The Market for Roofing Businesses

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Today, we cover the market dynamics of the roofing industry, the business cycle, and how these affect a local roofing business. New roofing business owners may find this post particularly helpful.

The Business Cycle and Its Importance

callFirst, before discussing the dynamics of the roofing industry, we need to define the business cycle. Put simply, a business cycle is a reference to a period of time in which ebbs and flows in economic activity – such as production levels – take place within an economy. The period of time in a business cycle can range from several months to several years.

Business Cycles and Roofing Companies

Since American small businesses constitute 98% of all American businesses, their performances have a tremendous impact on business cycle data. For roofing contractors, a business cycle can look at the levels of production of roofing products over a period of time, or how increased or decreased demand for commercial roofing affects sales projects for a time. An examination of the commercial roofing industry now and in the future can be found in one of our earlier blog posts.

The Dynamics of Local Roofing Companies

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When it comes to a roofing business by itself, a business owner can expect peaks or troughs in sales throughout the year. One of the biggest factors for rises or falls in sales is the season one is in. The hotter months of the year, especially the summertime, tend to be the busiest months for roofing projects and completing work, and the colder months of the year, especially toward the end of a year and beginning of the next year, tend to be the slowest in terms of roofing job performance and completion.

The time of year also affects the amounts of roofing products that building material providers manufacture, warehouse, and have available for roofing contractors to purchase, among other market dynamics of supply and demand. In the colder regions of the United States, many building owners opt for roofing enhancements or better insulating, of which we cover a good portion of buildings with our Conklin single-ply roofing systems and spray-in-place foam systems. The colder months are therefore prime seasons for roofing contractors to market themselves and build greater brand awareness, priming themselves for greater market opportunity than their local roofing company competitors.

Since many smaller roofing businesses are family-owned, it is not unusual for businesses of this size to start slowing down around the holidays as well. Ultimately, the pace at which you offer bids, win new jobs, perform work, and bring the projects to completion is up to you.

How to Get Commercial Roofing Jobs

callThere are some huge business opportunities in the commercial roofing industry. In just 2014, commercial roofing sales are estimated to reach a value of $5.3 billion. But how do you even get commercial roofing projects to start with?

Follow these tips, and you will greatly strengthen your chances for tremendous success.

Add to your credibility

Roofing is a big investment. Since it is so cost-intensive, business owners are very selective about whom they let service their roofing needs. To identify the best fit for their needs, they look for roofing contractors who have demonstrated expertise and give them confidence.

Our nationwide group has done work for big names such as Ashley Furniture Store, Holiday Inn, Day’s Inn, Dairy Queen and many others. Prospects know when they select a contractor in our group, they get all the knowledge and expertise we collectively have to offer – plus get the peace of mind from knowing that you will be accountable to the rest of us. With advanced commercial roof systems training, you’ll gain additional respect for your own service. 

Generate leads for sales

Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

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    Naturally, generating leads is a cornerstone of any roofing business. How, then, do you draw them in? For roofing contractors, today’s best marketing techniques can be found in websites and direct mail. Around 9 out of 10 people look for local businesses online, so it is critical to have a website for your roofing business. The more people who visit your website, the more prospects there will be for converting to leads. Plus, you can show off your work quality with ease.

    Through our Top Roof Marketing partner, contractors in the group benefit from specialized marketing services that are highly effective in the commercial roofing industry. No one knows how to get leads better than they do! Plus, qualified members get occassional commercial roofing leads—we refer building owners to our group of roofers.

    Make the right impression

    In any business, first impressions are critical. For roofing contractors, they can make or break your chances of getting a job. Compelling handouts are a must. We offer high-quality sales materials that are proven to help you close the deal.

    To make sure you represent yourself well to building owners, our roof contractor group gives you access to successful commercial roofing contractors as sales coaches and lifetime mentors. Because they have learned the in-and-outs through trial-and-error, they are a great source of knowing what works and what does not. They will coach you to close sales with ease, and you will get ongoing mentorship to ensure your roofing business remains sharp and competitive.

    The Benefits of Our Contractor Group

    Get Started with the Right Help:

    • Group Support
    • Shared Strategies
    • Lead Generation
    • Discounted Pricing
    • Complete Training

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    In short, with Choice Roof Contractor Group, getting commercial roofing jobs has never been easier. We will give you the resources for success, including:

    • Strong reputation from association with our network
    • Expert coaching on closing sales when needed
    • First-rate, personalized marketing support and consulting
    • Lifetime advice from our network’s most successful contractors
    • Increased sales with industry-leading roof systems
    • Discounts and support from our trusted partners
    • Compelling, attention-getting sales materials

    Contact us today to learn how we can partner together with your business for your success.


    Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: Establishing Profitability

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    Today, we cover the fifth and final step of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” blog series, establishing profitability.

    callFor long-term sustainability, it is obvious that you must keep bringing revenues in to keep your doors open. In this post, we discuss what is involved at this stage of business development, factors to keep in mind, and the advantages offered by our contractor group platform.

    Tips for Success

    Now that we have examined the importance of building your brand, selecting the products you will be using for servicing, getting the right training, and marketing properly, which steps should you take next? We cover some thoughts below.

    1)      Target business owners and commercial building owners with focused marketing campaigns like direct mail drives, email marketing, and in-person meets. Be persistent!

    The colder months represent a prime opportunity for you to get your name out there and start establishing early relationships with building owners who may become customers. All seasoned roofers know that leads can take time to nurture from strong prospects into actual clients. Aside from the time you spend completing projects, the colder months can be great for you getting in front of business owners, discussing their needs and showing them your expertise, and building foundations for strong, profitable business relationships down the line.

    As you enter the months just toward the end of spring and beginning of summer—April and May are good times – you can send out direct mail pieces to building owners to inform them of your service availability. Polished, engaging, high-quality direct mail pieces are an absolute necessity, as they will likely be the first point of contact a prospective customer has with your company.

    Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

    Commercial Roofing Book

      2)      Polish up on your knowledge of your product offerings, their benefits, new developments in the roofing industry, and other knowledge critical for being an up-to-date expert.

      In addition to driving greater market awareness of your roofing business, it is not a bad idea to refresh yourself on knowledge content regarding your products, their benefits and advantages, such as how our Conklin products generate great savings in avoided roof replacement costs and energy efficiency. It is worth it to take time to increase your knowledge, enhancing your ability to talk to customer prospects with greater authority.

      3)      Gather testimonials and incentivize your past or existing customers to refer you to their connections.

      Good, credible referrals are the backbone of any well-to-do roofing business, as word-of-mouth advertising is the greatest way to get market exposure in this industry. Gather as many quality referrals as you can from past and existing satisfied customers, and incentivize your customers in some way to share your business contact information with their connections, which will open up more doors for you to bring in even more projects.

      4)      Make sure your website and online presence in general is professional and up-to-date.

      Because as many as 9 out of 10 people look online for local businesses, it is critical for roofing contractors to have websites online in order to maintain strong profit margins for the long haul. Your website is your digital “showroom”, your 24/7 exhibition of your workmanship quality. Making sure it is professional, engaging, to-the-point, and well-representative of you is a recipe for success.

      The Choice Roof Contractor Group Advantage

      callMembership in our nationwide contractor network helps you fulfill the following suggestions above with the following:

      • Easy presentation and sales closing of our Conklin roofing systems and benefits and your value with our compelling sales materials
      • Strengthening your knowledge of roofing with our up-to-date, high-quality content published on our website, social media platforms, and other communications channels
      • Closing sales effectively with proposals that outline our roofing systems’ advantages and benefits, such as huge energy savings year-round, one last time
      • Access to high-quality marketing team support, consulting, and campaign design and implementation via our partnership with Top Roof Marketing
      • Sales coaching and lifetime mentorship for the lifetime duration of your business, strengthening your opportunities for fast-tracked success
      • Association with our nationwide reputation for excellence, quality standards, and sensitivity toward customers’ needs.

      Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of the benefits offered by our platform, and so much more!

      Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: How to do Marketing

      Today, we cover the fourth component of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” blog series: enlisting effective marketing techniques and strategies to get your name out there.

      Once you have decided on a name, selected the roofing products you will use for servicing, and learned how to install all roofing systems correctly, the next part is one of the biggest steps forward. This is where you begin generating leads and converting them into signed contracts. To attract leads, you must generate public awareness of your new roofing business and what you bring to the table. There are many marketing strategies which you can employ for raising awareness of your brand, but not all strategies are equal in their effectiveness.

      The Dynamics of Marketing Today

      hands-on trainingNaturally, the most powerful way to generate leads and obtain jobs is to get in front of building owners yourself and demonstrate how you offer them value. Nothing beats in-person contact as the best form of marketing, but thanks to new technology, there are now many other techniques available that let you interact with many people at one time.

      The biggest opportunity for these interactions is the Internet. A recent survey found that 9 out of 10 consumers are looking for local businesses on the web, and that means if a local business does not have an online presence, it is missing out on numerous opportunities to attract new prospects for sales.

      In the commercial roofing industry, there is another added element as well: building owners expect swift, professional servicing for their needs and look for indicators of such professionalism on potential roofing service providers’ websites. Should they receive print sales materials for roofing services as well, they will determine a roofer’s value by scrutinizing what is handed to them. With these dynamics at play, it is clear that having a strong, professional image online and in the physical world is absolutely essential for attracting this level of clientele.

      The other dimension of online marketing is “SEO”, or search engine optimization. Because building owners may not be immediately aware of a roofing business’ existence, they will turn to search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo! to find contractors in their area. Contractor websites that are “optimized” for these search engines will draw in more leads and greater chances for sales conversions. Aside from the content published on one’s website, information published on platforms such as social media factor into the ranking of search results. Thus, a roof contractor who actively publishes content on those platforms will also increase his search rank ability in the process.

      The Choice Roof Contractor Group Advantage

      Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

      Commercial Roofing Book

        With our group’s special relationship with Top Roof Marketing, our members and supported contractors receive low-cost access to professional marketing services from a marketing firm that specializes in serving commercial roof contractors. These services include polished marketing materials, professional websites, direct mail and email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and public relations services.

        Choice Roof Contractors also obtain leads from our network’s online presence, generated by our in-house marketing team’s constant targeting of keywords used for online searches. Bringing to our website leads with strong prospects of becoming customers, we are able to give our contractor members access to even more marketing opportunities on top of what their own efforts produce.

        Because our nationwide contractor network adheres to extremely high-quality standards, as a whole we enjoy strong nationwide credibility and consumer perceptiveness of a strong commitment to excellence. Our use of Conklin roofing systems enhances our professional reputation even more, as they have been installed on billions of square feet of commercial roofs since 1977.

        Other Advantages of Our Nationwide Platform

        In addition to the benefits listed above, Choice Roof Contractors enjoy:

        • Lifetime mentorship for business development, product usage, business growth, or any other questions
        • Expert sales coaching for closing sales consistently
        • Discounted pricing on Conklin roofing products, the industry-leading choice for commercial roofing products for 40+ years
        • Credibility and peace of mind to offer to commercial building owners
        • Access to our media and pictures for your use in marketing materials and landing new jobs

        Choice Roof Contractor Group is a full-service platform that is ultimately committed to ensuring its members are fully empowered for strong market gains. Our benefits represent a unique opportunity for enterprising contractors, whether they are new to roofing or seasoned contractors, to fast-track their businesses to success.

        Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your long-term objectives, one step at a time.

        Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: Roof Systems Training

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        hands-on trainingToday, we discuss the third part of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” series: roof systems training.

        One of the most critical parts of starting a roofing business is learning how to install different kinds of roof systems correctly. While it is certainly one of the most important steps, it is a requirement that many roofing contractors find challenging or difficult when they are just starting out.

        To help new commercial roofers break out into their local markets as soon as possible, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers a quick, comprehensive way to learn the ins-and-outs of correct roofing installation. This option is also one of the most cost-effective options for hands-on training in roof products installation and reference materials for future use when one is bidding and servicing needs.

        Commercial Roof Training Program

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          Our nationwide contractor group prefers the Conklin manufacturer, which offers up-and-coming contractors a quick learning curve in proper roofing installation. Namely, that learning curve is Conklin factory training: a comprehensive crash course in how to properly apply Conklin roofing systems. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, this program is offered many times throughout the year so that you are able to attend, no matter what your scheduling demands may be.

          All of our members attend this training so that they quickly learn how to install roofing correctly. Training attendees also get the chance to rub shoulders with highly successful contractors, giving them opportunities for networking with sources of wisdom and inspiration for their new businesses, as well as the chance to meet other contractors who are also new to roofing.

          Upon program completion, you are given a Conklin certificate, $150 product credit, and valuable sales tools. Full details of Conklin’s systems training sessions, including pricing and what is involved, can be found at our contractors training page.

          Additional Lifetime Support

          mentorship roof trainingIn addition to enabling you to fast-track your roofing knowledge, our group offers you access to highly successful contractors who will coach you on effective sales techniques and additional practical roofing knowledge. Choice Roof Contractors have access to these highly successful industry professionals for the lifetime of their businesses, ensuring they can have any question or concern quickly answered.

          Whether in person, over the phone, texting, or through email, a group member can reach out to our mentors at any time should he have any question about a roofing product itself, proper installation practices, the product’s advantages, or any other content. Because our commitment to our members’ success is so deep, our mentors have committed to making themselves available whenever one of our members needs their input.

          As for sales coaching, since our mentors are seasoned salesmen, they will pass on their knowledge and tricks of the trade for helping newer members close their sales each time. With our top experts’ knowledge and Conklin’s product benefits and value, new contractors will find it easy to obtain new jobs quickly and decisively.

          Why Conklin?

          Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

          Commercial Roofing Book

            Putting it simply, Choice Roof Contractors use Conklin roofing systems because of their product quality. These product offerings are known for having a warranty claim rates of less than 0.5% (source:, provide many years of leak-free protection, and give their users significant energy savings throughout their entire durations.

            Systems such as metal roofing systems in warmer climates and spray foam roofing systems in colder climates have been shown to add up to 40+ years of life to an existing roof. In fact, there are Conklin roof coating systems that were installed back in the 1970s are performing strongly today, an indicator of their efficacy and long-lastingness.

            Other Benefits We Offer

            In addition to comprehensive roofing systems training and lifetime mentorship, our group offers contractors multiple other benefits. These include:

            • A nationwide reputation—being associated with a nationwide organization that is known for standard, countrywide quality standards will enhance your own professional reputation and make it easier for you to land jobs, especially bigger ones.
            • Lead generation—our in-house marketing team is constantly publishing content on topics that are of great interest to business owners and commercial real estate owners and managers. When these prospects type in key words related to commercial roofing in a search engine such as Google, our group stands out due to our targeting of these keywords. Then the prospects visit our website, see the value we have to offer, and locate the contractors who are closest to them via our interactive map.
            • Discounted product pricing—our association with Conklin and exclusive use of that product brand enables us to offer our members access to high-quality roofing materials at discounted pricing. In turn, that gives our members even more room for greater profit margins.
            • Premier marketing and sales support and advisement—we have access to top-of-the-line marketing support through our partnership with Top Roof Marketing (in addition to sharing strategies with fellow members). Among other benefits, our contractor members receive professional-looking and compelling personalized websites, business cards, sales materials, presentations, branding materials, tradeshow displays, and other things. The marketing firm’s team also offers expert marketing advice as well.

            Contact us to learn how we can help you set up a strong foundation for your roofing business, today.

            Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: Selecting the Best Products

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            Today, as part of our “Starting a Commercial Roofing Business” blog series, we cover the second essential step of a business start-up: selecting the roofing products that offer the most customer value.

            Why is Roofing Product Quality Important?

            There are quite a few reasons why the roofing materials you select and use for your services are important.

            1) The roofing products you use show your level of commitment to your customer’s needs.

            callThis is the most important reason behind why you should use quality materials. Roofing services are a big investment, and a customer does not want to be shelling out money for defects such as leaks every time a major storm hits. The products you use, therefore, will be an indicator by which prospects determine the value – or lack thereof – which you have to offer them.

            2) Your product choice demonstrates your business’ level of professionalism.

            Because the ultimate goal of roofing service is to take care of current issues and prevent future ones as much as possible, the use of shoddy or less-than-good-quality products can tarnish a contractor’s reputation over time. If a roof requires repairing or maintenance often, that is a sign that the materials either were not installed properly, or the materials themselves do not offer the best protection. Plus, as a contractor completes more jobs over time, he develops a professional reputation according to the collective reviews and feedback of all whom he has served. If he has a track record of a few instances of poor workmanship, opportunities for new jobs, especially bigger and more profitable ones, will be shut off to him.

            3) Choosing a product brand that offers materials for multiple roof types will give you greater market variety.

            Many contractors choose to specialize in servicing only a few roof types, such as single-ply roofs in cold-climate regions, especially if those are the most prevalent in their areas. But for business owners who want to maximize their market reach, selection of a brand with materials for multiple roof types will enable them to cover more customer needs. That does not mean that they have to constantly warehouse material types for roofs they do not normally service. However, choosing a product line that offers versatility and is known for quality is a winning formula, as a business owner can quickly pick up other materials when he or she needs them for a particular job.

            4) When you use an established (and likely well-known) brand, you are associated with that brand’s excellence and performance quality, increasing your buyer attractiveness.

            Material brands that have been around for a long time are more likely to be well-known. If you choose a brand that has existed for decades, it only increases your credibility as customers associate your business with that brand’s excellence.

            Many roof products are often updated or improved upon over time as well. If you align yourself with a product brand that has largely remained unchanged – that is likely because the product was engineered well the first time it was developed – you will increase your value proposition even more, from a prospect’s standpoint.

            Our Network’s Commitment to Quality Standards

            Why Contractors Join Our Network

            • Lead Generation
            • Mentorship Program
            • Complete Training
            • Discounted Pricing
            • Marketing Support
            Learn More
            Our nationwide network of contractors is committed to giving customers nothing but the best quality in all it does. That is why Choice Roof Contractors prefer Conklin products, the roofing industry leader in energy-efficient, high-performance products since 1977.

            While material brands in this industry have undergone change or come and gone, Conklin roofing systems have almost entirely remained unchanged, a big testament to their quality and performance ability. In fact, many Conklin systems that were installed on top of buildings back in the 1970s are still going strong. With these products’ long-lasting durability, established reputation, and proven performance record, it is no secret why Choice Roof Contractor Group endorses it so heavily.

            Here is a comprehensive list of reasons of why Conklin products are the best.

            Other Exclusive Benefits and Advantages

            Choice Roof Contractor Group leverages a unique, full-service platform to ensure that contractors are fully empowered for strong market gains. The benefits our platform offers include:

            • Full Conklin systems training so new contractors can jump into commercial roofing quickly and effectively
            • Leads of building owners more than ready to engage a contractor’s services
            • Sales coaching from expert mentors on how to close sales and scale a business to new heights
            • Expert marketing and sales support and advisement
            • Shared installation expertise and labor resources
            • Compelling sales materials and documentation for professional imaging and marketing
            • Access to highly successful roof professionals who know what it takes to succeed—and will help you do it, too

            Our contractor group is completely committed to your needs and success. With all of these benefits and more, you can rapidly build a commercial roofing business.

            Choice Roof Contractor Group Draws Strong Reception at Indiana Event

            The callbeginning of 2014 has been a tremendously exciting period for Choice Roof Contractor Group: we are continuing to see greater interest from prospective members across the United States and rapid growth in our membership base. A recent event that our leadership hosted in Middlebury, Indiana, though, offered a glimpse into the gathering momentum that our contractor network is currently undergoing.

            A local seminar was put together in Middlebury, Indiana on Saturday, January 18, 2014, for local contractors to learn of the benefits and advantages of our full-service, nationwide platform, as well as take home tips for increasing their own competitiveness. The state-by-state representation among the event participants was extensive: local contractors from Indiana and contractors from as far as Montana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Michigan were in attendance. Information on our partners and handouts explaining our platform’s benefits were also on hand.

            Notably, callthe attendees’ reception of the powerful benefits that our network has to offer, along with the inspiring presentations by highly successful commercial roofing business owners within our network, was exceptionally strong.

            Mr. Samuel Hostetler, Chief Strategist and Senior Mentor at Choice Roof Contractor Group, had this to say about the meeting: “It was great seeing so many young, enterprising individuals and seasoned business owners alike who were looking to better themselves with fierce entrepreneurial spirit. It was very inspiring to see all of the participants’ eyes open up and realize all of the opportunities that are available to them.”

            Conklin’s Master Contractors and Our Network’s Business Value Highlighted

            Request Information

              Have Questions?800-670-5583
              • The presentation kicked off with a talk given by Mr. Hostetler on the history of Conklin and its industry leadership. He touched upon the reasons for why Conklin is so well-regarded in the commercial roofing industry.
              • Mr. Robert Brenneman, owner of Brenneman Roofing in Missouri, strongly inspired the audience with his story of how he and his wife had built up their roofing company to the success it is today, and how they are confident for continued growth in the future due to the support of Choice Roof Contractor Group. Mr. Brenneman noted that our network recently helped him with their online presence, and they have been getting greater interest than before.
              • Mr. Willie Shrock, a very successful, seasoned commercial roofer out of Montana, invigorated the participants’ appetites for success with his personal success story, business savvy, and insights, gained from his over 40+ years in the building industry. He also highlighted the unbeatable advantage offered by our nationwide network: building owners who partner with our contractors are able to have their roofs supported for the whole time they are up. They therefore can be without any fear of their roofing professional going out of business or relocating to another state.

              Our Nationwide Contractor Group in Action


              • Mr. Hostetler showed the superiority of Conklin roofing systems by presenting pictures of different projects members have done with his help and their finished results.
              • Mr. Shrock and Mr. Hostetler presented effective strategies for closing sales by role playing an interaction between a business owner and a Choice Roof Contractor. Their passion for their businesses and helping others succeed was clearly manifest during their staging, and Mr. Shrock offered several invaluable business development tips and ideas that were beneficial for new and experienced contractors alike.
              • Mr. Hostetler showcased the superiority of Conklin products over others used in commercial roofing, highlighting upon advantages such as Conklin products’ non-prorated warranty coverage, huge long-term energy savings, and decades-long roofing protection against extremely hazardous weather or outdoor conditions.

              • Mr. Jonathan Keim, Marketing Director of Choice Roof Contractor Group, illustrated our nationwide platform’s powerful online strategies for generating leads for all members as well as the other extensive benefits offered by our platform. He discussed how we offer lifetime mentorship, sales coaching, wholesale product pricing, nationwide credibility, expert marketing and sales support and consulting, and so much more.

              In short, it was a great opportunity for event participants to see the great team with which they will partner and work for greater market gains.

              Closing Thoughts

              callMr. Keim commented, “The meeting was a tremendous success, and I can hardly wait to do the next one. It was great talking one-on-one with many of the contractors who attended and seeing their excitement for what we’re doing. Notably, three of the contractors in the area who attended were actually in the commercial roofing industry already and actively using the Conklin roofing systems. They were very impressed by our nationwide platform, and all of them have already begun the membership process.”

              Based on this early success, Choice Roof Contractor Group will continue to hold local meetings throughout the United States. Our team looks forward to meeting new contractors, learning of their needs and circumstances, and giving new members the tools to build enduring legacies, one success story at a time.

              Starting a Commercial Roofing Business: Choosing the Name

              With callcommercial roofing sales projected to reach $5.3 billion in 2014 and residential and commercial roofing sales expected to increase to $27.2 billion in 2017, there has never been a better time for starting a roofing business. But it will not be easy to gain a sizable piece of this growing market, as economic conditions remain tight, building owners are trimming down their expenditures, and roofing contractors are becoming more competitive in their bidding.

              For the entrepreneurs who show a clear commitment to professional standards and usage of high-performance products, the opportunities are truly limitless. However, for those interested in pursuing a roofing business, the next step may be unclear: how exactly does one go about getting started?

              We will be discussing the steps required for a successful roofing start-up in a series of blog posts over the coming days. Today, we cover the first task, selecting a business name and taking the initial steps toward building your roofing business’ brand, and how our nationwide roof contractor network makes all of a cinch.

              What is in a Company Name?

              Request 90+ Free Name Ideas

                While this may seem like an obvious step, selecting a name for your business is definitely one of the biggest steps forward. Your name in turn determines your brand, or the market reputation for which your roofing business will become known.

                For illustration, consider the roofing industry’s dynamics. Business owners in the roofing industry rely heavily on referrals from satisfied customers for future work. Your work quality determines your reputation, and your reputation then becomes bullion. It is the means to unlocking new business opportunities.

                However, the first impression a roofing company’s name gives also plays a large part in whether a prospect perceives a company’s professionalism or lack thereof. Plus, the name you choose will be the one which your company is associated with for the duration of your business. As your reputation builds, consumers’ awareness of your company and its value grows along with it.

                Thus, since consumers’ perceptions of what you have to offer are not something which you can change overnight in a positive way, it is clear that choosing a fitting business name is crucial.

                How to Go About Selecting a Name

                Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

                Commercial Roofing Book

                  Touching upon the importance of selecting a good name above, we now come to the next step: how do you even go about selecting a name? We outline some tips below.

                  Consider the following: what qualities do you want your company to be known for? For example, do you want your roofing business to be known for its attention to customers’ needs and expectations? Using language that conveys those values, and developing quality standards so that your business remains rooted in that foundation, will be the way to go.

                  Should you wish to stay local, you might want for your roofing business to be known as family-owned and family-operated. Incorporating that language in your mission statement and marketing slogan, as well as that philosophy in your operations when they are up-and-running, will help establish you as such.

                  Another selling point: you may prefer to focus more of your selling points on your work quality and product quality. Or you could emphasize your efficiency and service timeliness—some roofing companies are known for their immediate responses to customer inquiries and finishing their projects quite ahead of deadlines.

                  Whatever qualities you choose to accentuate with your business’ name, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers all of the resources you need for taking this step. We have a free list of dozens of roofing names from which you can choose. Our marketing team can also help you in determining your value proposition and selecting the right name should you feel you need assistance.

                  What Else Does Choice Roof Contractor Group Offer?

                  Aside from the assistance we offer for name selection, we extend the benefits that are associated with having a nationwide reputation for excellence. In our shared commitment to giving our customers nothing but the best, our contractor members perform their services according to the same professional standards. That makes certain that all customers who use our network get the same high-quality, across-the-grid service; no matter their location.

                  Why Contractors Join Our Network

                  • Lead Generation
                  • Mentorship Program
                  • Complete Training
                  • Discounted Pricing
                  • Marketing Support
                  Learn More
                  We also exhibit that same commitment to quality in the products we use. Our contractor group prefers Conklin roofing systems, the ultimate solutions that offer our customers durability, reliable, long-term protection, and affordability.

                  Since 1977, Conklin roofing products have been installed on billions of square feet of commercial roofs across the United States. Conklin is the most respected seller of acrylic roof coatings in the United States, and the benefits this manufacturer offers are so extensive, they practically sell themselves.

                  Our endorsed members also enjoy a host of exclusive benefits, including lead generation, sales coaching from our industry veterans so that you can land large jobs consistently, shared expertise and labor resources, all the documentation you need for success, expert marketing and sales support and consulting, and discounted pricing on Conklin roofing products.

                  Plus, if you have never even been on a commercial roof before, you are given access to Conklin’s commercial roof system training, in which you undergo a comprehensive education of how to apply each roofing system, its benefits, and all of the in-and-outs. Extensive documentation and reference materials are provided at the end so that you always have sources available for reference.

                  If you are interested in starting a commercial roofing business, check out all of our membership benefits and contact us to learn how we can help you build your business, one success story at a time.

                  Demand for Commercial Roofing Today and in the Future

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                  Today, we take a short look at the state of commercial roofing in 2014, as well as what is expected for the next three years.

                  Recent industry reports indicate that U.S. demand for commercial roofing is projected to grow over the next few years. That is certainly positive news for commercial roof contractors, as much of that demand is expected to be driven by new building construction across the United States.

                  2014 Commercial Roofing Stats

                  callFor 2014, domestic market estimates are positive. According to the building products research firm Principia, U.S. commercial roofing sales will top off at approximately $5.3 billion this year. Around 6.6 million square feet of roofing products estimated to be installed in 2014 will account for those roofing sales.

                  Notably, domestic commercial roofing is projected to grow in the face of several challenges: stricter, more demanding building codes at local levels and new or existing binding energy conservation demands. The leader of Principia notes that “[roofing] products and systems are being developed for high performance, reflectivity, and increased insulation in order to provide opportunities for systematic energy efficiency gains.”

                  Our network’s Conklin roofing systems have been proven to generate thousands of dollars in energy savings the moment they are installed on an existing roof. In fact, business owners and commercial building owners get multiple benefits with the commercial roofing systems our commercial roofing contractor group installs:

                  • Up to 30% in cooling cost savings depending on the roofing system
                  • Huge savings on heating costs in cold climates with our specialized heat-insulating Spray-in-place Polyurethane Foam and TPO roofing systems
                  • Greater energy efficiency year-round
                  • Substantial savings on all utility costs throughout all seasons
                  • Up to a 40% reduction in an indoor commercial building’s temperature with our cool roof systems
                  • Cooling and heating machine maintenance and repair cost savings

                  Contractors join our group for:

                  • Network-backed Guarantees
                  • Support from Fellow Roofers
                  • Group Discount Purchasing
                  • Shared Marketing Strategies
                  Learn More
                  There are a couple of practical aspects to Choice Roof Contractor Group’s roofing system options as well. Commercial building owners and business owners also enjoy:

                  • Access to roofing system options that meet or exceed recommended governmental energy efficiency guidelines
                  • Many tax credits and advantages associated with Conklin roof systems’ ENERGY Star® certification
                  • Optional non-prorated warranties on labor and material input costs

                  Another huge selling factor for Conklin: while Principia says new building products and systems are being developed for new energy efficiency demands, Conklin roofing products have been installed and saving people energy for over 40+ years. Conklin’s energy-saving roofing products have not changed much in that time, either, showing that they stand the test of time in leading the energy efficiency charge and exhibiting their first-rate quality.

                  Commercial Roofing in the Future

                  There is encouraging news in the industry projections for commercial roofing in the near future, too. According to the Freedonia Group, demand for residential and commercial roofing services in the United States will result in roofing sales climbing to a value of $27.2 billion in 2017. The firm gives this as a value for an expected 268 million squares of roofing products that it estimates will be installed in that year.

                  This jump in roofing sales might be a market rebound from the industry declines from 2007 to 2012. In that period, domestic demand for roofing services fell as less building construction took place.

                  In commercial roofing markets, it is expected that an explosion in office and commercial construction spending and increases in institutional and industrial construction spending will lead to increased demand for low slope roofing.

                  Choice Roof Contractors will also have increased market opportunities in 2017 if domestic demand does sail up to these projections: re-roofing will account for a large portion of U.S. roofing demand, meaning that roofing restoration solutions could be presented as viable, far more cost-effective alternatives.

                  Additional Resources

                  Article on projections for aggregate U.S. demand for roofing in 2017:

                  Article on projected increase in roofing sales arising from heightened U.S. demand for residential and commercial roofing:

                  Article on Principia’s 2014 predictions:

                  The Benefits of our Contractor Network Referral Program

                  Today, we discuss the benefits of a roof contractor network referral program and how it helps those in construction acquire more leads in their local roofing markets.

                  network memberOn the whole, today’s tight economic conditions are making commercial roof installation, repair, and restoration service opportunities even more competitive for local roofing contractors. The slowly recovering U.S. economy and its uncertain implications for the future are motivating business owners to tighten down on their budgets. As a result, many business owners are avoiding expenditures on things that do not appear to immediately need to be addressed.

                  One of those things on which many are diverting their attention and spending is their commercial roofs. Because many local business owners do not consider their roof to be the top priority, they might be opting to have it taken care of at a later date.

                  In the face of increasingly competitive job bidding, roofing contractors can derive great value from a contractor network referral program. Simply put, a contractor network referral program is a lead generation service that is usually created and managed by a roofing contractor network at a local, state, or national level. When a lead is pulled in, he or she is referred to the roofing contracting member who is closest to his or her building location.

                  At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we offer a nationwide lead generation service and commercial roof systems training exclusive to our membership. Below is a discussion of the benefits we offer with this program.

                  The Benefits of Our Lead Generation and More

                  Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

                  Commercial Roofing Book

                    1) You get access to quality leads.

                    Choice Roof Contractor Group’s marketing team is constantly publishing content that is relevant to the interests of commercial building owners and managers. As a result, the traffic we bring to our website has greater chances for sales conversion, as they are likely looking for content or information related to a roofing problem they are facing.

                    2) Qualified members are given leads that are located in their areas.

                    When we capture information from a lead over the phone or on our online, interactive map, we refer that lead to the closest network member nearby. Because we are completely committed to our contractors’ success and strict quality standards, this is a standard that we stand by strongly.

                    3) You are associated with a highly credible professional roofing association by the prospective customer.

                    When you are given the name and information of a lead that we have gathered, you are being connected with a prospective customer who is likely to engage your roofing services. Upon contacting him or her, since you have been identified with our organization, the lead will automatically associate you with our network’s professionalism and commitment to excellence, thereby increasing your chances for locking in the sale.

                    4) You are offered complementary extensive sales coaching by our top contractors for helping you close more sales.

                    While identifying and pulling in a lead is only half of the sales process, the other half is actually convincing a business owner that you are the right fit for his or her needs. To ensure that you are able to fully explain the benefits of the Conklin products we use and our network’s value proposition, you gain access to our top roof contractors, who are highly successful roofing professionals. They will give you great insights and techniques for closing a sale each time.

                    Should you ever have a question or concern, our top contractors are committed to making themselves available for your benefit.

                    5) Our roofing contractor network makes sure you are well-represented with first-rate sales materials and marketing and sales services.

                    Every successful roofing contractor can speak of the importance of professional sales materials as well as comprehensive, effective marketing and sales operations. At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we make sure our contractors enjoy access to both, so that they do not have to worry about them and can focus on growing on their businesses.

                    Professional, engaging sales materials will grab the attention of a prospective customer the moment you put the material into his or her hands. Plus, our marketing and sales team will ensure that you stand out, drawing upon their years of successful marketing and branding efforts. With all of these network benefits and resources in hand, you will truly stand out and be marked for greater success.

                    Our Group’s Commitment to Excellence

                    In addition to the tremendous benefits listed above, we strengthen and maintain the professionalism and integrity of our organization by our contractors’ use of Conklin roofing products.

                    Contractors join our group for:

                    • Network-backed Guarantees
                    • Support from Fellow Roofers
                    • Group Discount Purchasing
                    • Shared Marketing Strategies
                    Learn More
                    Having been applied billions of square feet of commercial roofs across the United States since 1977, Conklin is highly respected and has an unbeatable track record. Plus, since the company’s roofing products extend so many benefits to commercial building owners the moment they are applied, Conklin roofing products now stand out for their quality, high performance ability, and overall appeal.

                    To correctly use these products and provide warranties, all of our group members go through Conklin roof systems training. At this advanced training program, contractors are comprehensively schooled in how to use each of Conklin’s industry-leading roofing systems and given tips for selling their benefits to prospects. This training enables all of our contractors to become highly trained in commercial roofing in a short time, and to perform according to the same standards of excellence.

                    Ultimately, that ensures that our contractors’ customers, no matter where they are located, can be assured that they are getting the same across-the-board, top-quality service that we are known for.