this performance value and record for their own business growth.

With our network’s support, roofing contractors can increase their profitability by offering quality services with these premium products. And it doesn’t end there, either. From the start, contractors who join the network will be given immediate support and benefits.

Let’s cover some of these benefits and more below.

Why Conklin Roof Systems Training?

commercial roofComplete product training and support. In the commercial roofing industry, every successful roofing company is founded upon use of good, reputable roof products. Conklin roof products have been applied on 2+ billion square feet nationwide, and after going through this complete training, you can build on this exceptional reputation for your own growth.

Notably, none of Conklin’s roof systems training cost goes to our network. Once you’ve gone  through training, you get our total network support – with no additional costs out of pocket for you.

Immediate benefits and support. Unlike other product manufacturer training programs, Conklin roofing training isn’t something with a waiting period of weeks and months ahead of the actual event. Rather, you receive immediate benefits from the start after signing up for the program. These benefits include:

◦   A customized plan to springboard your business with Conklin products

◦   Immediate ability to start bidding on jobs and getting signed contracts with the help of our veteran Conklin contractors

◦   Immediate connection to our most experienced contractors for strategizing

◦   $150 worth of roofing samples and marketing materials from Conklin

◦   Compelling sales and marketing content and presentations for effective roof sales

◦   Hundreds of pictures for presentations and other purposes

◦   Free social media setup and assistance ($400 value package at no cost)

◦   Connections to our trusted partners for increased opportunities to bid and close on jobs

◦   And much more

In other words, there’s value from the get-go.

marketingInsider marketing and sales strategies for effective growth. Roof systems training programs are great for learning how to apply new products. But how about selling them? At Conklin’s product applicator training, you’ll learn effective marketing and sales strategies from contractors with years of experience in the business.

Because we’re successful when you’re successful, our team will make sure you have the knowledge and resources you need to accelerate your business growth. And new contractors enjoy a nice, sizzling steakhouse dinner on us, in the process.

Meeting new members in person. The foundation of any successful business is strong business relationships. We take this to heart, and you’ll meet us personally at most of Conklin’s roof systems trainings. It offers the unique opportunity to hear of your unique business story, and to strategize as to how to grow your share in the $5.3 billion-and-growing commercial roofing market. It also lets us completely verify that all new members have professional training under their belt.

Thereafter, our team is there for assistance, support, answering any question, and more. It’s all without any recurring membership fees.

conklin roof systems trainingBecome an official Conklin product applicator. After a contractor has gone through Conklin roof systems training, they become an official Conklin applicator. They have approval to install warrantied Conklin roof systems. And they can depend on Conklin’s strong, 35+ year reputation for closing sales and increasing profitability.

You can also turn to our senior mentors for assistance at any point. And if it’s needed, they can come and help you with roofing jobs on-site – like they have been doing here on this big, 400,000+ square foot roof.

What Else?

Our qualified endorsed members get the following benefits:

  • Occasional commercial roofing leads
  • Increased job prospects via our nationwide connections with franchises like Burger King
  • Lifelong mentorship and group discussions with veteran Conklin contractors
  • More job prospects from partners like Pride Public Adjusters
  • Dedicated, accessible marketing support
  • Discounted pricing on industry-leading Conklin products
  • And more!

Learn more by visiting the following link: Contractor Benefits.

If you’d like to see how you can benefit from our support, please give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to working with you on your own success story!


Solutions to Pressing Problems in the Commercial Roofing Industry

commercial roofToday’s blog post will be of interest to roofing contractors, building owners, facility managers, and other professionals involved in commercial construction. We take a look at the challenges facing the commercial roofing industry today, and how we are helping to address these issues.

According to the 2014 State of the Industry Report by Roofing Contractor Magazine, the following points would be a few obstacles for roof contractors:

  • Lack of qualified labor to meet rising demand for skilled roofers
  • Hiring challenges among business professionals (salespeople, project managers, and account managers)
  • Lack of qualified professionals with technical knowledge to hire
  • Uncertainty of labor and its costs
  • Reduced industry standards caused by disreputable contractors
  • Price cutting brought about by dishonest or unqualified roof contractors

For commercial roofing contractors, these issues could hamper business profitability and growth.

Challenges for Roofing Contractors and Building Owners

commercial roofing discussionAt a local or regional level, this can impact commercial roofing businesses, building owners, and facility managers in several ways:

  • The lack of skilled roofing labor could drive roofing companies to lower hiring standards. In turn, it affects the quality of service and workmanship which their roofers deliver.
  • With reduced skilled labor and unclear prospects for hiring new, capable workers, customers can receive lower-quality work and service.
  • The need for effective training in commercial roofing techniques, new technologies, and new practices has become greater – and customer demand for roofing expertise is high.
  • With subpar contractors offering low bids, experienced contractors might unnecessarily adjust their own prices to lower rates.
  • Commercial job opportunities are reduced for roofing contractors due to the uncertainty caused by sluggish economic recovery.

Solutions to Commercial Roofing Industry Problems

At Choice Roof Contractor Group, roofing contractors and building owners can find effective solutions that address these problems. These solutions include:


roof-technical-supportExtensive technical support
Generally speaking, roofing contractors rely upon product representatives for technical support and on job bids. But product reps might not have direct product application experience. And since commercial roofs can differ in terms of structure, protrusions, rooftop features, application needs, and more, it can be helpful to have technical support that’s seasoned with direct application knowledge.

At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we offer a life time mentorship program. Network members are connected to veteran contractors who are experienced product applicators themselves. These roofing mentors are accessible via phone, text, video, and other communication avenues. With this support, contractors and building owners benefit from the increased service premium.

roof-trainingCredible commercial roofing training
With the gap between demand for skilled roofing labor and actual labor supply, the need for effective worker training is high. Through our partnership with Conklin, commercial roofing companies are connected with one of the most comprehensive roofing training programs in the industry today.

In this roof systems training, contractors are given dozens of man-hours in classroom instruction and hands-on experience. With Conklin’s two-tiered training sessions, they are trained in the ins-and-outs of all commercial roof systems. And our nationwide group continues to nurture this gained knowledge and skill set with our life time mentorship support.

roof-technical-supportOn-site assistance
In our nationwide group, we offer another service premium that is almost unheard of in the commercial roofing industry. That is on-site assistance with sales presentations and job completion. Because of our business model, we are successful when our contractors are successful – and our experienced mentors can come out to help contractors bid on jobs and help them complete roof projects.

Roofing Services

Our professional commercial roof contractors provide:

  • Roof maintenance & repair
  • Inspections & leak detection
  • Energy efficient roof systems
  • Complete roof replacement
  • Roof life-extending solutions
Request Free Estimate
Our commercial clientele directly benefit from this added expertise. And roofers learn from the experienced contractor as they work side-by-side. They can then transfer this new  knowledge and expertise to future commercial jobs. And their service quality improves.

With all of this and more, our network members learn to convey their value at the prices they set, provide premium service to customers, and have ongoing, professional service available for their existing customer base. They also have the complete support of our nationwide group should they need it.

Other Benefits

We also offer other benefits, including commercial lead generation, discounted product pricing, our nationwide connections via our network, our nationwide reputation for excellence, and more. Building owners trust our contractors for their high standards of excellence and service, as well.

Should you be interested in learning how we can help you, call us at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can serve your needs.


Choice Roof Contractor Group Review

At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we help to connect industrial and commercial clientele with capable roofing contractors who excel in full-scale roofing services. Our team recently sat down with the Vice President of an Austin, Texas based company rooted in 40+ years of roofing, construction, and insurance restoration expertise. Their company principal has helped 10,000+ property owners over three decades.

During our conversation, we discussed the effectiveness of Conklin roofing products and how they stand out in the crowded fluid applied roof products market. Mike also shared how Choice Roof is providing Horizon’s team with a level of mentorship, technical support, and overall assistance that is hard-to-find in the commercial roofing industry.

Click Here for Full Screen Video Testimonial

Choice Roof Contractors Testimonial Highlights

Here are the highlights of the discussion:

Our product manufacturer partner, Conklin, stands out with its roof coating systems. With 15 years in the roofing industry, Mike has worked with a wide range of roofing product manufacturers. Prior to Choice Roof, he had used other coating products and found them to be lacking in a number of ways. They were not properly mixing, their configuration was watered down, or they were hard to work with.

He had heard about Conklin’s strong product performance and efficacy. And after apply the products himself and going through Conklin’s extensive two-day applicator training, it confirmed his perception: they were of good, dependable quality, had a very thick consistency, and were easy to use.

Conklin’s applicator training equips roofing applicators to offer more value to their clientele. With other roofing product distributors, Mike recalls the extent of their applicator training. In many cases, these sessions consisted of little more than a couple of hours of product demonstration. Afterward, product representatives would be available for technical support, but not always have a history of product use themselves.

Unlike other roofing product manufacturers, Conklin offers a much more thorough, detailed roofing systems training over two days. In this period, roofing contractors are given in-depth classroom and hands-on education in all components of each Conklin roof system. This equips roofing contractors with greater product knowledge and expertise. Because of this higher level of professionalism and product competency, it strengthens their value to industrial and commercial customers.

Choice Roof Contractor Group offers powerful mentorship, technical support, and more. Aside from high-performance Conklin products, our nationwide network offers access to veteran roofing professionals who are experienced with Conklin products. This life time mentorship is extended at no cost. Mike discussed how this is a great asset to Horizon.

Under our nationwide model, our roofing mentors are individuals who are real, experienced product applicators themselves. It adds a level of depth to the Conklin training, technical support, and product assistance which Horizon can now access. And these roofing mentors can be quickly reached for questions via phone, texting, email, social media, or other communication. They will even offer on-site help with bidding, roof walkthroughs, and actual roofing jobs themselves.

Choice Roof helps roofing companies strengthen their competitive edge. Our nationwide contractor network offers a full-scale of exclusive member benefits. With these, Mike feels really confident about taking Horizon’s commercial roofing division to a new level. Having met Choice Roof’s co-founders personally at the training, he reinforces how much our core team is dedicated to supporting each member for success.

Our experienced mentors and valued partners allow members like Horizon to be more competitive. With access to durable, long-lasting Conklin products and a strong knowledge of how they outperform competing roof systems, they are ready to strengthen their business presence in commercial roofing. And they are well prepared to provide high-quality commercial roofing services to building owners.

Other Benefits and Advantages

Aside from these highlights, Choice Roof Contractor Group helps contractors and building owners in other ways. These include:

  • Lead generation for our contractor members (we regularly give out 40,000+ sq. ft. requests to qualified contractors)
  • Stronger value with optional, non-prorated guarantees on 100% of labor and material costs on Conklin roof systems
  • Building owners receive strong value from our members’ training, access to capable roofing veterans and resources, and other support
  • Our nationwide reputation for excellence and performance
  • Personalized, dedicated marketing support for contractors in our network
  • Additional job prospects from our nationwide connections with national franchises and nationally known companies like Holiday Inn
  • Strong assistance from our valued partners and suppliers

The Importance of Roofing Associations

roofing association supportIn today’s blog post, we will take a look at why roofing industry associations are important. For commercial roofing contractors, these groups offer chances to establish further credibility and stronger networking. And for building owners, it is a matter of trust. Roofing projects are a steep investment, so being careful about whom goes up on the roof is important.

Roofing associations open up doors for business networking, industry education, partner and supplier deals, and far more. Let’s review a few of these benefits and advantages below.

The Strongest Benefits of Roofing Associations

There are several benefits to membership in a roofing industry organization:

Increased professional credibility

contractor association memberWhether a roofing company is part of a not-for-profit trade association or a nationwide roofing contractor network, it is part of something bigger than itself. To maintain their reputation for excellence, these groups have high standards for their membership. These standards can be binding while a roofing company is part of a roofing association. And the roofing association may even have high benchmark standards to be met before a company is accepted for membership.

In turn, the roofing company benefits from the roofing association’s strong, widespread reputation. And as it adheres to this organization’s professional standards, its own professional credibility is strengthened. As a result, these credentials strengthen the roofing company’s competitive edge. Building owners can trust these companies that have dedicated themselves to enhancing roofing industry standards for excellence, in the end.

Strong networking and support

roofing contractor supportThe backbone of any successful commercial roofing company is a thriving business referral network. Roofing associations offer a powerful opportunity for enterprising contractors to network with other contractors, manufacturers and distributors, education and technology leaders, and industry movers and shakers. In turn, these can open up doors for partnerships, supplier deals, introductions to new products or technology solutions, or even new commercial job opportunities.

Aside from networking potential, roofing contractors connect with real opportunities for educational, technical, and business support. After all, aside from enhancing the standards of the roofing industry, roofing associations aim at strengthening their members’ competitiveness. Contractors can gain access to classes, training sessions, resources, and other helpful industry-specific information that is member-exclusive. And with all this support and expertise at the contractors’ back, building owners will benefit from contractors’ increased credentials and support.

Enhanced resources and knowledge for serving building owners.

commercial roofing helpCommercial roof projects can run into the tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if a project is large-scale and requires a roof installation or replacement, it can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars. In other words, since commercial roofing work is so cost-intensive, building owners and facility managers must careful about whom they let up on their roofs. This premium need for roofing expertise becomes even more important given the growing need for trained, capable roofers in commercial work.

From that standpoint, roofing associations give contractors access to helpful resources. They are also connected with roofing veterans who have years of experience under their belt. In turn, these resources will strengthen a roofing contractor’s capabilities, industry knowledge, and skill set. And contractors will be equipped to better serve building owners, as a result.

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At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we are committed to two ends. Our team is passionate about taking professional standards in the roofing industry to a new level, and helping roof contractors reach new business heights. We have worked with nationwide franchises and brands on their roof projects.

In a crowded industry, Choice Roof Contractor Group stands out with its exclusive, life time mentorship program. In this, contractors benefit from roofing veterans for the life of their business. These “mentors” can be accessed via phone, text, social media, email, or other communication avenues. And they will even come on-site to walk roofs, do sales bids, and help on your first few jobs.

Contractors who are newer to commercial roofing, and veterans who have been in roofing for 50+ years are benefiting. Here are other ways you can be benefited:

• Commercial roofing lead generation
• Strong nationwide reputation for excellence
• Commercial job opportunities through our nationwide referral network
• Lifelong mentorship and sales coaching
• Professional commercial roofing training
• Dedicated, personalized marketing support and assistance
• So much more!

To learn more, give us a call today at (800) 670-5583. Or if you are a building owner and looking for reputable contractors to serve you, we would be privileged to hear from you. We look forward to the possibility of serving you and your needs!

Experienced Marketer Finds Big Opportunities in Commercial Roofing

Today’s story highlights the opportunities for marketers in the commercial roofing industry. Through our nationwide network and their own expertise, they can help roofing contractors get more jobs and then financially benefit from their success directly. Not only does this create a recurring stream of income, but it also creates a trusting relationship since the contractor knows his marketing partner will do everything possible to maximize results for him (more roofs = more revenue).

Sure, commercial roofing is a complex market: there are many roofing products available, and all the details can be staggering. But with our national platform and support from veteran roofers, even marketers with no roofing experience can get in on the action. And in the $5.3-billion-and-growing commercial roofing industry, they can build a great, residual income.

Here’s the story.

The Backdrop

Before co-founding Choice Roof Contractor Group, Jonathan Keim already had a successful background in marketing. Through his marketing company, The Global Precision Group, he has served over 300 clients in numerous industries. Some of these have included publicly traded companies worth over $50 million. And in his career, Jonathan has added 2.5+ million social media followers on client accounts, overseen the publication of 20,000+ articles and blog posts, and helped numerous businesses go to the next level.

It was a privilege to serve these clients and help them achieve six-figure incomes or more – and in some cases, add this income stream to strong, existing gross revenue. But Jonathan wondered about opportunities where he could benefit from his marketing expertise directly. In other words, how he could monetize his marketing ability and directly benefit from helping others turn their dimes into dollars.

It was truly a great basis for the next step.

Setting the Foundation

One day an uncle approached him about helping to market his new commercial roofing business. Since his roofing knowledge was limited, Jonathan was very hesitant at first. Later research confirmed the industry’s complexity, challenges, and more.

But his family member pointed out how the business potential of this market, and how Jonathan could help dozens of other commercial roofing contractors he knew be more successful too. Never afraid of a challenge, Jonathan looked further into the commercial roofing market – and learned how marketing firms weren’t giving roof contractors the full value they needed. Specifically, roofing professionals weren’t getting marketing support that was tailored to the dynamics of commercial roofing and their own companies.

Taking the Plunge

Seeing the opportunity, Jonathan agreed to assist his uncle. And steadily he helped him bolster his new commercial roofing company. In turn, that led to dozens of new clients in other commercial roofing contractors, as well. In that first year, Jonathan started Top Roof Marketing and helped 40+ roofing contractors build up their commercial roofing business.

In that time, experienced Conklin contractor Sam Hostetler approached Jonathan about a new, bold direction: building a nationwide network of commercial roofing specialists. This would open two doors: one, Jonathan could continue to earn income from giving these contractors marketing support. And with Conklin’s unique model, he could receive additional product commissions off each job that he helped the contractors get (as much as $1500 per 10,000 sq. ft. roof). This 2nd point is important because this product commission (which usually goes to a product salesman who can’t offer this kind of support) is greater than the profit of providing marketing services – ensuring that Jonathan is always incentivized to generate the very best results possible for the group.

Jonathan agreed to partner with Sam, and it set the stage for our nationwide group.

Choice Roof Contractor Group is Born

After extensive man-hours of research and preparation, Sam and Jonathan founded Choice Roof Contractor Group. And it has quickly grown. Today, this nationwide contractor network has a strong national footprint, and it continues to increase.

Among other things, we help roof contractors get jobs with lead generation, life time mentorship from roofing veterans like Sam, our nationwide connections with national franchises like Holiday Inn, and more. To this day, Jonathan enjoys helping our members reach new business plateaus. And marketing professionals are leveraging this platform to build up their own income and help roof contractors be successful, as well.

Here are a few ways marketers can benefit.

Opportunities for Marketers in Commercial Roofing

marketer-presentation-screen-shotIn today’s roofing market, a full-time contractor is likely to order $200,000 of product. With 5-8% product commissions, you could earn $10,000 a year from just one contractor’s success. Thanks to Conklin’s business model, you earn ongoing commissions off these product orders. In other words, marketers can get consistent, strong income from product orders from year-to-year.

Here are other ways this stands out:

  • With 5-8% product commissions, 5 full-time commercial contractors can bring a base income of $50,000
  • Contractors can be made aware of the fact you are getting a small product commission so they know you are completely dedicated to maximizing their success
  • With our exclusive member benefits, opportunities abound for scaling this commission model to far bigger heights for income potential
  • You can earn money from roofing contractors who order marketing services and then from commissions off their job product orders
  • Those jobs can then lead to new, profitable jobs from referrals or on other property holdings
  • Choice Roof’s platform is open and available to marketers who want to break into this market
  • There are over 700,000 roofing contractors across the United States

To learn more about how you can build a residual income with our platform, give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to working with you and strengthening commercial roofing companies nationwide!

Why this Model is Good for Contractors in the Group

It’s no secret that most marketing dollars are wasted – and mainly because most of the people providing marketing services know more about selling their service than they do generating results. Marketers who really perform know the reason for this. One simple question will help you know the reason too.

Ask yourself: If a marketer is able to turn dimes into dollars, why would they do it for other people? The answer is they wouldn’t (not long term anyway without some kind of win-win situation where they also benefit from the success they generate). That is why skilled marketing professionals either start their own companies or find another way to directly benefit from their own skills. With our model, we’ve effectively teamed up good marketers with contractors in our group so everyone wins more!

Construction vs. Commercial Roofing

We’re going to take a look at the advantages which commercial roofing has over construction – including how it provides more opportunities for profitability and steadier work flow.

We recently sat down with a Conklin Master Contractor that owns Montana-based Schrock Construction and Schrock Commercial Roofing, Inc. With over 40+ years of construction experience, Will shared how he became involved with commercial roofing and how he’s benefiting from it.

A few brief conversation highlights are below.

Advantages of Commercial Roofing over Construction

The commercial roofing market offers many lucrative opportunities for dedicated entrepreneurs:

Commercial roofing can even out the high and lows of construction. The residential and commercial construction markets share many dynamics. Building a new home, residential building, or commercial structure takes time. And since it’s expensive, people are hesitant to make such a big investment in times of economic uncertainty.

Therefore, demand for construction services depends on the health of the economy. New construction projects can be lacking when times are tough. Commercial roofing is a powerful antidote to these ebbs and flows of the construction industry. It’s a niche market and has many diverse customer needs: roof maintenance, repair, restoration, and replacement. As a result, there are strong opportunities for steadier business income within the commercial roofing industry.

The commercial roofing industry offers more consistent work. This can be seen in the nature of commercial roofing work. No matter what the state of the economy is, building owners will constantly have problems with roof leaks. There will always be a need for capable professionals who can keep these leaks at bay. And as a result, demand for professional roof repair and restoration services will be more consistent.

The opportunities for roof restoration can be seen in industry statistics, as well. For one, over 20 billion square feet of EPDM rubber roofing has been installed nationwide in the past 40+ years. And there is over 60 billion square feet of metal roofing on American homes and buildings. In the years ahead, as these roof systems and others are subject to weathering, they will need to be repaired, restored with a coating, or replaced. It’s clear there will be strong demand for roof repair and restoration on single-ply and metal roofing systems in the future.

Commercial roofing opens the door to greater profitability. Will mentioned that he and his team faced challenges when the economic downturn of 2008-2009 rolled around. He began looking for things to replace the lack of construction work available. Commercial roofing filled that gap. And Will strengthened his profitability with Conklin’s liquid-applied roofing and durable, single-ply membrane products.

Will’s story reinforces how the commercial roofing industry isn’t as dependent upon economic conditions as the construction industry. Construction of new homes and commercial buildings requires expertise in many building trades, while commercial roofing projects need tradesmen with a capable skill set related to roofing. And with Conklin roofing products, Will found the profit margins to be higher than with the building materials he was using on new construction jobs.

Diverse needs within commercial roofing leads to more business opportunities. As Will emphasizes, there is a diverse range of needs in the commercial roofing market. In contrast, the construction market is centered on the building of new residential and commercial structures. As industry reports from the research firm Hoover’s, Inc. make clear: residential, heavy, and commercial construction also depend upon the state of the economy, including factors such as “corporate profits and local government budgets.” Additionally, the construction industry is filled with numerous local companies that actively compete with each other on new project bids.

In commercial roofing, however, demand for roofing services is tied to not only new construction, but also storm activity and roof maintenance needs. Once a roofing contractor has replaced a roof or restored an existing roof for a building owner, their relationship is ongoing. To keep his or her roof in good condition and warranty intact, the building owner needs to have the roof maintained on an ongoing basis. And the roofing contractor will be there to ensure the roof stays leak-free and strong-performing in the years ahead.

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