Contractor Grows from Handyman Business to Fast-Growing Commercial Roofing Company

We’ve been privileged to see many exciting things happening. Many roofing contractors have joined our nationwide network and achieved new business heights. In other cases, contractors who are active in commercial roofing have taken advantage of increased lucrative business opportunities.

It’s worth highlighting the success story of one quality-minded Choice Roof Contractor team: Robert and Lori Brenneman of Jasper, Missouri. These dedicated roofers have seen some amazing growth opportunities in the past few years. Before they started out with Conklin Roofing Systems around three years ago, they had firm roots in residential contracting. And since then, their story has been life-changing.

The Backdrop

Today, Robert and Lori are the owners and operators of Brenneman Roofing (, a fast-growing commercial roofing company in Missouri. Since they started working with a group leader and joined our nationwide contractor network, they’ve serviced a number of nationally known franchises and retail brands. And they’re continuing to reach new plateaus.

Rob and Lori’s journey in roofing begins around ten years ago. At that time, aside from being a full-time firefighter, Rob operated a local handyman business. It was a successful venture and kept him busy. But it never quite gave him the income he desired for his family. And since he had many jobs each day, it was time-consuming – which meant he was often away from Lori and their four children.

Over the years, he kept on the lookout for opportunities that would be more time-efficient and more profitable.

Opportunity Arises

Some time later, Rob received a call from his older brother, who works as a foreman for Choice Roof Contractor Will Schrock at Montana-based Schrock Construction. Rob’s brother introduced him, gave him a brief rundown, and spoke of profit potential.

Intrigued, Rob did some research and decided to go to a roof systems training. That fall, he learned the proper applications of Conklin roofing products in Kansas City. With the Conklin Master Contractors who shared their testimonials and success achieved, Rob felt inspired and well-educated when he left the roofing training center.

Nonetheless, time proved to be tight over the first year. But Rob remained dedicated. In due time, the Brennemans would become more involved – albeit from a different direction.

Things Gear Up

In that time frame, Lori started a housekeeping business. She built up a steady client base, but wasn’t satisfied with the income it was bringing in. Rob convinced her to try out some of Conklin’s cleaning products – and they were effective. They were not only solid cleaning agents, but they increased her profit margins. Convinced of Conklin products’ efficacy, the Brennemans attended a Conklin business seminar, where they learned first-hand of the larger potential offered by Conklin.

Afterward, the roofing business really started to take off. They began getting local roofing jobs. Lori also did well with her housekeeping business and then sold it so they could focus on Brenneman Roofing full-time. In this time, the Brennemans honed their knowledge and skills with our preferred roofing products and became capable commercial roofing contractors.

Taking It to the Next Level

In late 2013, Rob and Lori decided to join Choice Roof Contractor Group. Since then, Brenneman Roofing has grown by leaps-and-bounds.

With the support of our network and, even more so, their desire to expand, the Brennemans have doubled their income every year. And they’ve established themselves as commercial roofing professionals. In turn, this has led to great success

In addition to local and regional companies, Brenneman Roofing has served nationally known brands such as Burger King. Rob also shared they are currently in talks with a multi-billion-dollar New York Stock Exchange-listed company for a roofing job after receiving the lead off a website our partner Top Roof Marketing developed for their company (Update 12-15-14: The contract is now signed). This corporation was highly impressed by Brenneman Roofing’s professionalism, credentials, and knowledge of commercial roofing.

Great Opportunities Ahead

commercial roofing lead exampleWhen asked about their future plans this week, Rob and Lori spoke of their confidence. With the extent to which Brenneman Roofing is growing, the Brennemans plan to focus all of their attention on commercial roofing.

Rob and Lori have also become leaders in helping others. They are regular attendees at the National Convention, where they network with like-minded people committed to personal and business success. And they are active in training sessions and on the business seminar circuit, in which Lori has been invited to be a speaker and presenter.

With their growing reputation and Choice Roof’s support, the Brennemans are excited about the future and what it will bring their business and family.

How You Can Benefit Too

Contractors join our network to receive:

  • Network-backed Guarantees
  • Support from Fellow Roofers
  • Shared Marketing Strategies
  • Group Discount Purchasing
  • Occasional Leads
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The Brennemans’ story of fast growth in just three years is a great example of how we benefit contractors. Our endorsed members benefit from many exclusive benefits, including:

• Off-site and on-site assistance from veteran roofing contractors
• Commercial roofing marketing strategies
• Our popular roofing lead generation program
• Helpful support from our strategic partners and suppliers
• Additional credibility from our nationwide reputation for excellence
• Professional commercial roofing training
• Our popular roofing lead generation program
• Discounted pricing on energy-efficient, long-lasting Conklin roofing products
• Job referral opportunities from connections in our network
• So much more

Should you be interested in learning how we can benefit you, give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We look forward to hearing from you!

100 Commercial Roofing Leads Generated for Endorsed Contractors

There are many sources for commercial roofing leads: roofing lead forums, roofing lead generation companies, contractor referral networks, and others. But many roofing contractors find they don’t get much traction with these services. In some cases, roofing leads are shared among many people. That dilutes their exclusivity and makes them less valuable as job bid prospects (especially when high costs are involved).

If you’ve had problems with this before, there is an alternative. At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we offer free lead generation services, among other things. And with our nationwide contractors’ record with nationally known brands and franchises, there are referral opportunities for work with these brands in your region, as well.

The Best Roofing Lead Generation Service

Below are a few ways our lead generation service can offer you value:

  • Once you are an endorsed contractor in our network, you get roofing leads in your area exclusively.
  • Our network gets requests for roof repairs, coatings, full replacement, and more.
  • We’ve taken careful measures to ensure the quality of these roofing leads.
  • You can also get commercial jobs from other places besides our online-based lead generation program: our strategic partners, other contractors in our network, our ongoing relationships with satisfied multi-location clients and franchises, and more.

In fact, since we launched this free lead generation program and focused our efforts on it in April, there have been significant gains. We’ve generated over 100 free leads in that time frame, and these have included roofs which are over 70,000 square feet.

As a member of Choice Roof Contractor Group, you can benefit from these free roofing leads, as well.

Commercial Roofing Leads from Nationwide Commercial Roofing Network

commercial roofing lead exampleHow are these leads effective? Our model has been carefully structured so that we attract the attention of building owners who need roofing services – and then connect these leads to roofing contractors, all at no cost to either party.

This is just another sign of our dedication to contractors’ success. Even though the roofing leads are offered to our members at no cost, we’ve invested heavily on the back end to get things rolling. And keeping this lead service going continues to be costly (i.e. thousands of dollars).

Here’s where the focus is, though: since our success depends on our network members’ own success, we’ve taken a number of steps to maximize business opportunities. This is one way we’ve fully committed ourselves to helping our members build up their own roofing businesses. It’s something in which we’re heavily investing in companies and contractors whom we’re privileged to partner with.

Would you like to benefit from this and other things from our dedicated team? Here are some other ways we can help, too.

Contractor Support Services


Choice Roof Contractor Group is the only nationwide commercial roofing network to offer:

Have Questions?800-670-5583

  • Free lead generation (supported by product commissions)
  • Lifelong mentorship and expertise from veteran commercial roofing contractors
  • On-site assistance in walking roofs, bidding jobs, helping out on your first commercial jobs, and more
  • More commercial job prospects through network referrals, our partners, and our own networking relationships
  • Dedicated, personalized marketing assistance and support
  • Support and business opportunities from our strategic partners
  • A strong, nationwide reputation for excellence
  • Professional commercial roofing training
  • Discounted energy-efficient roofing products with 40+ years of excellence

We offer great value for both newer and experienced contractors. In one case, there’s a contractor who’s been in residential roofing for 50+ years and has started work on his first 400,000+ square foot commercial roof with our help.

If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call today at (800) 670-5583. And while you’re at it, check out the story of how contractors are benefiting now.


Selecting the Right Commercial Roofing Products

commercial roofing productsToday’s blog post will be of interest to commercial real estate owners, facility managers, and property management firms. What are the things to keep in mind when you are looking for the right commercial roofing products for your building?

To help you, we have prepared a list of factors to consider. Read on below for some brief thoughts to keep in mind when you are shopping around for the right solutions for your building.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Roofing Products

◦     What is the height of your building? A building with several stories will be subject to heavier wind loads than a building with only one or two stories. Wind uplift resistance will be a factor (and by extension, how the roofing products will be adhered to the building). It will also affect roof accessibility and the roofing contractor’s ability to transfer materials, debris, and tools on and off the rooftop – points which weigh on roofing materials that are transferable to buildings of greater height.

◦     Where is the building location? Building location is another point with many dimensions to it. Factors such as local, regional, or state compliance standards and work standards come into play. Things to keep in mind include:

▪     Relevant, applicable building codes

▪     Fire code requirements set by state and/or local authorities

▪     Building energy codes or compliance standards (such as California Title 24 Compliance)

▪     Applicable local ordinances, such as ones relating to permitted work hours or sound levels at different times of day

◦     What is the local climate like? Local climate is of tremendous importance. When selecting roofing products, it is advisable to keep local conditions in mind. These include annual precipitation patterns, temperature ranges throughout the year, any patterns of high-wind activity, and whether the area tends to have a warmer or colder climate. For instance, buildings in areas with warmer conditions, such as the southern United States, will strongly benefit from energy-efficient roofing products. Other regions with more demanding climates, such as the northeastern United States, will require roofing products that can stand up to abuse and preferably have high insulation value.

◦     What are your building’s and roof’s characteristics? Commercial buildings differ in terms of their architectural design, rooftop features and protrusions, operating purpose, and more. Because each building is unique, it important to be sure that any roofing products used on your building are best-suited for your property’s specific features. Things to keep in mind include:

▪     The number of protrusions your roof has

▪     Any rooftop units or features, such as HVAC systems, piping, electronic equipment, and others

▪     The presence of any parapet walls, or walls extending beyond the roof line

▪     The scale of your building size

▪     Existing roof construction and water drainage measures or systems

▪     Whether your roof is made up of a singular body, or broken up into small sections

▪     Your roof’s structural capacity

▪     Whether the building is a manufacturing or industrial plant, and has any output like chemical agents that come out on the rooftop

Be sure to consult with professional building engineers and roofing service providers so    you are fully apprised of your options.

◦     What is the reputation of the product line itself? For the purposes of keeping your building and interior assets safe for the long haul and your roof warranty intact, your commercial roof should be handled with quality products. Dependable roofing products will have a solid history, a widespread user base, a credible performance record, proven customer benefits, strong industry endorsements, and a reputation for standard compliance. As for credible roofing product manufacturers: a reliable manufacturer will have been around for a while, have a solid history of releasing great-performing products, have a solid, professional training program for roofing contractors, and have strong industry credibility.

Why We Use Conklin Roofing Products

roofing materialAt Choice Roof Contractor Group, we know our reputation relies on using roofing products that have a solid track record, industry credibility, strong extent of use, and wide application value. Among other reasons, we chose Conklin because of its long-standing reputation for excellence and performance.

Conklin has been an established, widely-respected manufacturer in the building products industry for over 40+ years. It was the inventor of the first acrylic roof coating for the commercial roofing industry, and it has persisted in its product innovation ever since. Here are a few brief reasons why Conklin roofing products stand out:

  • Applied successfully on 2+ billion square feet nationwide
  • Trusted by roofing contractors, building engineers, property owners and managers, and other commercial real estate professionals nationwide
  • Diverse product selection for a wide scope of commercial roofing needs and climate conditions
  • Proven product formulation which offers energy efficiency, durability, and longevity
  • Seamless, leak-resistant, fully adhered roof protection
  • Applicable on buildings with challenging features or complex architectural designs
  • ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Reflective, white surface that can save you 30-50% on yearly A/C costs
  • Backed by non-prorated warranty guarantees on 100% of labor and material costs
  • Do not require roof replacement and tear-off to be applied
  • Fewer roof life-cycle costs with Conklin product line

For more information about how these products can be of benefit to you, give us a call at (800) 670-5583.

Commercial Roofing Sales Training

commercial roof bidThere are many opportunities in commercial roofing. In just 2014 alone, commercial roofing sales are expected to top off at $5.3 billion. Plus, in the future, the nationwide commercial roofing market is projected to reach new heights.

But while this industry opens up some great possibilities, mastering commercial roofing sales can be another matter. It comes with its own unique challenges. For one, commercial roof projects mean big expenses for building owners. And because commercial roofing work has such big cost factors, decision-making can be long and drawn-out. This can make getting lucrative commercial roofing jobs, or even being successful in a sales role, a long road.

What’s the Answer?

An effective commercial roofing sales training program led by commercial roofing salesman and business owners is the best way to get a head start. It will make you aware of the dynamics in commercial roofing sales and how to overcome them. It will also equip you with valuable sales know-how and tips from experienced professionals. An effective program will also give you access to helpful resources once the training is over.

At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we offer far more than just sales training. Our network connects people to opportunities where they can earn 5-8% base commissions off roofing product purchases (which is their reward for helping contractors land commercial roofing projects with all the group benefits we offer). And with the average, full-time applicator purchasing as much as $100,000-$300,000+ yearly, the chances for a strong residual income can add up.

On top of sales training, we can help you get more jobs with assistance from highly skilled commercial roofing experts. They’ll be available for any question or concern. It doesn’t matter – as part of the group, you can reach out through text, email, pictures, video, social media, or other avenues for help when you need it most. They’ve even come on-site to help with those first few jobs or sales bids, as one of them recently did on a 400,000+ square foot roof.

And whether you’re a salesperson looking for a new opportunity or a contractor looking to strengthen your bottom line – we’ll help you from the get-go.

How We Help Sales Professionals and Businesses Grow Quickly

commercial roofing sales programPeople have taken our sales tips and completely transformed their roofing companies. Contractors have even added six-figure revenue streams to their bottom line as early as their second year of using the products we represent from Conklin. And we provide these exclusive, proven, insider tricks-of-the-trade to you complete with a dinner featuring some of the best steak in all of Kansas City.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to get at this sales training session:

  • A proven roadmap for business development and attaining success
  • Knowledge of how to outshine experienced competitors, even when you’re new
  • Insider marketing tips from veteran contractors with years of direct product experience
  • A comprehensive overview of what you need for success — advertising, professional imaging, sales calls techniques, payment scheduling, and more
  • The equipment and tools you need for best results
  • Examples of professional-looking proposals that really impress customer prospects
  • Real-world stories of these principles and tips in action – and why they’re effective

After this roofing sales training, if you’re a contractor, we come behind you with our lifetime contractor support program. You’ll have ongoing access to roofing experts who’ve built up memorable stories in their own right – like when one of our Senior Mentors achieved $1.3 million in commercial roofing sales in his first 18 months of business.

In short, once you’ve turned to our group for support, we’re behind you 100%. And with our full slew of exclusive member benefits, salespeople have a unique opportunity to build up a strong, residual income for retirement.

How Do I Take Advantage of This?

sales-opportunityIf you’re a contractor or salesperson who’s looking for a change, you don’t have to wait. Give us a call today at (800) 670-5583 to register for the next training.

We’re here to help you fully take advantage of the growth opportunities in commercial roofing. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and while you’re at it, ask how contractors are benefiting from the way we share our knowledge and best tips with each other, as well!

Record Number of Attendees at Conklin HQ with Choice Roof Contractor Group

gates bbqWe’re currently halfway through the first day of Conklin’s product training at their Kansas City headquarters and having a great time with 9 different individuals who came out from as far as Florida to meet us personally and join our nationwide group of commercial roof contractors.

Five of the individuals came in around noon yesterday already to spend extra time with our team. After getting everyone checked in at the motel, we headed out to Gates Bar-B-Q for some of the best ribs in Kansas City. Everyone had a blast. After getting back to the hotel, most of the contractors hung out in the lobby and we talked about everything we do to help contractors.

hotel lobbyTwo other contractors arrived later in the day, so to get them up to speed, we went to a different restaurant and had some more great Kansas City food while getting to know each other well. It was well after 11pm before we wrapped things up, but still have a lot more to cover.

Discussions so far have included the following:

• Best ways to correct a roofing system that was incorrectly installed
• The longest-lasting, leak-proofing methods for unique circumstances
• History of the Conklin Company and our experience with their products
Conklin training• The best marketing strategies for getting started quickly and cost-effectively
• How Choice Roof Contractor Group got started and the success we’re seeing
• Open discussions between the attending contractors on pricing and sales strategies
• What motivated them to take the trip out to Kansas City and join our network
• The on-site assistance we provide after roof systems training when it’s needed

We’ll share a full update later!

Why Contractors Struggle to Do Commercial Full-Time

shingle roof installIf you’re interested in expanding your roofing company, there are some great opportunities in commercial roofing. Just one commercial job can deliver the payout of 50 residential jobs. And the commercial roofing industry is growing. It’s expected to reach $5.3 billion this year and balloon to new heights in the years ahead.

But despite all of these great things, getting involved full-time in commercial roofing is often an entirely different matter. There are many hurdles that come up along the way—and they can keep even the most experienced, dedicated contractors from doing commercial full-time.

At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we are run by commercial roofing contractors who have faced these challenges. They have overcome them and built up memorable success stories that inspire people today. Some of these challenges were resolved by learning of the right solutions through trial-and-error. But most of them were an ongoing struggle— even 15+ years later.

Our nationwide network helps contractors resolve these issues promptly and get more commercial projects on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons behind why contractors don’t land commercial projects consistently.

Can’t Stand Out from Competition with Years of Commercial Experience

commercial rooferFor those new to the scene, one big challenge is winning out over those with years of commercial roofing experience. It’s not unusual for experienced contractors to be among the competition on larger-scale jobs.

Choice Roof Contractor Group delivers a strong competitive edge. For one, as part of our group you have access to over a century of industry-related experience. Collectively, our nationwide team is likely to know far more than any one of your competitors and building owners will find greater peace of mind knowing you can rely on our group’s experience to present long-term solutions to their problems.

Also, as a qualified member, you will be a part of the nationwide group that has worked with nationally known brands: Ashley Furniture, Ford Motor Company, Holiday Inn, Burger King, and much more. And if you meet our standards, you can receive our full endorsement – and obtain more credibility with our nationwide reputation in the process. If you don’t qualify right away, we will help you reach qualification standards and in the meantime you can let prospects know that we’re supporting your efforts.

No Effective Marketing Strategies

commercial roofing marketingIf you don’t have any proven method of getting large jobs: no sweat. Our veteran contractors will share their own experiences with the approaches that work best, that don’t, and that are the most cost-effective. In recent efforts, our dedicated mentors have helped members secure the beginning phase of roofing projects as big as 400,000+ square feet.

At our workshop & forum, proven sales strategies and tactics are presented by top roofing experts. These approaches have helped contractors add as much as six-figure gross revenues to their companies as soon as their second year of using Conklin products. Network members also benefit from our lead generation program. We connect them to quality roofing leads – and with our endorsement, you can benefit from this, too.

On top of this, we’re partnered with experts in commercial roofing marketing. They’ll provide the customized, timely, knowledgeable support you need.

Unable to Close Sales

Many contractors get their foot in the door, but don’t win the project. One important facet behind getting these big jobs is showing work-in-action.

Choice Roof Contractor Group has 1,000+ pictures to use as examples of roof restoration systems, spray foam roofing, and single-ply membrane installations. Our easy-to-use presentations, available in print-out and virtual formats, fully outline the benefits and advantages of choosing one of our members. Additionally, we share sales training programs that have been proven to be highly effective at boosting closing percentage rates.

Picking out Right Equipment to Start and Grow

spray foam equipment

In the commercial roofing industry, there are often concerns about equipment costs. For help in navigating these big expenses, our members work with roofing veterans directly. With this, new contractors learn how to get started and keep equipment costs to a bare minimum.

We’ve also established partnerships so you can get quality roofing equipment at discounted pricing. Our veteran mentors will also work with you on effective strategies to get fully up-and-running in this area. And you can even work out opportunities with more experienced contractors in our network to help you grow your business.

Don’t Know What to Do in New Situations

roof contractor supportOne sizable hurdle facing new contractors is how to handle new business or roofing situations. It’s yet another area where experienced commercial contractors have the advantage.

As a member of our network, you can overcome this obstacle through our contractor support program. Our most experienced veterans will provide ongoing mentorship and guidance, whether you have questions related to sales, roofing technique, or business development. It doesn’t matter—you can reach out for assistance through phone contact, texting, pictures, video, email, or other methods. And if you need more intensive assistance, they will even come out to help you on-site with your first few jobs, or even the sales process on new bids.

Why Our Group Provides So Much Support

Contractors join our network to receive:

  • Network-backed Guarantees
  • Support from Fellow Roofers
  • Shared Marketing Strategies
  • Group Discount Purchasing
  • Occasional Leads
Learn More
Since we’re a roofer-run organization, we’re fully committed to your success. Everything has been carefully structured so you have a proven pathway for full-time commercial work, backed by our extensive support, mentorship, expertise, national reputation, and nationwide resources. It’s a level of support unlike any offered anywhere else. But why do we provide all of this?

We’ve carefully structured this platform so that we benefit together with you when you close a job. Veteran contractors in our group understand the difficulty of getting started and have joined forces in our group to share that valuable knowledge in exchange for residual income, while also benefiting from all we have to offer.

You can financially benefit from helping others as well – it’s what makes this group so powerful. In the meantime, our support services and lead generation will further cement your journey toward becoming a full-time commercial contractor. Once you’re onboard, we’re 100% committed to your success.

Contact us today at 800-670-5583 to learn how contractors are benefiting. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

10 Complete Steps Developed by Members

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    Asking the Right Questions to Solve Complex Commercial Roofing Problems

    commercial roofing problemsComplex commercial roofing problems are faced on a regular basis by architects, building owners and roofing contractors, especially today when rising energy costs and environment awareness are important considerations when installing a new roof or doing extensive roof repair. Asking the right questions can help discover proper and simple solutions that will satisfy the need for quality roofing, and ensure that energy costs can be contained and environmental issues addressed.

    What are the right questions to ask when seeking simple solutions for your complex roofing problems? Answers to these questions will lead to a better roofing system for the geographic area specifically to the demands placed on a roof regarding heating and cooling.

    The first important question to ask is:

    Does the geographic climate mean more hot days will be encountered or more cold days?

    It is imperative that end-use energy costs be carefully weighed when evaluating the benefits of installing roof materials. Because the first line of defense against the heat and cold is the roof, this decision is of major importance. Roofing material and color should be part of the simple solution to this particular roofing problem. Cool roof coatings are one simple solution. Foam sprays, including the Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing Systems that Conklin roofing contractors use, can be applied quickly and save time and money, which is just as important because this system is “green” as it provides durable roof protection at the same time that it provides energy conservation.

    The second important question to ask is:

    How can roof insulation result in the proper R-Value?

    spray foam roofEnergy efficiency can be greatly influenced by the type of insulation used and can be a great factor when it comes to energy savings than the roof color. Problems associated with condensation can be eliminated in part due to how many layers of insulation are applied.

    The R-Value measures the insulation’s ability to resist heat when heat waves travel through it (flow of heat). The higher the R-Value, the better the material insulates per inch of thickness. Spray foam gives a high-grade insulation for roofs as well as interior wall applications, giving superior protection against the elements. Long-term thermal resistance testing has shown aged R-values for Conklin’s roofing foams to be a range of 5.6 to 6.2 per inch. The above-mentioned SPF System by Conklin provides high-grade insulation on roofing and interior walls that gives added building strength and reduces both cooling and heating costs. Membrane coating systems can also serve as simple solutions because of the many advantages such as the ones provided by Conklin’s Membrane Coating System, which include:

    • Superior waterproofing to stop leaks

    • Premium protection from both hail and high winds

    • Lower utility expense because the reflective surface increases energy efficiency

    • Extends the life of existing roofs to eliminate tear-off costs

    Last question to ask is:

    How long will a roof last?

    How long a roof lasts will depend on proper installation and type of material.

    Metal roofs, which are most popular for low-slope roofs, typically carry 30 year warranties but are generally considered to be expensive. TPO roof membranes are often used as a roofing system for flat roofs due to their cost effectiveness, but they are notorious for having a very limited life cycle.

    Roofs restored using quality roof coatings, such as those applied by Conklin contractors, are durable and continue to be ahead of industry standards for performance, technology and environmental responsibility. Conklin Roofing Systems, which come with up to a 20-year non-prorated warranty, have served customers with unsurpassed performance for more than thirty years satisfying countless customers. With a roof restoration system, building owners can cut roof replacement costs in half while saving thousands in energy and enjoying the many benefits offered by a seamless roof coating.


    Roofing Services

    Our professional commercial roof contractors provide:

    • Roof maintenance & repair
    • Inspections & leak detection
    • Energy efficient roof systems
    • Complete roof replacement
    • Roof life-extending solutions
    Request Free Estimate
    Complex roofing problems revolving around energy costs and environmental protection factors and other considerations such as total costs, maintenance and longevity can be solved with simple solutions when you first ask the right questions. The answers will include using not only the best materials, but also the right roofing contractor to install the roof correctly to prevent complex roofing problems in the future.

    Complex roofing problems can be avoided when you choose a roofing contractor from the Choice Roof Contractor Group because they are professionals that offer specialized expertise for virtually all roofing situations,  provides a reputation for excellence, and offers exceptional warranties on products and services. Visit our Commercial Roofing Services page for more information about our commercial roofing contractors.

    Taking Control Over a Commercial Roof’s Durability and Longevity

    durable roofing systemA proper roof system design and installation is the first step in not only becoming code compliant, but in taking control over roof system durability and longevity. Every professional roof contractor realizes that there are legal minimums for being code compliant regarding weather protection and other minimum requirements as they relate to meeting minimal standards regarding performance, materials and coverings, insulation and re-roofing as well as fire resistance. The minimal requirements are stated in Chapter 15 of the International Building Code. Designing and installing roof systems well above these minimum levels is what sets a quality commercial roofer above the rest and puts him or her in high demand among customers.

    Take control over roof system durability and longevity by:

    • Using a roof cover board
    • Planning for effective drainage
    • Installing traffic protection
    • Increasing wind resistance
    • Using a vapor retarder when necessary
    • Managing installation moisture

    spray foam roofThe roofing contractor can easily overlook drainage problems, especially localized drainage and therefore preventing localized ponding can be achieved by using tapered insulation on the upslope side of the rooftop as well as between scuppers.

    For safety reasons it is important to install walk pads, pavers, walkway membrane rolls or elevated walkways around any location that is likely to be used by other trades that will need to have access to the roof for periodic maintenance.

    Part of the requirements concern wind resistance. One way to increase durability and longevity is by creating a roof that meets higher-than-code wind speed (typically by adding 10 or 20 mph). A roofer can accomplish this by upgrading to a thicker metal or by adding fasteners, which will increase wind resistance to edge metal and copings.

    It may be necessary to use a vapor retarder to prevent a roof from becoming or from staying wet. The vapor in a roof can cause condensation leading to degradation, loss of R-value and lead also to biological growth.

    Roofing Services

    Our professional commercial roof contractors provide:

    • Roof maintenance & repair
    • Inspections & leak detection
    • Energy efficient roof systems
    • Complete roof replacement
    • Roof life-extending solutions
    Request Free Estimate
    The best way to prevent moisture during installation of a roof is to pay attention to keeping materials dry before they are installed by using tarps and by elevating materials upon pallets. Also, end-of-day tie-offs can also be used to prevent moisture infiltration for portions of the completed roof.

    An experienced roofing company will always follow best practices when it comes to roof installation. Best practices are those that not only follow code strictly but also strive to achieve higher standards by taking control over roof system durability and longevity by following the above-mentioned measures. Best practices also include using quality materials, creating and using good roofing design, adhering to proper installation procedures and assuring that the owners are aware of regular maintenance schedules to keep the roof in good condition.

    To learn more about the steps we’ve taken to give commercial building owners the best value, visit the following link: Nationwide Commercial Roofing.

    The Benefits of Seamless Roof Systems

    seamless roofing system installToday’s blog post focuses on the benefits of seamless roofing systems. Building owners, facility managers, and property management firms will find this information particularly helpful alongside our prior post on fully adhered roofing.

    In the commercial roofing industry, membrane roof systems such as TPO, PVC, and modified bitumen roofing are a common choice for building protection. But these membrane roofs have seams, and even though they are carefully welded, bonded, or fastened together, they are still highly susceptible to roof drips or leaks. Over time, these seams can become more exposed and open to undesired water entry into a commercial building. Enter “seamless roofing,” a growing popular alternative.

    What is Seamless Roofing?

    seamless roof systemSimply put, seamless roofing refers to roofs that have a unified, consistent membrane body, or, in industry lingo, have a “monolithic” membrane composition. Because they do not have any seams, seamless roof systems are not vulnerable to leaks, drips, or water penetration in some of the ways that membrane roofs with seams are.

    Generally speaking, seamless roofing is used to describe one facet of liquid-applied roofing, which is also known as a “roof coating membrane system”—or just roof coatings. Some roofing product manufacturers do refer to membrane roofs with very-tight seam seals as being so watertight, they are “seamless” sheet membrane roofs (so they are “seamless” EPDM rubber roofs, for example). But like with all roofing products, the principle of “buyer beware” applies. Careful research is needed on these systems. Plus, it is advisable for people to consider whether the likelihood of these tightly-sealed seams coming apart over time is outweighed by the benefits the roof system delivers.

    Benefits that Seamless Roofs Deliver

    Liquid-applied roofing products form a seamless, monolithic barrier over the commercial building’s old roof system. These seamless coating membrane systems provide commercial buildings with many benefits:

    • They take care of existing leaks. All commercial roof systems have problems at some point, and one of the most common problems is roof leaks. Even smaller roof leaks can lead to bigger problems if they are left untended. After all, water can gather under an existing roof surface and then, over time, erode and ruin the roofing components underneath the surface layer. Seamless roof coating solutions take care of this immediately, though, in many cases. With the new seamless barrier over it, an old roof is shielded from the elements and storm activity including rain, and all the old points of entry for water infiltration are sealed off. Existing roof leaks are put to a stop, as a result.
    • They seal off common sources of future roof leaks. In reality, most roof leaks are not due to actual roof product failure, but shoddy contractor workmanship or improper product installation (on a side note, an important reason to be mindful of material and labor warranties). It has been estimated that as many as 90% of roof leaks are due to error in product application, especially in tricky areas such as around roof protrusions, rooftop units, or others. In fact, the areas around protrusions, walls, curbs, rooftop units, and other features are the places where leaks are most likely to appear. With precise, expert application and their seamless composition, roof coating systems seal off these vulnerable areas and protect the building from unwanted future instances of water penetration.
    • They do not have the same weaknesses as roof sheet products. As briefly mentioned before, commercial roofing systems made up of sheet products have gaps, seams, and overlaps where leaks often form. Seamless roofs do not have these features and, as a result, are more resistant to leak formation. On top of being without seams, roof coating systems do not have any screws or fasteners to keep them secured to an existing roof substrate. That means there are not any of those areas which can become more exposed over time and vulnerable to leaks later on.
    • If a seamless roof does leak, it is much easier to tell where the leak is. Should a seamless roofing system start leaking, it will be easier for a qualified contractor to tell where the leak is occurring. That is, compared to telling where a leak is taking place on a membrane roof composed of sheet product. Because it has a monolithic body, the seamless roof coating system will have leaks that are more hyper-localized and easier to spot than on the “typical” membrane roof, which has sub-components where water can sit underneath the surface. This brings up another important point: on top of their seamless surface, roof coating systems are fully adhered. This means water cannot travel or gather underneath them.
    • They are typically easier to install or reapply than new roofs which require seam welding, drilling, or nailing. New roofs made up of sheet products already require expensive, time-consuming roof tear-off, disposal, and installation of new materials. But sand or dirt kicked up from the project operations can also impact a business’ operations, aside from the noise the job produces and the fact that a business already has to close its doors during the replacement job. With seamless coating jobs, a building does not have to shutdown operations, and the entire application process is far less costly and time-consuming than a replacement job. In fact, you could save as much as 50% on avoided roof replacement costs with our Conklin seamless roof coating solutions.

    Seal Off Your Commercial Roof’s Seams and Exposed Areas

    seamless metal roofing system installAs a nationwide network of commercial roofing specialists committed to excellence, Choice Roof Contractor Group strives to deliver the highest-caliber workmanship and service. Part of that involves using the right roofing products, and we have chosen the strong-performing Conklin roofing products for this need.

    Here are a few ways in which these time-tested roofing products deliver value:

    Roofing Services

    Our professional commercial roof contractors provide:

    • Roof maintenance & repair
    • Inspections & leak detection
    • Energy efficient roof systems
    • Complete roof replacement
    • Roof life-extending solutions
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    • Easily expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations throughout day
    • Old roof’s seams reinforced with Spunflex, a high-performance, fully-knit polyester fabric reinforced with military-grade strength
    • Completely seamless, fully adhered, and strong waterproofing capability
    • Seamless coating systems installed back in 1970s still on job today
    • Exceptional tensile strength, durability, and longevity for liquid-applied products
    • Strong “elastomeric” properties for reliable, long-term expansion and contraction
    • Fortified building structure with little-to-no extra deadweight
    • Fewer upkeep and maintenance demands per year
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified roofing solutions
    • Reflects 85% of sun’s rays for up to 30% reduction in yearly A/C costs
    • Diverse product selection for extensive application possibilities
    • Class A fire resistance and premium protection against hurricane-force winds, hail storms, and other outdoor hazards
    • Rugged protection that extends an old roof’s life for possibly decades
    • Backed by renewable, non-prorated warranties

    Should you be interested in obtaining a local roof estimate from one of our qualified contractors, call us at 800-670-5583. We will be happy to come out and take a look at your roof’s condition and show how we can help you secure your building and save money.

    50+ Year Residential Company’s Explosive Start into Commercial Roofing

    Things have been moving at neck-breaking speed here at Choice Roof Contractor Group this year. Nationwide interest in our free lead generation, life time mentorship and support, and other benefits continues to reach higher levels. In addition, our dedicated team has been steadfastly looking for new ways to create new business opportunities for our contractors, as well as ways to strengthen existing ones.

    It is worth a moment to highlight the story of one of our newest members: KCI Roofing out of Covington, Georgia. Since they attended Conklin’s commercial roofing training program in August, company owner Shane Kitchens, Jason Perhacs, and other members of the company have hit the ground running. And they have been seeing some tremendous results with our network’s support and, more importantly, due to their drive to expand quickly.

    In short, their foray into commercial roofing has been nothing short of explosive.

    The Back Story

    Before getting into the details: a little background on KCI Roofing. Based out of central Georgia, KCI Roofing has been in the roofing industry for 50 years. They have steadily grown into a large residential roofing company, and have done as much as $12 million in annual sales, with 25 salespeople and offices in multiple states. Having built up a strong presence in residential roofing, they have now turned to commercial roofing opportunities throughout Georgia.

    Opportunity Knocks

    Just a few weeks ago, KCI Roofing received a 54,000 square foot roofing lead from us. And having reached out to old connections, they have begun opening up doors to look at many other commercial roofing projects, as well.

    To help them with bidding on these roofs, Senior Mentor Sam Hostetler flew down to Georgia. As part of our life time mentorship and support program, Sam was on-site to help Shane and Jason look over different roofing projects, make sales and product demonstrations to client prospects, become more knowledgeable of Conklin product’s versatility and applicability, and more. The prospective clients were also impressed by the fact that Shane and Jason had strong ties to experienced, capable roofers who know the full merits of Conklin’s product line.

    Over a period of about a week, Shane and Jason grew even more confident in their understanding of the dynamics of the commercial roofing market, as well as how Conklin’s roof coatings and other products offer value. Overall, the takeaways from Sam’s week-long assistance, and their own efforts to plunge forward, were tremendous.

    Current Highlights

    As a result of Sam’s week-long trip and KCI Roof’s energetic entrance into commercial roofing, the following highlights have come to the fray:

    • KCI Roofing is currently in the bidding and prospect stage of a 400,000+ square foot flat roof on a school in Georgia. This roof has three sections where restoration work is needed badly. In these areas, officials have agreed to have a Conklin product test run be done. Based on his extensive sales background, Sam rates KCI’s chances of closing the entire project as “excellent.” (Update 12-19-14: We helped install a foam and coatings system on the first part this week.)
    • KCI Roofing currently has prospects for an additional 2-3 million square feet of roofing in the surrounding communities.
    • On top of the product testing in the three sections, KCI Roofing and Choice Roof Contractor Group will be hosting the school superintendent on a business trip in Missouri. There, they will walk some roofs that had Conklin products applied on it years ago—and that have not had trouble to this day.
    • KCI Roofing has been actively putting out bids on other flat roofs and metal roofs in their surrounding communities—and has been getting tremendous feedback on the energy-efficiency and cost savings offered by Conklin’s roof restoration systems.
    • Sam shares his excitement for KCI Roofing and the future, as it is clear there are tremendous commercial roofing market opportunities in Georgia, based on his recent nationwide tour and his week-long trip there.
    • KCI Roofing is busily engaging in telephone outreach efforts throughout Georgia and has been highly successful in arranging on-site roof evaluations.

    KCI Roofing’s Perspective

    When asked for his thoughts on what has happened, Shane shared that he is impressed with the extent to which our network has helped them in their efforts. Now he and his team are much stronger and more confident in approaching commercial prospects, in carrying out effective sales presentations for interested prospects, and in their overall commercial roofing knowledge.

    Shane also spoke of how being able to call up an experienced roofer for on-site coaching and camaraderie-building was of enormous value. Now that Sam has helped them with this initial groundwork, the KCI Roofing team continues to make cold calls to their neighboring communities — and they have been getting even more notable requests from local businesses for bids!

    With KCI Roofing’s exceptional experience in the roofing industry, confidence, and Sam’s own assistance, the opportunities for this dedicated team are truly limitless. With our partner Top Roof Marketing’s assistance, they are expecting great things on the horizon. Notably, experienced contractors from South Dakota and Ohio will be heading down to Georgia in the wintertime to help KCI Roofing with additional projects. It is yet another facet of how our network can connect enterprising contractors to experienced professionals—even if they are across the country.

    Outlooks, Future Plans, and Closing Thoughts

    Contractors join our network to receive:

    • Network-backed Guarantees
    • Support from Fellow Roofers
    • Shared Marketing Strategies
    • Group Discount Purchasing
    • Occasional Leads
    Learn More
    • For us, the opportunity to work with KCI Roofing for a week, and see such great results come from it, is another strong validation of our network’s support model.
    • Newer and experienced contractors alike benefit from our mentorship from successful contractors like Sam, free lead generation, professional commercial roofing training, key partnerships, and more.
    • Sam also reinforces that our network stands out for the level of support it offers. Simply put, there are few opportunities today in which new commercial contractors can benefit directly from the guidance and assistance of a veteran contractor and product expert, right on the job site.
    • For the future, Shane says that “he’s surprised by all the opportunities opening up with him.” He also relays his excitement about “opening up the Southeast with Conklin products while representing Choice Roof Contractor Group with quality service and trust.”
    • On top of what they are doing, Shane plans to establish an office in southern Georgia. And he is in the process of hiring and training a commercial roofing telemarketer for even greater outreach.

    You Can Benefit, As Well

    On top of free lead generation, mentorship, professional training, nationwide reputation, discounted products, and more, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers great job opportunities through our extensive business relationships. We have been privileged to serve some of the biggest franchises and nationally known brands in the United States.

    Should you be interested in more commercial roofing projects, give us a call at (800) 670-5583. We will be happy to share more details of how our network members have been growing to new heights with our help!